Saturday, March 28, 2009

Fresh Prince Confined to Bleachers...

...but three Super Bowl MVPs gives you sideline access.

As TotalUGA reported earlier this week, Nick Montana is giving Athens a looksee this weekend. Oh! And his dad will be by his side.

Montana is on EDT this weekend to see how much he likes Tuscaloosa and Athens. He plans to weigh those offers against his other dozen letters of admiration. According to dad Joe, son Nick has a livelier arm but needs some help with his footwork. 

What HS junior fighting off bouts of acne doesn't?

I looked it up on Wikipedia...Nick's dad was evidently a pretty good signal caller himself. That must be why the kid's HS coach made an exception for Friday night sideline access.

So if you're keeping score at all-around hockey player ever??....enjoy your nachos with processed cheese from the stands. Billion dollar movie star known for saving the world without the help of DJ Jazzy Jeff??...keep your seat next to the band.

Joe Montana on the other hand??...would you neutralize those LBs with the play-action or a boot-leg?

Enjoy North Campus Nick. And make sure to take note how every nook and cranny on UGAs campus has something called the internets

Betcha didn't see that in Tuscaloosie?

Friday, March 27, 2009

Dominoes are Falling into Place, From Way Downtown

Billy Clyde - Canned!

If only his defense had showed this much tenacity...

Grant Chooses $$ Over Internet Access
With Billy Munster deciding that his heart is eternally cold-hearted, VCUs coach decided he'd had enough of living in the 21st century and will move to Tuscieloosie.

And ONE more thang - 
If there is any way Evans could swing a deal to have Ty Lawson included with the new'd be sweet. Evans would be the ultimate superhero AD. Lawson can bring that bum toe, as long as it comes with that ankle breaking crossover.

Bernie Welcomes a Visit from Across the Pond with "Open Arms"

This is where Bernie and Tadcaster man will drain their pints.

I was minding my own business at BDB Headquarters recently when Stan from Research and Development barged in with some alarming, yet pleasant news. So alarming I spilled my Slurpee!

StanFromR&D: We had a comment posted from a bloody englishman!

Bernie: What? 

StanFromR&D: A brit visited the Tadcaster piece and left a comment.

Bernie: this like the time you said a Canadian trampled snow on the site's header? Or when you claimed one of Santa's elves was refusing to leave the company Christmas party?

StanFromR&D: NO! He says you wouldn't know a leprechaun if it drained your pint of Guinness from right under your nose.

Now, we've had visits from as far away as Guam and as near as Bernie's next door neighbor. But when a cad stumbles across your modest blawg and emerges from a stupor long enough to disparage a country of redheads,'s fairly monumental.

Look forward to meeting you one day Tadcaster man! The first pint is on me.

Friday's Feedbag
  • Who says there are no trades in college football? CMR traded a LB who'd rather berate his teacher than learn the periodic table (barium = Ba) for a kid who can place a kickoff into the endzone. And since Moody wasn't really happy as a Dawg, this goes down as a win-win.
  • Now if we could just get Fabris to eat something other than plain, cold oatmeal for breakfast.
  • Sounds like the Dawgs are ready for an all out scrimmage 'tween the hedges.
  • Percy Harvey may have made a gusty play in the national championship game, but he was no wonder on the Wonderlic. Maybe Rep. Brown was his mentor cuz we know she don't take no jive!
  • If you missed Hale's Live Blog Wednesday - thanks to "PorkChop" we will now have more Journey playing at Sanford Stadium. You know, like.... Don't Stop Believin' when we trail late...? Hale jumped at the chance to pitch it to Evans adding that Open Arms might convince any blue-chippers in attendance to don the red and black. That's all good, as long as I also get to hear Walks Like a Lady when Laney enters Sanford for the first time...or any time for that matter.
  • I'm not trying to make the Live Blog out to be just a bunch of silliness. There was much football discussed with the occasional basketball coaching rumor sprinkled in for extra flavor.
  • Did ya hear Isiah Thomas may be interested in coaching collegiately? I'm sorry...there's not enough Lunesta in his night stand to make that a good idea.
  • A regular reader and hardcore tailgater recently was told the pure-bred Dawg in her belly was gonna be a boy. Soon a masculine name would be needed...hmmmm? Long story short, in a few months there will be another Bernie to grace the Dawg Nation. I have it in print where she agreed on her Facebook. Slowly but surely, Bernies are taking over the world (insert overly dramatic, evil laugh) one cornhole sack at a time.
  • Stafford's parents got a divorce? I never even knew. Hobnail breaks down one of the week's more bizarre stories.
  • Calipari evidently can't even hold Mike Anderson's clipboard. Westerdawg says Missouri can't afford to get into a bidding war over their coach. I'm now convinced he's worth every penny we can throw at him...
It may just be gas, but I've got a feeling. Georgia Basketball feels like it is on the precipice of something big. 

Remember a couple of months ago when the debate was whether or not it was prudent to release your basketball coach mid-season as opposed to waiting? Well, Evans has been surrounding himself with support and dinero since late January, all while preparing himself for this shining moment. 

Well, this is the window of time he's been waiting for. We're about to find out just how prudent a decision it was to fire Felton on January 29th as opposed to a couple weeks ago.
UGA has evidently taken a pass on a really good coach in Grant in order to fish in a deeper part of the lake. Last Friday I mused that our new coach may be someplace deep, now it seems as if Evans is sure of it.


Thursday, March 26, 2009

Some Thursday Headlines

Went to bed early last night and have been in a meeting all day, but here's some must reads for your afternoon drive...or surf.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mine Eyes Have Seen the Glory...

Last week's discussion topic on favorite Kool-Aid laced game memories was such a hit, the BDB promotions department has decided to renew for a few more episodes.

From circumventing the Arch as an undergrad to the dulcet sounds of Big Machine in Red and Black as we trample along the railroad track on gameday, there are quite a few traditions we soak ourselves into as Dawg fans.

Personally, this is a close-up of my favorite:

Great goodness...chill bumps. Katy Wilson of Lawrenceville ladies and gents. Kudos to that young lady from my own neck of the woods. Well done!

Now, I've also been known to harass vehicles that pass near the tailgate with one of those House Divided license plates...Are you kiddin?!? Pick a Side!! But that's more of a gameday hobby. 

There are numerous traditions that get me ready for kickoff, but by the time I hear that trumpet in the Southwest heart is pumping hard enough to produce a place kick that would rival Rex Robinson's in Lexington, or a homerun that would measure up to Beckham's in Omaha, or perhaps even the fortitude to strap on a hobnail boot. 

At away games it's always hearing the band play Glory, Glory in an opposing stadium that stirs the emotions deep. There's just something about the Battlehymn

So it's no wonder that the solo that leads into the video montage is my favorite tradition. What's yours? Is it one of the many gameday rituals we buy into for the good of our team? Do your legs dangle awkwardly as you hang from the rope underneath the Chapel bell? Or is it something as mundane as taking a nap on North Campus while you wait on the Orbit bus? 

Yawn! Phone lines are open Dawg fans. Bring it if ya got it...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

My Favorite Dawg Fan

I know this little girl who won't play with one of her pre-K classmates because the kid (name deleted to protect the ignorant) is a gator fan. The same little girl screams with joy every time her dad passes another car that has the "Georgia G" sticker. She gets high as a kite if the car also has a Bulldog on the license plate. It's the simple things in life, right?

The girl's only attended two football games in her life, but they were both wins. And the last one was Knowson's final game as a Dawg which made it extra special for her. Speaking of Knowshon, the Monday after the CMU game last fall she hurried into class to tell Mrs. Wendy (another Dawg fan, this girl's parents screen pretty carefully) that Knowshon had jumped over a guy.

This morning as I drove the little girl to Waffle House she announced to me that yellow jackets really stink. When my eyes swelled with tears of pride and I began to laugh out loud, her tone turned serious - They really do Dad. It's not funny!

You're right honey. It's not a thought to take lightly. And neither is your 5th Birthday.

Happy Birthday Ainsley Grace! 
Ya make your daddy proud.

Just the Facts Jack

Which is more important to humankind: 
Jack's semiautomatic, or the remote in your hand?

So there I was blubbering like a little pansy in ribbons as we found out Jack Bauer, the world's greatest hero since Mr. Robert Adler, had been exposed to a biohazard that would bring certain death.

My God!....the humanity. Or is this just another weeklong hang me over a cliff?

I also saw this morning that the irreputable Senator Frank has called Justice Scalia a homophobe. Does this give me permission to refer to ol' Barney as a Factophobe? Afterall, it was he who was making the rounds as late as August screaming his praises for Freddie and Fannie.

The facts in the round ball coaching search: 

Things that make you go Hmmmmm...

Meanwhile Bernie holds out hope that Sean Miller is at least on the dance card. This is like high school all over again. I just hope UGA is not the awkward pimply faced scrawny kid in the corner with two left feet.

That might be too much like Ron Jirsa all over again...

Real quick before you go - back to the remote control topic, be sure to use your BDB remote to schedule your blawgoTiVo to return later today when I pay tribute to one of my favorite Dawg fans on a very special day for her. And also tomorrow for a new weekly feature.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Call This a Sidedish For Your Monday's Meatloaf

This post by Jeff Owens should get you more than geek'd up for some spring football.
#95 is BACK!!

Monday's Meatloaf - Brackets, Brittany and other Busts

While Anthony Grant of VCU lines up suitors, let's warm up the oven.

Evidently I ain't mad enough for March hoops. Surprising though....when you are stopped at a stoplight during the commute home Friday listening to some of the action and find yourself screaming at Utah State for letting the game slip might believe you actually are mad enough.

But no.
Meanwhile, Obama's bracket is getting more face time than Brittany at the bottom end of a week long binge on PBR, methamphetamines and cheesy curls. Seriously, BO went 8 of 8 on Saturday and ESPN decides to ticker it and link it all over the mutha. Meanwhile, my 5 year old soccer team gets no love despite being hit with a flu outbreak and a cousin's wedding and STILL winning another match going away.... 

In between tournament games, it's safe to say bulldog in exhile is tired of some of the commercials we've been subjected to all weekend. To piggyback, the one by Sheraton that has all of the polar opposite fans/alumni holding hands and singing kum-bay-ya (creative license subtly inserted) is super dorky. Just glad I wasn't subjected to a paid actor portraying a Dawg fan picking up a nerd's pocket protector or a gator's dignity.

It's one thing to see your school get some free's another to see it set back several decades.

On the other hand, this one never gets old...

You heard the kid, let's do some analytics...
  • Hale has a nice feature on CMRs jack of all trades, Kiante Tripp. And CWM could use a weapon at D-end.
  • Speaking of ol' Willie, if you ignored the internets over the weekend - the truth finally came out that Miami did come calling...either while Martinez was in a bad cell coverage area or while they were a program that is a mere shadow of its former self.
  • The LadyDawgs were bounced from the tournament by the Sun Devils. At least the LadyVoWels didn't go any further.
  • The Diamond Dawgs had much better luck at Foley with Missy State. Once again the brooms were out...
  • Has it been a little weird for you to read quotes from Coach Searels since he's become more media friendly? Well, you can also watch him at (sub. req.). Kinda nice to put a voice to the genius.
  • Today's interactive ingredient comes from the tweetosphere and was submitted by ally_ugadawg. Stafford impressed onlookers at UGAs Pro Day Thursday, but even that performance was out shined by his Wonderlic score.  Maybe if USCs Petey would've been more nurturing to his QB, Sanchez wouldn't have frozen up so badly....
That should all make for a fine meal in a little less than an hour. Meanwhile, I'll be the guy in the corner trying desperately to breathe new life into his Eastern Regional. Check back later for some more thoughts on the basketball coaching search. 

Until then, keep your head down and follow through Shankapotomous.


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Evans and Adams Focus on Anthony Grant as Felton's Successor

UPDATE:  UGA and VCU have both confirmed that no contact has been made between Grant and Georgia Athletics officials. TotalUGA describes the sources for the story as being close to Grant.

Anthony Grant is the man Damon Evans wants and President Adams has made at least two formal offers. Grant has listened as the bottom line for his salary and his assistants' salary has gone up. However, a decision could still be days if not weeks away as the players in the drama wait to see what move Kentucky makes.