Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Please forgive Coach PaJammies...

...he just hopes to be competitive next year.

Two days after getting run over, the biggest Johnson in the state has gone from thinking it's neat to have a rival to advising his nerddom to punch Dawg fans in the face.

WTF? Why the face?

Could it be that more than a few helluva tricycle riders have pressed the pause button in their World of Witchcraft to call the head pr*ck and cry? Did the mean ol' Dawg co-workers give em a swirlie before lunch Monday?

Last week I read this post by Dawgnoxious, and gave it some serious thought. There are those that will always believe the trade schoolers are our biggest rival. I don't number myself among them. But it is a series that is as close to campus as it is the heart. That alone makes it special.

But does that make it necessary each year? As idiotic as the head nerd's comments about punching people and championship revisionist history are, it is clear that this alleged rivalry is desperately tilted towards North Avenue on the value scale.

Not convinced? Still fixated on Thanksgiving with insects? Ask yourself this...have you been alive during a decade when the bees actually won more than they lost? If the trend continues, Tech will only beat us one more time before 2020.

That doesn't add up to a rivalry, just a very lop-sided series. So I ask...why not throw in a little Clempson.

Coach PJ is no fun without his slippers. And clearly, these guys don't need our level of competition.....


Pumpdawg said...

Must be that I'm very old(45).Maybe the "rivalry" part HAS lost some luster with UGA's domination.But it sure is sweet smackin' those bitches around to end the season.Plus it still has SOME importance.Just ask Jim Donnan.
I Run This State
Go Dawgs!!!

Dawgmjs said...

I do not think we have a "biggest rival".

IMHO I most want to beat Florida, but I least like to lose to Tech,

Bernie said...

@Pump It is a game that has a sweet taste to it. And you're right, I've heard Donnan many times speak to the importance of beating Tech.

@Dawgmjs By definition, floriDuh is our biggest rival. They are working towards the same goal and they are in a position to dispute our authority in the series. Lately at least.