Thursday, December 3, 2009

"Spent a Lot of Time With These Men"

First and foremost: Martinez, Jancek and Fabris should be applauded for their service to the program that we hold so dear. The results on the field may not have added up to what we all desired, but there's no question their Dawg hearts were not in it to win it. Coach Richt said it would be up to them to decide if the wanted to coach in the bowl game. Should any decide not to, they gave us all a hell of a parting gift on the flats.

There's a lot that we learned with the events around Butts-Mehre Wednesday afternoon. And I'm not just referring to which journalists have prematurity problems. (Ahem!) So before we delve into who's gone, who's not and who's gonna's important to recognize and give the proper weight to what Coach Richt did yesterday.

Many have criticized Richt for being soft, too loyal and unwilling to address the problems. While I've never worried about his ability to make the tough decision or his desire to win, I have been critical of how he's addressed the problems.

As news came that indeed three assistants would not be retained, those criticisms could be felt washing away. Coach Richt bleeds for this program more than any other.

Some collected yet random thoughts:
  • From what I've read, the current '10 commits are still aligned on the correct side of the ledger, for what that's worth.
  • Lots of talk about Garner. He ain't the next DC for two reasons: 1) that would be a hard sell to the fanbase 2) I don't think he wants it
  • I'm guessing I made too much of the ill-will between Garner and Evans. Should he still reside in Athens next August I'm cool with it. Be cooler if he and Evans could shake hands.
  • I'm okay with the offensive coaches staying (and lets hope Searels does), but wonder if there will be tweaks.
  • BI's Leavy points out one offensive change that would bring a smile to a lot of Dawgs' faces.
  • And since Van Halanger is also "safe"...would like to see some tweaks there as well. I can't be convinced that we're a well conditioned team.
  • I'll have more later on possible Martinez replacements, but the most level headed short list I've seen is: Bumpas, Steele, Chavis and Smart. It has a good mixture of experience and tempered realism. We'll see how it spreads out from there.
  • Muschamp is not going to even enter the picture (c'mon people) but I would start in the great state of Texas on TCUs campus. That's just me.
The reality of the matter is there's a lot of moving and shaking that has to happen before CMR is back in front of the podium introducing his third DC of his tenure. South Bend is gonna attract some names once their new head coach is named. Tallahassee has a job posted and Gainesville may as well. But I don't gather CMR is going to rush into any decisions.

You and I know Athens is the place to be. And I'm damn proud it'll be Coach Richt selling it.


Sports Dawg said...

Hey Bernie, it didn't take the color 'blue' after all!

BulldogBry said...

Out of curiousity, why do you think Garner doesn't want the DC job? Everything I've heard indicates he wants to be a head coach and that's the best way to get there.
Also, why doesn't the general fan base like him? I would think that Garner is the ying to Richt's yang.....which is what most fans have been clamoring for.

Bernie said...

SportsDawg You're right, although I think there were plenty of blues.

BulldogBry Well, we may know for sure if he wants it soon once the interviews are lined up. I just don't expect him to lobby for it after having seen Willie become the beating boy. And there's always the possibility he takes something somewhere else. I just think he's comfortable in his current position here.

Garner is a big relationship guy and absolutely bleeds for the players. From the happy times at his house on Thanksgiving to the difficult times like being a father figure to Montez right now.

If he leaves, it'll speak volumes to just how big this riff is between him and the BM admins.

Anonymous said...

I have heard mentions of Bumpas as well, but I heard Jim Donnan on one of the sports talk stations yesterday say that Gary Patterson calls all of the D plays at TCU.

And from the sounds of it, JD thinks were all idiots.....I hope he doesn't wonder why he is not the most well liked fellow.

Bernie said...

I heard the same spot Anon. I knew Patterson had his hands in there, just didn't think it was that deep.

My next subplot of intrigue is to see how willing we are to enter the Smart Sweepstakes. When his defense knocks Tebow out tomorrow night, he stands to be an even hotter commodity.

Roll Tide!