Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Tis the Season

You know that scene in Elf  when Miles Finch is pitching his Children's book ideas just as Buddy bursts in? I just love it when Buddy says "He's an angry elf!"

Makes me think of Nick Saban for some reason.

Starting to get that feeling that we've turned the corner on easing into the Holiday Season and are suddenly in the thick of the Oh Crap! Christmas is almost here!!! frenzy. I've used the Santa's watching threat a few too many times with the kids lately. There's reason to believe they have the hotline number too. I wonder what they're telling the big guy about me.

Whirled peas would be okay and all. But I've been counting on the soft glow of electric sex gleaming from the window. It's a major award!

Today's Ingredients

People all around the world are making their Christmas wishes and laboring through their Holiday plans. Darling Nicky wants a BCS ring, size two. Joe Schad desperately wants a big scoop. Tiger wants his claws back. Coach Johnson wants a defense. Dr. Lou only needs a clue. Tuberville is pandering for a job. Timmy Tebow surely will get that box of tissues while his coach just wants some company. Where's everybody going?

Meanwhile in Athens, Coach Garner is helping his defense make the best of a difficult situation and Coach Richt is filling holes. Sure hope he gets more than a bowling ball this year.

Yes, tis the season. Oh, the silent majesty of a winter's morn. The clean, cool chill of the Holiday air.  An asshole in his bathrobe emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer.

Hey Philmer! Get off my lawn!!

Here's your napkin Reader. You got a little on your chin there...


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Anonymous said...

He's an angry little elf.