Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coaching Rumor Update, episode VI - UPDATED

All in all, Coach Richt is still playing this DC search very close to the vest. But recently the rumblings are a little louder. And the media leads lately are not the usual tentative high wire above a three ring circus.

In fact, it's pretty clear that LSU DC John Chavis is in Richt's crosshairs. When the Baton Rouge news station story broke earlier this week, it seemed rather ho-hum. But yesterday, former Vol beat writer and current ESPN blogger Chris Low reported that CMR is stuffing the money sacks, tight. Scout's Legge has been working to verify this latest info ($$) and even helps explain the Koenning story from a couple weeks back.

The news close to the LSU program also seems to corroborate the notion that the UGA DC job is in Chavis' lap. Once the Capital One Bowl is over, we likely won't have to wait long to know whether Chavis will roam Sanford's sidelines or if we're still looking, spurned by another potential suitor.

At Georgia Sports Blog, PWD has some great stats up on Chavis. It's hard to argue with the guy's track record for success in the SEC; he's certainly given Coach Richt his share of problems. And word is that Chavis would love to get back to the SEC East where he'd get a crack at Knutsville each year.

This wouldn't be a homerun for me on the surface. But it could easily work itself into a base clearing triple (to continue the baseball analogy) depending on who Chavis brought onboard. Although Chavis and Garner worked together one year in Knoxville, I'm not sure of how close they are. But if Garner were to stay and Chavis brought some energetic experience to the secondary coaching...well, yessir. I think Chavis would be a great hire.

You know, if it happens...

I guess one thing's for certain however: Joe Kines ain't coming back to Athens....or is he?

UPDATE Uno: It appears Chavis would consider bringing a defensive line coach with him, Brick Haley...possibly at Richt's request. Haley is LSUs current d-line coach and here's a link to his LSU bio. If true, Garner's status/role on the Georgia staff would be cloudier.

UPDATE Dos: As you likely know by now, news broke this morning that Chavis will receive a raise to stay in Baton Rouge. Here's a link to the story. Sounds like the former Vol coach had a late night chat. I don't believe we'll try and get back in his ear with another sack of benjamins. So...back to the drawing board.....

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