Friday, December 4, 2009

Weekend Update: Pilates, Upsets and Shreveport

I was doing a little Bergwood research last night and decided I would select my favorite spot for this space in today's post. It took a lot longer than I thought. But I eventually settled on Vincent.

ROTFLMAO...which I think means really hilarious. He'll always be Ham to me too Bergwood.

Tailgate Predictions

  • In Kirby Smart's official interview for the Dawg's DC job, his defense stuffs Tebow and contains his thugs weapons just enough to give Alabama their first SEC Title since 1999. You know, until the NCAA strips them of it.
  • Carlos Dunlap meanwhile enjoys a nice Courvoisier.
  • Oregon State...damn. Just damn.
  • Texas holds off an inspired Nebraska team in a typical Big XII defensive battle to win 34-28. Just before Colt McCoy strikes a Heisman pose, ABC cuts to a Tebow highlight (contractual obligations).
  • In Kevin Steele's screening for an interview with Coach Richt, Clempson plays a full 60 minutes this time against the trade schoolers and doesn't get caught with their orange pants down on an alleged field goal attempt. Unfortunately, Dabo gets so geek'd up with a minute left he gives CJ Spiller a gatorade shower.
  • ECU pulls the upset of Houston to claim the CUSA championship. During the highlight segment on College Football Overdrive, Dr. Lou can't contain his spittle or his jealousy pride in son Skip.
  • Sunday morning the cleanup of the King/Ealey Connector discovers three and a half pairs of jorts and four sets of false teeth. Just sayin'...

Trivial Update

Q - Looks like the Dawgs are Shreveport bound for the first time since 1991 when they defeated Arkansas 24-15. Who were the offensive and defensive MVPs of the game?

A - Torrey Evans on defense and Andre Hastings on offense

Amid screams of trivial dishonesty, Episode 23 still didn't disappoint. @BPMackie tweeted in the correct responses despite the fact that he was barely old enough flush his own toilet when Hastings ran that end around 53 yards to paydirt.

For his efforts, I promise to buy the kid a chili-dog the next time blogs collide. And of all the empty promises I've ever made, that's the most generous.

I'm hoping for some competitive games this weekend. But if things get out of hand, I saved last weekend's victory on DVR just in case. I hope your weekend plans take you for three hundred and forty yards Reader. In between, maybe we'll do some DC shopping together.

'Tis the season!



namaman said...

I believe that is my favorite Bergwood spot as well. Great work as always B. Let me know if you need help with the interview stuff. Still working on a "Games Dawgs Play" piece...

Kate said...

im glad that your prediction was true...and i must say that when everyone rushed the field lou was no where to be found....
even your uncle david rushed the field HAHA