Friday, December 18, 2009

Coaching Rumor Update, episode V

You know, Bristol has trained Schad as well as any of their other jackholes.

It seems as if Vic Koenning will stand in front of a podium and be announced as the next defensive coordinator for Illinois today. I say seems because last night Joe Schat my Pants Schad logged into his twitter account. I think Hale put it best when he typed that's the world we live in now.

It appears as if Koenning was told to move forward with his process at some point last week when Coach Richt was not ready to make an offer. Koenning did just that earlier this week, but with some reservations.

From what I've read, Koenning's family did not follow him to Kansas State once he left Clemson. They do plan to follow him to Champaign. But...they also have a home in Florida. So Athens has been his first choice (and not just because of the beach front property).

And it also appears as if Richt came back to the table last night. The Illinois deal is thought to be for 2 years at $345,000 per. It is also thought that Koenning will stick to his word he gave to Coach Zook. But this is one where it may not be decided for sure until Koenning is spotted beside Zook's podium.

Or maybe even after that. Anyone remember Glen Mason?? (heh heh...) I've read some stuff from out west early this morning and they sound as nervous about the 2pm (1pm central) Illini presser as can be. And when your barometer is a twitter account with a Connecticut IP just never know. (FWIW...I stopped following Schad on twitter right after he reached puberty.)

Some last thoughts:
  • I think this makes it official that Smart is off of CMRs radar.
  • I would surmise that the Koenning offer from UGA would be in the same ballpark as the Illinois offer. Otherwise it would be easier for Coach Koenning to go back on his word.
  • But these things usually go pretty quietly until both parties agree to agree.
  • As I pointed out earlier, I'm not sold on Koenning. He did some good things at Clemson. However, PWD builds a compelling case for the guy
  • The numbers don't lie. Koenning has gotten it done in the places he's been. But from what I've seen he's similar to Coach Willie with better results. 
  • A point can be made that with better tackling, coverage...overall enthusiasm...Martinez's scheme could work consistently. It did during the Van Gorder years.
  • All that being said, what worries me most is that the Dawg Nation is pissing their pants something fierce. They're so distraught embarrassed distracted by the fact that Van Gorder, Muschamp and Smart aren't coming that whoever is hired will be debunked before the Butts-Mehre mic is turned on.
  • So if Koenning pulls a Mason on the Zooker today...count me as one of the ones very proud of Coach Richt.
As for who to believe. Right now, I look to those I trust. PWD always has great analysis and good info. Scout's Dean Legge updates his Coaching Report whenever it's relevant. And as always, I appreciate Hale's truthfulness when it comes to things like this.

We'll call it reliability over premature twitterings...and that's who I'll be checking along and along as I head north...I'll update when I'm available. Speaking of UPDATES: check out Exhile's stuff. Afterall, he's in the middle of Illini country. Literally.