Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Texas A&M, epitomizing balance

I try to keep my finger on the pulse of the Dawg Nation, and what I'm feeling is that most are not real worried about the Aggies. Maybe it's their 6-6 record, maybe it's their porous defense...maybe it's Shreveport apathy. I dunno. But I wanted to take a look at what our guys are preparing for. And what I found is an opponent that is as balanced as any I've seen.

They have a Yin squad and a Yang squad. Yet there's plenty of tilt in their totter...

In fact, they can best be summed up in one simple statement: When they have the ball they're good, but when they don't...they're bad.

  • The Aggies average 33.9 points a game, yet they give up 32.7.
  • The offense moves the ball effectively on the ground and through the air, averaging 190 yards rushing./game and 274 passing.
  • In terms of passing vs rushing attempts, they maintain that balanced attack with 37 passes and 42 rushes per game.
  • The defense allows 168 yards rushing/game and 262 passing. So while the offense moves fluidly down the field, the defense acts as a sieve.
  • In the Redzone the offense is not quite as potent, scoring 46 times in 60 trips or at a 76% clip. Defensively, they've allowed 41 scores in the redzone in 52 trips, for 78%.
  • The defense has caused 24 fumbles (collecting 10) while the offense has put the ball on the turf 24 times as well (losing 15).
  • They average 5.8 yards a play, yet give up 6.
So the Texas A&M Aggie record is not 6 wins and 6 losses for nothing. Coach Sherman's crew redefine the term balance as do your damndest to outscore the opponent and hope to possess the ball last.

The gameplan from Coach Richt will be clear: chew up yards/time with the offense then contain Jerrod Johnson and the Aggie attack defensively.

Gig 'em..?? Nah...just GATA!


Anonymous said...

Well our fans may not be concerned, but living here in Aggie land I can tell you that they are convinced they will beat us. We appear dead in the water without coaches for a less than stellar defense. The Aggies believe they will score often and we will not really be able mount enough offense to win the game. I really can not disagree with their assessment. If AJ comes back, will we move away from the run game with a questionable passer? We need to keep our defense off the field and make sure our quarterback does not beat us in order to win this game.

Bernie said...

Thanks Anon...if things get too bad, let us know. We can send Ben Jones to gig 'em.

I know we're short-staffed, but I still like CMR given a few weeks to prepare. I don't think he's as distracted as his fanbase is right now.