Friday, December 18, 2009

Yes Virginia...there is a Bernie

Linus has loaded the Tahoe with gifts of great tidings and much joy. For the next 10 hours, I-85 is my arch nemesis once again! DAMN U p o t h o l e s...

(Update: Yes, I've heard of the twitterings...I'll have a I have a Coaching Update as well) I counted myself among those disappointed that the new DC was not announced this week. Tuesday was the first possible day and I'd held out hope that the Evil Richt had planned a big time [quote] FU Chumps...I genetically rebuilt Erk Damn Russell [unquote] presser. The timing of Kyle's announcement only fueled my frenzy.

And yet, we wait. Which is likely good news. For one, a genetically re-engineered Erk Damn Russell would not have bled from his forehead; instead his skull would have ripped through his defensive charges' helmets like a hot knife through Country Crock, ultimately leaving our defensive depth chart depleted. And second, as I mentioned yesterday (as well as actual BDB Readers and bloggers on the internets)...Coach Richt has a better than passing score in hiring assistants.

Promoting! But hiring, yessir!

the Friday Feedbag
  • To lead off, a PSA: Blogger has a new editor I've recently switched to which has some features I like. has a bad habit of F*$%!! screwing things up once I click PUBLISH. Yesterday, things came to a head when the post was riddled with gaps and spaces that were not present in editing. If you experienced technical difficulties, I apologize. I shall persevere!
  • Congrats to all UGA graduates. It's your day, you've earned it and no one can take it away from you.
  • Can't really call it a read, but this is an interesting glance from Low on the SEC bowl records.
  • On Wednesday I gave a balanced preview of Texas A&M. But really, the posts that are preparing us best for all things Aggie have come from Quinton at Georgia Sports Blog. Here's the one on the cheerleaders and here's the one on the band.
  • While you're there, check out PWDs DC Search Update
  • Leather Helmet has some pics of floriDuh recruits having fun with fingers. Luckily, it appears no hostesses were harmed. Go gatuh!
  • Yesterday we noted that DawgsOnline had the skinny on what officials would be Christmasing in Shreveport. Now he asked a very interesting question about replays. He even drops some legalese knowledge on ya.
  • Chilling yet inspiring article on Bacarri Rambo. Looking back, I'm guessing Rambo sees it as a helluva way to garner extra Facebook Friend Requests.
  • Rex has some Post Season's Greetings. Suck it St. Simons!!
  • I really enjoy bowl season. Whether you do or not, surely you agree that a bowl pick 'em helps make the games interesting. Last year I actually learned what a MagicJack was. So if you're still in the market for a challenge...remember Bubba N Earl's. If you beat Streit...he'll even put your name in lights.
Trivial Update
Q -  As the Dawgs prepare for the Agreeculturals, they undoubtedly want to stop the guy with the girl's name. Who is the 2009 Big XII Offensive Freshman of the Year?
A - Christine Michael

After a week playing second fiddle to @Stuff_of_Legend, @allyugadawg turned the tables back around and got her tweet in just ahead of Scott and @MikeInValdosta. For first place Ally will get her own personal 12th yell, start a bonfire or just take Lassie Reveille for a walk. Meanwhile Scott and Mike must share eight maids a milking.

Hey! it's the season to be merry. Take your fabulous prize and move happy.

Need to give a shout-out to Exhile and Mike for their help in deciphering the phrase Courier and Ives yesterday. I plan to check your answers against what the wife says as we take a sleigh ride up to the northland. And speaking of my friend up in Big Ten/Golden Homer country, I guess this is another opportunity to experience life as a Dawg in exhile. But I'll draw the line at the official exhile hairdo.

Meanwhile, hope you're able to steer clear of malls, rooftops and Wal-Marts this weekend Reader. I'm trying to give the BDB staff some time off as well. So if I'm not back in time to mold the meatloaf Monday, let's try and get together for some eggnog next week.


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