Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Question and Answer Session

There were several questions we had leading up to Monday's Independence Bowl. The biggest of which was how well the defense could handle the Big XIIs best offense without three coaches. 

Well, that was a resounding GATA!!

So now we turn to a barrage of post-season questions. If this were Jeopardy, Alec's big board would be lit up like the Christmas tree I'm preparing to take down. I wonder how Coach Richt is sleeping at all, cuz I know the Dawg Nation is as anxious today as it has been since about nine years ago.

Here's ten I came up with -
  1. Who is the next defensive coordinator for the University of Georgia?
  2. How well will he be received by a fanbase that is eager hungry desperate for a big splash?
  3. Will Garner stay in Athens?
  4. What coaches will round out the staff? 4b. Will there be a special teams coach?
  5. Will Reshad Jones and Rennie Curran be sitting in classes on January 7th?
  6. Will there be any surprise draft departures?
  7. Will the '10 class stay in shape?
  8. Can our experienced O-line put together a healthy, dominant season?
  9. How many touchbacks will Blair Walsh have in '10?
  10. Who will be Uga VIII?

So...what did I miss? And more importantly, do you have any answers?

1 comment:

Pumpdawg said...

2.With much jubilation
4.No idea
5.Yes,considering they go to classes now.
9.If we score a lot,then he has a lot.
10.Whoever Sonny says.