Saturday, March 21, 2009

Flipper Debuts on the BDB Network

Call this the anti-thesis to last night's adult swim.

Nothing to do with spring practice, the basketball coaching search, Coach O's barechest fetish or CMRs new tendency to break perfectly suitable chairs...but just had to share this with you Reader.

If I completely lost you, it may help to know that one of the male dolphins filmed for this video once slapped Bill Bates with his fin as he swam by. 

It is completely untrue, but it may help...

Spring Brings Fresh Air...

Metts Connects

...but on the practice field the tempers flare. The first day of spring brought some posturing, shoving and some good ol' wrastlin'. However, don't expect the team to be on their best behavior when 300 HS juniors visit today either.

Saturday's practice puts pads on their shoulders. CMR says they're ready. Our favorite Maconite has the Friday practice wrap-up.

And Brett Jensen has the official fight card plus some good news on Mettenberger. But probably the best news comes from a 70 yard TD run by Carlton Thomas. Evidently some laundry was left on the field.

But despite the offensive highlights, CMR asserts that the defense is definitely getting the better of the offense. Sounds like Joe Cox would agree.

Speaking of defense, Chris Low has a piece on CWM that acknowledges what many suspected: UM called ol' Willie home, but he refused to answer. 

Lastly, haven't found it on YouTube yet, but evidently CMR had a Munson Moment at the post practice presser. UPDATE: Found it. (h/t Dean Legge via ally_ugadawg's twitter)

Friday, March 20, 2009

Who Left this Soap Box Sitting Here?

If you're not in the mood for adult swim, better come back later...

I'll start off by saying the report hasn't been confirmed by Miami police, but multiple news outlets are reporting Cleveland Browns receiver Donte Stallworth was more than a six-pack past a buzz when his moving vehicle ended the life of a local pedestrian. 

Mario Reyes was on his way home from work last Saturday 7am. Shortly after he clocked out, his coworkers heard the sounds of the impact. By the time they reached the scene, Reyes lay in the street unconscious.

Stallworth's toxicology reports were expected Friday. Miami police did not plan on releasing the details until after any arrest was made.

The arrest is imminent. Stallworth will turn in his jersey for a jumpsuit...almost certainly. Just as assuredly, Reyes leaves behind family and friends wishing Stallworth had acted his age... and his wealth.

Catalina had been married for 20 years, now is a widow. Daniela had a father, now she does not.

When I was 18 I went to a party and around midnight decided it was best that I sleep on a sofa instead of my own bed. The next morning I went home and eventually my alibi fell through. I paid a consequence, but no one lost their life.

All in all, still a win-win.

I plan on winning the lottery next week. When I do there will be quite the celebration. Anyone who's reading this right now will be invited. But one additional detail before I leave for the evening...I'll hire someone to drive me home. Therefore saving my Bentley's detailer the trouble of those pesky blood stains.

And also saving any pedestrian's family the trouble of an unwanted funeral.

Low on Crocs, but High on Class(...less....ness)

Congresswoman Brown - do you in fact take no jive?

The things we've learned this week from the impetuous ramblings of US Rep. Corinne Brown this week (h/t Senator Blutarsky):
  • Urban Meyer apparently is no longer with the Florida program, replaced by somebody named Corch Meyers
  • gator show sport-manship
  • some player named Percy Harvey was instrumental with his gusty play
  • it's no wonder Brown doesn't write her own material...she evidently can't read
  • And my favorite.....1 2 345! Dem dare gators don't take no jive!
And by the way, this lady is not just a congresswoman who has been edumacated in the swamp state's finer higher ed institutions, she is a crooked politician who launders checks as discreetly as she uses the English language.

Stay classy gatorsville. For an alternative version of what our congresspeoples heard, check out Dancing in the Endzone's remix...ROTFLMAO (which a teenager with sore, red thumbs once told me translates to rolling on the floor laughing my ass off!!)


Friday's Feedbag
  • Nate Schnugg has been named SEC Tennis Player of the Week for his valiant play and 4-0 record last week against floriDuh and USC (the fake one).
  • LadyDawgs...tomorrow...Gwinnett Arena...noon showdown with Arizona State. Not sure how many Sun Devil fans will follow their ladies to the east coast, but I hope they aren't looking for a Gordon Biersch that's low on beer.
  • RidgeDawg puts a bow on UGAs Pro Day.
  • The Diamond Dawgs lost two of three to Bama last weekend but lost no ground in the SEC East. They dispatched Georgia State 11-6 Wednesday night and look to do the same to Missy State tonight from Foley. Luckily, Alex McRee returns after a bout with mono.
  • FSU president TK Weather-it-all is in a race with his tackle football coach to see who can be more self-righteous. Once again I have to agree with the great Senator....there are some comments university presidents should steer well clear of.
  • Hey Jenny Slater has what could be a silver lining to this recession.
  • If you venture around Georgia blogs enough and are a fan of the show Lost, you likely knew that Hurley was gonna wear a Dawgs hoodie in this week's episode. What we didn't know was that it would come from Sawyer's closet. Not surprising I guess since James Ford is from the Peach State and attended UGA for a spell. What I don't understand though is how Sawyer's sweatshirt fit Hurley so well?
  • Just as your humble blawgger was beginning to wonder where the March posts would come from, spring practice starts AND Mr. College Football comes back from vacay. Barnhart takes a good look at the ??s in the SEC East.
  • And file THIS under yet another reason to like Tony Dungy.

BREAKING NEWS: CMR has signed a new kicker to compete with Blair Walsh this fall. For more on the story, the Red and Black has the scoop.

March truly is Madness. Didn't take long for my bracket to bust. I guess that could be expected when you pick Dayton, Mizzou, Xavier and Butler for your Final Four. I really just wanted to get as much of a look at these coaches as possible. Let's face it, our next round ball coach is in this tourney somewhere. And to quote Jack Ryan from The Hunt for Red October, hopefully it's someplace deep... someplace deep.

Well, let's verify our range to target reader. One ping only. Have a great weekend!


Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Drinking the Kool-Aid...Good Times on Campus

For the record, I once went from academic probation to Dean's List the very next quarter...once. Let's just keep that in mind... 

What follows is also factual.

It occurred to me a couple weeks ago how terrifically awesome today's UGA students have it. It goes beyond the HOPE Scholarship, which I would have held for exactly one quarter (yeh, we had quarters in lieu of semesters back when computers were the size of one and a half dorm rooms and the internets was just an Al Gore pipe dream). And it goes beyond that new snazzy Learning Center sitting on top of the Tate Center parking lot I would cut through when I had decided to skip PolySci...again.

And if all that weren't enough, today's students have a winning football team and a coed Russell Hall.

The Goff years had one highlight on campus...a thrilling victory over highly regarded Clempson in early October '91 that lead to the Chapel Bell ringing for many a drunken hour.

I did get to enjoy the baseball team's national championship run in '90 (while failing PolySci). But probably the greatest sporting event I saw on campus while "studying" to be a taxpayer was a basketball game.

Yes, you read that right.

Durham's Dogs were rockin' and rollin' during the 89-90 season. Meanwhile Dale Brown's LSwho Tigers were backing up Stanley Roberts with a lean and trim kid named Shaquille O'Neal (before he converted to a diesel engine). 

It was a glorious Sunday afternoon (ie. big-time conference televised game), we'd camped out for tickets and cooked s'mores over a campfire in front of the Stegeman ticket window....except instead of s'mores we had Mr. Boston's kool-aid. Some kid named (Exxon) Valdez got a little too pumped up and spilled his refreshment in my sleeping bag. 

UGH! The spoils of luxurious appointments.

The game itself though lived up to its billing. Close... rowdy... physical... clutch Neville Austin free throws.... and a come from behind win for the Dawgs that all but sewed up a conference title - Georgia basketball's only regular season, modern day title. Durham's '90 squad was also the only UGA B-Ball team to finish undefeated at home.

I'm proud to say I was a key cog in that machine. Or maybe just a kool-aid stained bystander attending more athletic events than 7:50am lectures. Glory Glory!

If you are currently failing PolySci at UGA, this memory would equate to a recent victory over... say... well, it doesn't equate to anything really. It was the basketball team's biggest on-campus win in its history. 

And I remember every detail that the kool-aid will allow. Unfortunately, in the first round of the NCAA tourney a few weeks later, the largest crowd ever to watch a Georgia basketball team play saw them lose to Texas in the Hoosier Dome.

But in the end everything turned out ok. So inspired was I by Dave Fleming, Stan Payne and Ray Suplee's work on the diamond as well as Alec Kessler and Litterial Green's hustle on the hardcourt that I went on to pass a Georgia History course to take the place of PolySci. And as a reward UGA Housing moved girls into Russell Hall just in time for me to meet my future better half (although truthfully, Jenn wouldn't really speak to me until I had graduated and landed a lady).

So let's open the phone lines - what's your favorite on campus victory while studying, or...not studying...just living?

Have you been a part of the modern day, fertile ground of campus championships and epic wins? Football, baseball, gymnastics, tennis... Or are you old school, where the campus wins were as frequent as an on time 2am Gumby's delivery?

What win will you (or do you) look back on with a smile?

Free Gumby's 20 inch with pepperoni if
 you can pick Perno out of this top-notch outfit.

Bring on the Ides of March...

...ain't skeer'd.

Spring practice has sprung. Glory Glory! Searels is screaming, ol' Dawgs are watching, Green's groin is a go!, UGA parking services is in post season mode and beat writers are...doin' their thang.

Some wax for your surfboard:

And now I leave with the sounds of spring bliss...


Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Your St. Patrick's Day Pints

Some pretty big and somewhat expected basketball news yesterday. Dave Leitao resigned as the head coach at UVa yesterday. Thanks to me bride, I've got some family up there. He was pretty well though of and they have some very nice facilities that reside within a basketball conference. So this certainly could make Damon Evans' pool a little more shallow. Anthony Grant of VCU has been a hot rumor around Athens. He and his wife have been pretty vocal about their love for the state of Virginia and Charlottesville. We'll see if that admiration is returned.

Also, the new coach will have at least one more scholly to work with: Zac Swansey asked for and received his release yesterday. Multiple outlets (and teammates) have also reported that Troy Brewer has followed suit. Now Brewer is hedging....?? Stay tuned.

Speaking of free educations, Coach Richt yanked a football scholly from ECI's Dexter Moody late last week. Moody failed to live up to a previous agreement of good judgment and now will try to fit in a little better in... gatorsville?? Color me a greenhorn, but threatening a teacher is more than a little trouble in my book. 

Ye lads and lassies need a little less nanny and a little more whack on the fanny...

And speaking of CMR, he's being a little more vocal about his displeasure with last season's results. Is this spring season coachspeak? Sure. Are similar expressions heard around the country? Youbetcha! But it still makes me smile.

After all, I remember when a 5-6 season was a big disappointment. I'm on board - Let's kick it Old School Coach!


Monday, March 16, 2009


As I've mentioned earlier in my blawgdom, I'll be pulling a Gundy later this year. The celebration will be dynamic, the libations plentiful and the notoriety gained....infinitesimal compared to that which Coach Gundy is enjoying.

Gundy is recruiting more nationally now. He's in Georgia selling ten gallons and boot spurs. And recruits are buying in.

In January CMR offered David Paulsen a scholarship. One of Georgia's top prospects, Paulsen had grown up a Bulldog. However, the offer from Richt was to greyshirt and Paulsen had already committed to a program who had a jersey ready and waiting - OSU.

Lost in all Gundy's glory, YouTube hits and empty cans of RockStar is the player the video rant destroyed, Bobby Reid. Almost a year ago (and eight months after Gundy went public instead of private with his support of his players) Tom Friend of ESPN caught up with Reid and showed the world the story after the tapes stopped rolling. 

It's a story many parents should probably read before letting Gundy cop a squat on their sofa. Get your facts straight...

If you came here looking for your portion of meatloaf, click here for the leftovers

Monday's Meatloaf - Leprechauns from Tadcaster

There's nothing like discovering a four leaf clover the day before St. Patrick's Day. A warm plate of meatloaf should fall well short of that...

March Madness is upon us. The brackets are completed and the SEC evidently has two left feet. Your humble blawgger can relate. But the good news is while the rest of the collegiate world is focused on balls bouncing on hardcourts, we can focus on spring ball on the gridiron. 

After all, what says spring has sprung better than skeleton passes and dummy drills. Yeh baby!

Before it burns, let's get right to the main dish.

  • Tony Barnhart is back behind the desk. It's good to hear his words. Wanna take a guess on what his first blog item is about...?
  • Rumor is top HS prima donna and still undecided recruit Bryce Brown was in Knutsville this weekend on an unofficial visit...with a nice looking blond hostess....and vOWel creamsickle urranjah parka...on the field...with the team...looking very official.
  • The GymDogs capped off a perfect regular season Saturday night with a 197.400-195.825 victory over Michigan. The meet was Yoculan's last at Stegeman, who after 26 years as the GymDogs coach is ready to join the fans in the stands.
  • Meanwhile the Diamond Dawgs were dropping the first two games of the Bama series in Tuscaloosa as part of a twin billing Saturday afternoon. They came back to win the third game behind the help of Poythress' bat and escape the broom in Tuscaloosa.
  • There's been some confusion on the message boards about Zac Swansey's comments after the basketball team lost to MSU in the opening round of the SEC tourney. In case you missed it, Brett Jensen has it all sorted out for you.
  • Herschel didn't have to tell Tom Green to "Shet up! Just SHET UP!!" on Apprentice last night, well...because Green wasn't around much. 
  • And now Green's FIRED! The men are getting their wedding gowns handed to them, but 34 stands to be around at least until the end of March. Rodman looks like the easy target for the Trump combover next week. If he even makes it to the board room...
  • Streit at Bubba 'n Earl has a look at Georgia's history of opening the football season on the road.
  • If you're having trouble digesting the $100 ticket gouging from OSU, Quinton McDawg has a little perspective...I'd much rather pay the elevated ticket price than end up going ass over teakettle in a port-o-let. I guess the bottom line is Sun Devils are a lot more accommodating than Cowboys. Go figure.
  • Behind the flat blade of senior Brian Harmon, the men's golf team rallied to a 3rd place finish out in Las Vegas in the Southern Highlands Collegiate. Shankopotomous...not a Dawg.

Lastly, never go up against a Bernie when beer is on the line....

Yes, I successfully defended my tasting title at Supper Club. They changed the game from wine to beer, but the results were the same. So if you're keeping score at home, that's a $5 Barefoot Merlot for the runaway win in January and a Samuel Smith's Pure Brewed Lager in the 22oz bomber for a win that required a recount. I personally didn't know Al Gore was a beer drinker...

Shout-outs to Erin and Chris Miranda for hosting the BeerFest. Although Ainsley evidently took exception to some of the decorative items around your house....

Speaking of beer, Spring Break is over...spring practice starts Tuesday, something like 25 days until G-Day, and 173 until Stillwater. Wow! With enough imports from Tadcaster North Yorkshire, we may actually make it!