Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mumme Poll - The Final Stand

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It's been an exciting season voting in this poll. I strongly encourage you to do so next year if you did not this year. I'm big on Bowls and tradition. I've just always enjoyed Bowl Season and always enter a few pools to increase my intrigue to a fever pitch. That being said, just look at the travesty that the BCS has heaped upon us. Alabama vs. Texas...really? TCU doesn't even get a chance to play Florida or another big boy?

I may not be convinced that a playoff system is what's best for College Football. But I am convinced that the BCS is not either. And that in itself has made my ballot an enjoyable, thought provoking experience each week.

Top Five


The Next Seven

Boise State
Virginia Tech
Ohio State
Georgia Tech

I'll admit the temptation was high after watching Florida get their ass handed to them to move them down further. But the reality is they are still among the best of the best this season. As for the second best team, the only thing I'm absolutely sure of is that Texas is not it. Nebraska's D is very good. But when your QB is a senior who has proven to be Heisman worthy and you still need a personal foul horse collar in the final minute to get into FG range to win...

Well, I would give TCU the nod over Cincinnati based on their entire season. They demolished the opponents they should have and have an unblemished record against a challenging non-conference schedule. In short, I see them as a more complete team compared to Cincy.

I'm a little torn about having Ohio State in the Next Seven, but they are the conference champion...who will suffer the consequences in the Rose Bowl of being a weak conference's representative. VA Tech and LSU both have three losses, but if I put so much emphasis on defense with TCU as the #2, then it should fall in line that these two teams can compete with anyone. And VA Tech has proven that with a difficult OOC schedule and very close losses to top teams. LSUs OOC schedule may not be as impressive, but they competed with both Florida and Bama, bitterly.

Call it transitive property...SEC or lunchpail homerism...whatever. That's just how I see it.

Now....bring on the bowls!

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