Saturday, February 7, 2009

Steverino's Update

Turns out it was right under my nose...

Hot And All The Way up and went to Duluth

(770) 622-2110

Looks like the same menu plus some additions. Many thanks to Nama and Nick for the investigative assistance.

Gettin' Crunk With KiffyBaby

At an energetic throw down it was two in the morning and the party was still jumpin'.

I got me some seagrams and they got they cups, but Slurban he ain't chipped in. 

I just rollin down the street....

I know tha rules, G's up, hoes down...But me likey my gin and juice. 

(Slive - "Uh, try again PeachFuzz.")

Who listens to the words that I speak...I'm laid back in KnocksVill. It's kinda hard being Lane K-I double F. 

Turn off the light and close the doors. We don't love dem coaches.

I'm laid I take a drink in the middle of the street...I'm gonna go build my fence.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Searels Smiles, Owens Blogs...Life is Good

Recruitin' Roundup
If you weren't there or haven't seen the video, here's the AJC's. It's long and I don't think there's a way to skip forward. So you might wanna sit down. I'd give you my video, but this guy stepped in front of me and set up his tripod, laptop and high tech Sony camera. My hand held Canon was no match for that.

Some Parting Shots From NSD:
  • If you suffered through my journal, please stop by the BDB Gift Shop. There's a nice gift there as a token of BDBs appreciation.
  • I like the comment from CMR that he doesn't try and pressure a recruit into a commitment when they reach his office. He'd rather them walk away and think that they should have committed.
  • "If you're good enough to play you'll play. If you're the best you'll start." CMR on which signees could play.
  • I saw Searels smile. Even while he was talking to the media.
  • CMR is not in favor of an early signing period that would overtax his coaches. Prefers one that would allow kids who want to sign and don't mind foregoing official visits in season.
  • David Hale has the hilarious story of Garner finally getting the opportunity to climb out of the doghouse after his comments last year.
  • I guess we know which question Lame Kitten did NOT get right on his NCAA test.
  • And I'm serious...if you have any info on what happened to Steverino's, please hit me up. Joe was just as appalled. He might just go ape-crap on us. Did it close down? Move to another location? Does the Jamaican Food restuarant that stands there now give it hot and all the way? Displaced Athenians like us need to know.
  • Matthew Stafford's birthday is tomorrow. He's been busy inking an agent. Good choice picking Matt Ryan's. For an update of the NFL Draft as it pertains to this year's Dawgs, check out RidgeDawg's post with links to the latest mocks.
  • Jeff Owens has a blog now. If you want to know why #95 enjoys thunderstorms or what favorite tv shows Rod Battle and Bernie share, you'll have to read. Stop being so dadblameLAZY!! I can't give ya everything.
  • If you still believe that the General will march into Butts-Mehre anytime soon (you're an ostrich with your head in the sand), you'll be encouraged to know that he is still pandering for the job. And you'll also enjoy this video featured on Bubba ' Earl. But if you've ever been caught in a greeside bunker, you'll like this one more.

The King's Quote of the Week:
New Friday feature. Chuck Oliver of 680thefan cracks 'em off, BDB highlights 'em.  

The Set Up - Chuck and Chernoff got into a lively discussion about Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and disagreed as to whether or not the other Golden Ticket bearers died in the story.

The Quote - "Well maybe you shouldn't drink from a chocolate river if you're a fat German kid."

It's good to be the king, indeed. Have a good weekend reader.


Thursday, February 5, 2009

KiffyBaby Gets Grounded

But Dad...Urban already has two's not fair!

So Slive reprimands the Tennessee Teenager for accusing subUrban of cheatin'. Lame Kitten issues a heartless apology and says he didn't intend to hurt anyone's feelings. I guess we know which question the new wet behind the ears coach missed on the NCAA test.

But what about the players who signed with Tennessee Wednesday? Don't they get an apology? You know, since their brand new coach with the cute name told a group of alumni donors Thursday morning that the kids he just signed were a bunch of losers. 

"Understand this class is far below the standards we have here and what will be here in the future."

Nice. About the only thing KiffyBaby has done right since he arrived in Hillbilly Land is pedal his tricycle to the end of the driveway each month to get his paycheck out of the mailbox.

The list of grievances grows nearly daily:
  1. Accuses CMR of not paying attention to Georgia's home grown talent. CMR tells him he should mind his own damn bizness. Oh, and he also takes the top two recruits from the state of Tennessee for good measure.
  2. Pounds his chest and claims to have grabbed the best recruiters from other SEC schools. Dude! You whiffed on Rodney Garner and the AllBarn assistant wasn't on the staff anymore.
  3. When asked about Marlon Brown, he throws the kid's grandmother under the bus saying she was the reason Brown didn't stay in state.
  4. Tells some breakfast eatin' overalls that the '09 class sucked, but the '10 class will be so much better.
  5. And before his ass can find a pen to write the check, his mouth tells the teacher Urban copied off of his paper.
It turned out Kiffy just hadn't read the whole chapter the night before. More and more people are beginning to wonder if the peachfuzzed punk can read at all.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Bernie's National Signing Day Journal

Before the Ink Hits the Paper, the Rubber
Must Meet the Road

At the risk of boring you to tears, here is Bernie's NSD experience...

5:45 - alarm goes off, Jenn calls me crazy...again. Then goes back to sleep.
5:48 - Shower water finally warms up.
6:15 - Truck echos Jenn's sentiments...temperature is like, one.
7:06 - I nearly swerve off the road when word comes that Branden Smith is ink'd.
7:07 - Smith officially receives the Early Bird Award for the '09 class.
7:15 - Jessica at McDonald's gets my order correct. It's gonna be a good day.
7:23 - I see that Sons of Italy has moved to South Milledge...
7:30 - Park at Stegeman and begin to walk towards Butts-Mehre.
7:32 - My hands second the motion that I'm crazy...the temperature is like...three.
7:38 - I walk into BM right behind the paper delivery guy bringing in about 6 reams of paper on a hand truck. That should be enough right?'s gonna be a good day!
7:42 - Successfully avoid the doughnuts.
7:57 - Officially hear the first of many Hurriance Willie rumors in the room.
8:00 - Damon Evans enters building. Bobby Knight nowhere in sight.
8:05 - Evidently CMR and UMs Shannon had handshake deal not to disrupt '09 classes with coaching moves. (Hey, just passing it along...)
8:10 - Read Magill's letter to the Augusta Bulldog Club back in '72. Reaffirms the fact that Dan Magill = DamnGoodDawg
8:16 - Jordan Love ink'd in as a Dawg. (Watchout for this sleeper)
8:20 - Shawn Williams' fax arrives. Video airs his highlights. Impressive.
8:23 - Again avoid doughnut table, but give in with the coffee. And Derrick Lott's letter arrives.
8:26 - Chris Burnette completes a calculus equation that should help him become Troup's 2009 Valedictorian. On his way to AP Physics he faxes his LOI.
8:31 - Arthur Lynch's fax comes from somewhere where it is even colder than Athens.
8:32 - Austin Long of Memphis signs on.
8:39 - Rumors in the room that Coach Willie is indeed Miami's next defensive coordinator. In other news, Bobby Knight agrees to let Dickie V be his chaffeur.
8:44 - Finish my examination of both Heismans in the building. I see no differences despite the fact that 40 years separates them. Impressive.
8:49 - Chase Vasser puts pen to paper. The kid has smarts and can play. Next Rennie..??
8:59 - Big Dawg Mike Woods brings his painted head into Butts-Mehre. No stocking cap for that beautiful bald head. GATA!
9:00 - Kevin Kopp and Kelin Johnson begin their show and analysis.
9:11 - Bobby and Dickie still looking for limo. Coach Willie still answering texts for CMR.
9:20 - Rantavious Wooten is ink'd. Highlights show him in the Wildcat...hmmm...
9:31 - Coffee and coke have kicked in. I'm juiced up! Better find the restroom..
9:34 - Pass by the doughnut table and there's still plenty. No thanks. Just some water.
9:52 - An official Coach Willie sighting. Still sunny outside and he's not wearing a poncho.
9:58 - Word spreads that for the first time in months, Reid held to his word for more than 14 hours and signed with Papa Bowden.
10:04 - Word also spreads that Stephen Hill has decided to block at Tech rather than catch at UGA. Is she putting out more doughnuts...??
10:12 - Room is really filling up. Second camera man sets up right in front of me.
10:13 - Wish I had brought a tripod...
10:21 - All-American Washaun Ealey delivers depth to backfield with a fax correctly dialed.
10:24 - Dexter Moody joins Vasser as another LB on UGA stationary.
10:25 - Not worried. But hoping Gilliard's LOI comes in soon before Reid drags him down to be another Criminole.
10:33 - Michael Gilliard's ink'd. Wahoo!
10:33:31 - Abry Jones completes the list of committed players to put pen to Dawg paper.
10:33:32 - Fans rumble about targets across the southeast skipping Senior English to spend time with a cake in their Media Center.
10:40 - Bryan McClendon joins Kelin in front of crowd and cameras. Mentions that Wooten is explosive. Hmm...
10:50 - Kevin Kopp announces that any cars parked behind Foley's left field wall are in jeopardy of being towed.
10:50:01 - Take a moment to pat myself on the back for opting to pay the $5 to park in the deck.
10:51 - Marian Mozingo grabs guy in crowd a gives him three cracks at some Dawg Trivia. Ward, Pollack and Bobo were the answers. I got two right, guy in front of mic got one. Although in his defense crowd goaded him into false Zeier answer.
11:00 - Second Evans sighting. Crowd listens for Vitale's mouth...nope, no sound of any ESPN to SEC job pandering inside these sacred walls.
11:10 - Coach Richt take the stage. Assistants and other staff file in behind him.
11:10 - 11:24 CMR will not answer questions about Toby Jackson for obvious reasons/Says he's pleased with completeness of class/Hopes to have a couple more, without mentioning names, specifically hints at Brown and Charles/Says he doesn't pressure kids to commit (those are just the highlights)
11:25 - CMR defers question about QBs to Bobo. He likes them.
11:35 - CMR defers question about new safety to Coach Willie. How fast is his 40? Fast enough. Love it!
11:40 - CMR defers question about Special Teams to Fabris. Nothing of consequence in the answer. But CJF seems grumpy.
11:45 - Coach Willie emerges from stairwell to show text to Coach Bobo. Door closes.
11:52 - Question and Answer ends.
11:55 - Bernie confirms that there are 7 doughnuts left.
12:10 - Surprised to see that Steverino's is no more...Ugh! Are you kidding me? Back to see Jessica...
12:55 - On Chuck and Chernoff, Jamie Newberg says there are rumors that Brown has eliminated KiffyBaby and that he believes Dawgs are the leader.
1:05 - Bernie makes it home in time to pick up his daughter from pre-K.
3:25 - On with Buck and Kincade, CMR is asked about WRs. He says we may feel better by the end of the day...
3:48 - Marlon Brown is a DAWG! Hellz Yeh!
3:49 - Orson Charles' phone rings....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

National Signing Day Preview

Barring any surprises from the commitments Coach Richt's staff has procured, the '09 class has already addressed most of the needs heading into next season and beyond. But there are six big targets still in the balance that UGA figures to be in the mix for: Marlon Brown WR, Orson Charles TE, Jarvis Jones WDE, Greg Reid DB, Jawanza Starling S and Kwame Geathers OL/DT. 

One of the nation's hottest recruits from Georgia's own Lowndes County, Reid is set to announce this evening from a local steak house. Charles plans to visit USC later this month before he decides. Geathers also plans to delay his decision past signing day. 

So let's take a look at where the Dawgs stand and where we hope to be:

Areas of Need Want
  • WR depth is good, but could always use another signature. Which drives Marlon Brown's stock way up for Dawg fans. Wooten is the only committed receiver and he is more along the lines of a shifty, multi-purpose target. Brown could easily step in and provide immediate depth and competition. His decision is set for NSD at 2:45pm.
  • Safety may not be a glaring need with Reshad's decision to stay and Evans' move from WC. But adding another player to compete with the younger Dawgs (Knox, Banks) AND the current starters would be a real plus. Starling fits that bill, but can Lilly help CMR pull the talented safety from the grasps of Coach Bowden as well as other suitors? He is set to announce NSD at noon.
Areas of Strength
  • OLine was young before the class that will sign tomorrow. Young and talented. With the commitments in place Searels will have even more talent to work with. As nice as grabbing Massie back would have been, his annual defection can be viewed as inconsequential damage. In fact, UGAs depth and youth surely was used against them in his recruitment. If you're holding out for a Massie surprise, he unveils his decision at 10:30 on NSD.
  • QB is a position where there are no worries. Not only did CMRs staff get two of the best in the nation, but they are signed, sealed and delivered into Bobo's waiting hands early.
  • DLine - both end and interior positions have been addressed, but a player of Jones' caliber could provide some quality competition at a position that was easily the Dawgs' weakest in '08. Jones announces his decision at 1pm on NSD.

Bernie's Take

Marlon Brown is arguably the most important player still on the Dawgs' board given the impact he could make opposite AJ Green as soon as next season. KiffyBaby has made Brown a top priority and had the last crack at him this past weekend, but Brown surely noticed the teenage coach has no viable solution at QB. Tressel's Vest has pushed hard for the rangy receiver as well, but signs are that Brown isn't fancying the Big Ten or the cold weather. If he doesn't don the red and black hat, I'll say he goes with the dark horse, Ole Miss. He's made disparaging remarks about their program but they have a solid QB in Snead. That being said -  Bernie thinks Marlon comes to Athens. 

Jarvis Jones has to be the second target of note. Jones is obviously a kid you do not want to play poker with - it's anyone's guess where he may end up. The good news is that the Dawgs are in the running for the talented Carver High prospect, but the bad news is their running against the big horses. I think it would be a surprise if Georgia was on Jones' mind in the end. Let's just hope he ends up a Longhorn instead of a Gator.

Greg Reid has been rumored to be all but in the Dawgs' pocket since he earned mad props in Orlando. That always makes fans leery of surprises. If Reid chooses the Dawgs and qualifies (as he ensures that he will) he will add extra quality depth at a position that needs it after Asher left town. If he chooses FSU or the Sabanites, the Dawgs still have Jordan Love and 5 star prospect Branden Smith to add to the depth chart. Bernie thinks Reid is a Dawg. STRIKE ONE!

Jawanza Starling would have been closer to the bottom on my personal wishlist had I not caught some of his many highlights against high school talent. Martinez and other players have raved at how Evans has adjusted to safety. Jones has to be ready for the breakout year fans have been expecting. A kid like Starling would keep those Dawgs hungry. Unfortunately, I don't like our luck in this area of Florida. I hope I'm proved wrong.

Orson Charles has to be compelled to follow Aaron Murray to Georgia given their success at

Plant HS in Tampa. But like so many of these that hang in the balance, Charles is being courted by some very good looking competitors. He is set to visit USC last, although it is curious to me
that the date seems up in the air...?? At any rate his decision will not come until after NSD and Bernie thinks he catches more passes from '10.

Kwame Geathers is a tremendous talent. He could play either line and has been told by Garner he can play defense if that is what he wishes. For some reason the Visor and the Resume are still in play. Kwame comes from a family known for it's surprises (see Geathers, Robert and cross section with NFL Draft). With all the drama, Bernie says he takes the lesser of two evils and goes with Central Florida.

It would be absolutely incredible if CMRs staff was able to land three of these players to round out a stellar class of early commits. Garner and associates haven't always closed strong. If they land Reid and Brown as expected it would be seen as a welcome contradiction to years past. Anything more than that would provide even greater momentum towards next year's NSD.

Lastly, Buck Belue has a great post to his blog with some firsthand insight into the recruiting process. If Belue could tell Papa Bowden "no thanks", perhaps there's another one who will do the same tonight from a Lowndes County steak house.


Monday, February 2, 2009

Top Dawg Targets - Jawanza Starling

Check back Tuesday for a preview to NSD

In Starling, we may have just saved the best for last...

With great size and speed, Starling plays safety with both attitude and finesse. He's a two sport star that may play baseball in college as well. He's an aggressive type that will remind Dawg fans of Davis and Blue in the way that he attacks the line of scrimmage on the blitz and flattens ball carriers with authority. But he also shows great instincts against the pass that make him a player that could contribute early.

-     Starling is from Lincoln HS in Tallahassee, FL. FSU doesn't let many get away from this area at all. Like most seniors in HS, will need to add some weight, but he already has a great build to work with. Tackling will need some polish in SEC play.

+     This is an epic battle between FSU and UGA. CMRs staff entertained Starling this weekend, so they had the last impression. Let's hope it was a good one, cuz this kid is a player and could be a real difference maker on defense. At first glance it would seem this would be a long shot for his signature, but this has been a very laid back recruting process for Starling. The lack of noise could have been designed to avoid hometown pressure. Another plus is CMR now has Lilly on staff.

I hope you're ready, cuz there's some real hard hits in this one. Starling shows a tenacity for the football and proves he can lay the wood. The best may be about 2:45 in when a QB decides to scramble. It was a good plan...for about 11 yards. (no audio, video poor, but JS is highlighted each play)

Another Rivals breakdown. JS is last, about 6:15 in.

Monday's Super Meatloaf...and a pot well stirred

I remember a time when watching the Super Bowl was more about the appetizers than the game. Third down conversions took a back seat to guacamole and chicken wings. How many TDs were being scored was less important than whether you had worn the pants with the adjustable waist to the party.

So much for that.

Buffalo wings are still a staple for Super Sundays, but the Buffalo Bill style wuppins are long gone. Second quarter TD barrages have been replaced by last minute TD drives and the game has become enjoyable for more than the fans of the two teams.

At any rate, no remnants of chips and bean dip this morning. But plenty of meatloaf to go around.

  • Hines Ward was clearly limited in his ability to cut and break on the knee. But a well designed play from scrimmage on the game's first play at least drew some attention from Cardinal defenders.  So Santonio Holmes is the XLIII MVP and Jake Scott remains the greatest super Dawg.
  • At least Holmes will have a chance to parlay his big game into a big time contract and avoid selling MaryJane as he did in his youth.
  • Sure, Holmes had a great game and it was one of the greatest catches in the Super Bowl since...let's see...well, last year when Tyree used his head to make the cover of every newspaper the next morning. But for me the MVP was Rothliesberger. The stats don't jump out atcha, but he showed why you don't want him with the ball in his hand late in the game with the outcome in the balance.
  • Besides, that play in the first half where he runs around for about a minute and a half, establishes three and a half pockets and then finds his tight end for a third down conversion...Wow!
  • Althought the finish was superb, the game itself was less than super until the play before the half and then again until the 4th quarter.
  • Bobby Knight to Athens? What is Ron Jirsa not available?
  • I can understand why this story broke. Journalist wants to stir the pot (an actual pot, not the kind police found in Holmes' SUV back in October) and an old coach wants another chance at throwing a chair across the hardwood before he chooses one inside a retirement home to plop down in. But what disturbs me as a UGA alum is the AJC poll. 70% in favor...??
  • People..he's nearly 70. Do we want a coach that almost immediately has to fight off rumors that he will only be in Athens another year or two? Do we want a coach that comes on the recommendation of an AJC journalist that uses Metamucil as part of his daily diet or one that can grab the attention of the talent rich state of Georgia and produce wins that outnumber his player choke holds?
  • I get it...Knight is the all time leader in wins and his players admire and respect him. He's a legend that put Lubbock in the college basketball discussion. But that does not make him a good fit at Georgia. 
  • Psst!...BTW, this legend last won a conference shortly after Hugh Durham won his last at Georgia.
  • All of you that are charged up over the idea that this is a're an idiot. Accept it and then read this. President Adams is a buddy of Myles Brand. Do any of you remember who's shoe it was that kicked Knight out of Indiana?
  • And speaking of Adams, did anyone see him "showing his support" for the basketball players in Tuscaloosa? He either had too much chardonnay outside the arena or he was just giddy as a little schoolgirl over the idea of Pete running the show now.
  • And lastly, I guess Michael Phelps has found a way to increase his appetite while not training. Remember his well documented mega-meals? How about a little smoke on the water...
  • My only question is why is a british newspaper covering a story that began on the campus of South Carolina? How exactly did that happen?
  • some way...Bernie suspects Stephen Garcia is at the bottom of this...
Later this week we'll explore the newest litter of Dawgs that will be Sanford-trained this summer. At least two of them could be wearing very familiar jersey numbers. So I hope you didn't throw away those #7 and #24 jerseys...

Ugh...I ate too much. Anyone seen the pepto?


Sunday, February 1, 2009

Top Dawg Targets - Orson Charles

Charles is a teammate of Aaron Murray at Plant HS in Tampa. Murray has been one of the Dawgs' biggest recruiters since committing to CMR and Charles has been a frequent target for the Georgia QB. The athletic prospect has been used as a receiver, but projects to be a tight end in college. Charles will be visiting USC (the real one) later this month and will make his decision after that trip. CMR has promised him #7 if he wants to be a bulldog.

+     It has to be a plus to follow your high school QB, but Charles' athleticism has gained national attention. As a result, the Dawgs are up against some stiff competition for his signature. Doesn't have the size we're used to seeing from a lot of TEs, but he should develop into an all around talent at the position.

-     Some guy named Pete Carroll gets the last word, or at least the last visit. Word is, he's a pretty good closer.

No audio and the video is difficult, but it points out #7.

Rivals breaks down 11 college prospects from the US Army All-American Bowl, so there are just a couple of Charles highlights. But you'll also get to see Aaron Murray throw.

Top Dawg Targets - Kwame Geathers

Geathers comes from a successful football family. He has one brother playing for the Visor and another who plays D end for the Cincinatti Bengals, former Dawg Robert Geathers. The youngest Geathers is in Tampa this weekend visiting Central Florida, but the race for his signature is believed to be between the Dawgs and chickens. Kwame is a highly regarded talent on the offensive line, but has proven himself to be a force on the defensive line as well, where he hopes to play in college.

+     Unlike his brother Clifton who originally chose the Dawgs, Kwame shouldn't need prep school to qualify. Geathers has been recruited by Garner and word is the Dawgs have been more eager to allow him to play on defense than the piece-meal staff in Columbia. 

-     Football genes are not the only trait Kwame shares with his brothers. He too will take his time making a decision. So don't expect an announcement until a week or so after NSD.

For video, you're gonna have to join Rivals.