Friday, May 22, 2009

Hoover Doesn't Suck, Buffaloes Crap Their Pants and Orson Completes Me

It's a Holiday Weekend Chargrilled 
Watermelon-Cooled Edition Reader!

My humble blawg was trampled earlier this week and I've spent the last few days cleaning up the dung. When you're averaging one (singular) reader a day and suddenly are averaging nearly 

50 an hour...well, I eventually figured sumpin' wuz up. Turns out some Colorado football fans caught wind of a post a couple of weeks ago relating to our Dawgs possibly moving an away game to the GA Dome and link'd it to a message board thread.

So I learned that buffaloes are a paranoid breed. They not only remember being 27 point underdogs in '06 and only losing by one, but it is a brightly colored feather they have stuck in their cap. The thought of not getting a crack at Joe Cox and Jeff Owens' successors in their own stadium is filling 'em full of false bravado.

And as much as I welcome visits and clicks, getting link'd at a site entitled isn't a feather for my cap. Watch your step. I think I missed a pile.
Saddle's a three day weekend-sized...

Friday Feedbag
  • Butts-Mehre Heritage Hall will undergo a transformation over the next year and a half. For you visual learners, back in January PWD found this rendering.
  • Let's see - KiffyBaby's assistant has about as much of a grasp of NCAA compliance as the wonder genius himself. Yep! That about adds up. But this story begs the question: what the hell kinda map is the UT AD trying to refold?
  • TotalUGA has a look at Coach Fox's newest roster addition.
  • Diamond Dawgs earn a relaxing Friday afternoon by advancing in dramatic style over the hogs. Alex McRee will take the mound Saturday and lead the Dawgs in facing the winner of today's S. Carolina/LSU game.
  • First he destroys Urbie's MNC trophy. Then he spurns every major program in the country to come to Athens. Now Orson's waxing so poetic I'm recalling lines from the end of Jerry Maguire. Mr. Charles, you had me at Go Dawgs!
  • For you Nittany Lion fans that were worried JoePa was ruffling too many feathers...well, he's now back to toeing the company line.
  • No doubt inspired by Bernie's skills in the first round of the USTA playoffs, Nate Schnugg has advanced to the NCAA round of 16 in singles while surviving the opening round in doubles with partner Jamie Hunt. On the women's side, Chelsy Gullickson has also advanced.
  • Slurban calls this "adapting". I'm with the anonymous SEC rival coach, and hope it's "disastrous." And I guess we can safely assume the anonymous coach wasn't the Kif'ster. For one, he's not clever enough for that high a level of humor. Two...well, it's pretty obvious isn't it? 
  • Doc Saturday echoes sentiments expressed here and abroad before, but in a way that is full of class and realism. There are readers out there who will throw up in their mouth a little when they read this...but I'd rather have CMR w/o the MNC, than have Slurban w/ his two.
  • And don't even think about questioning my seriousness in that statement; I mean it from the bottom of my Dawg heart. CMR is more than a coach for our program, he's a man all alumni can look up to with pride. And he'll be here as long as we'll have him. Maybe it's the bright orange shoes and the pretty scripted helmet, but I just don't see it in Corch Meyer.
  • Lastly, if you enjoy The Office half as much as I do, you'll appreciate this timeline of events in the history of our favorite paper company. Guess I waited too late to replenish my supply of dot matrix paper...

Don't forget that free t-shirts are being given away tomorrow at the 3rd Annual Skin Cancer Awareness 5K Run/Walk to any participants who finish ahead of Bernie. Those that finish behind him can hand over their self-respect at the finish line. So wake up, drive down, lace 'em up...and you're all but guaranteed to be rewarded.

After that there's a full weekend of family fun, relaxation and some char-grilled goodness planned. In between, I'll be keeping an eye on Hoover and doing some vehicle shopping 
evidently. Sure hope the Diamond Dawgs transmission isn't slipping like the one in my Dodge Ram. So it sounds like a good weekend to give the oven some time off. Afterall, who eats meatloaf on Memorial Day?

God bless those who have paid the ultimate price for our freedom. Bend a knee, say a prayer, raise a glass - or do all three. 

Have a weekend Reader.


Thursday, May 21, 2009

SCAN Foundation 5K Run/Walk Saturday

Just another plug for a great event for a great cause. I mean let's face it, you're not gonna fire up the grill or ice down the beer until later Saturday afternoon. So why not come out and get a little excercise and a free screening.

Here's a link to the SCAN Foundation website for more information - CLICK HERE

Here's my first shameless promotion w/ actual pictures of Dooley - CLICK HERE

And here's a summary of last year's event - CLICK HERE

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

An Evening with Coach

I've never man-dated, but when a friend invites you to tag along to ESPN Zone to a Meet and Greet with Coach Richt...well, I'll give it a go.

On the way down Peachtree I decided to take the opportunity to pretend I was the great David Hale, or a member of JensenSports, or even a beat writer for the AJC. When moderator Randy Waters asked for questions from the audience I had at least 20 lined up.

CMR was gracious enough to answer one.

It is through countless tears that I type to you that he indeed does NOT read BDB, or any blog for that matter. Guess that comes as even more of a shock to respectable bloggers like Senator, Exhile, PWD, newcomer Rex...maybe even Mackie. But to be could he not read Hale. Even my wife reads Hale.

Ouch...maybe I shoulda led with the Will you and Kathryn join our Supper Club? Or perhaps a mundane How do the guys look in shells Coach?

But the excitement heated up when my date revealed to all within earshot his true Oregon State colors. After I thanked Coach for his time, Cord pressed him for a time and day when the Dawgs would play the beavers, head to head, mano eee mano.

Get this...Coach asked if that was the University of Oregon. (Oh no he dih-ent!?!)

I thought Cord (a former Beaver FB) might bulldoze our fearless leader. Luckily the smell of more chicken tenders and warm tater-skins distracted Mr. California HamDog long enough for a housewife from Marietta to move in for her face time.

Disaster averted. Some other thoughts and surmisings:
  • CMR is excited about the depth and talent at interior D line
  • He doesn't make recruiting a competitive event between his assistants; feels that might compel them to offer a kid who's more suited for NATS (my analogy, my emphasis)
  • Shanequa pours a good Sweetwater Ale
  • Somehow Bernie mistook the honey mustard dipping sauce for melted cheese and poured it over his salsa
  • It is not a recruiting violation for a kid from the Norcross HS junior varsity squad to ask CMR a question if his name was drawn out of a cardboard box once stationed inside a Publix supermarket
  • Publix and Kellogg's do not pay for beer poured by Shanequa
  • CMR puts housewives from Marietta on hold when his son buzzes dad's blackberry
  • Pretty sure Bernie was the only blogger in attendance; other Publix patrons not amused by his homemade "press" credentials
  • Honey mustard salsa is pretty good on chips, but not as good as cheese
  • CMR enjoys speaking to other UGA athletic teams and thinks Yoculan could kick Paul "Bear" Bryant's ass!! (my words, my emphasis); he's proud that the b-ball team is 1-0 after his speeches...but glad Coach Fox is on board
  • The most interesting thing I thought was that after giving Cox the expected and much deserved vote of confidence, he said that he doesn't expect another QB to supplant him. There was something in the way he said it that made us think that maybe one of these QBs is pressing hard....hmmm...maybe this guy.
You're welcome Reader. While other prima donna media types are covering high profile stud recruits, high school baseball or at home eating Haagen Das...your faithful blawgger is on top of the comings and goings of the state's biggest rock star.

And even though he and Kathryn won't be hosting our next supper club, I'm pretty sure Coach Richt comes by this area of the cybersphere every once in a while. So...thanks Coach!...and kick Urban's ass on Halloween. There's some extra Rice Krispie treats in it for ya!


CMR Meet and Greet

Some pics from last night. I'll have a more thorough synopsis up later today, including a video where CMR admonishes me for having no accountability. Well, that might be overstating it some, but you get the point.

Randy Waters asks if Kathryn uses Rice Krispies
in her treats or the cheaper Publix box

Explaining how he manages recruiting

These are the people I'm about to push 
aside for a little face time

Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Random Musings

Let's clean off the desk...
  • Worried about depth at D-end? It won't help allay your fears for Okie State, but TotalUGA has a look at one of the state's most sought after products, TJ Stripling of SW Dekalb. And at 6-6,'s no wonder he has offers from all over the southeast. (subscription required)
  • In the wake of Donnan's NCAA shout-out, lots of discussion about Erk being excluded from the CFHOF. Perhaps GSU alum Chris Carroll put it best, It's a tragedy. Here's a collection of links in case you missed one or two: newly re-named Dawg-Leg WriteTucker's blog,Barnhart weighs in, and the Senator asks What if.
  • I've read a lot of material on the man I consider to be God's greatest gift to college football, T. Kyle King's tribute just after Erk passed away is the greatest read. If you can read that without your heart sinking just a little...well, I have no use for you.
  • The Jacksonville/GA Dome debate rages on. Evans continues to impress me as AD and I liked his words on the subject. But I feel like the writing is on the wall. I don't like the idea of this game in the ATL, but I think it's a matter of time before we see a game or two (at least) played there.
  • Maybe I'll ask CMR about it tonight at dinner. That's right...tonight's the night. If you have a question you'd like me to pose, lemme know. I'm sure he'll be all ears as long as he doesn't stand us up.

Battle for World Domination...

The gatorNation's reigning dictator captured with the Prez on their way to an arm wrestling competition...

The results are a matter of nat'l security, but as they emerged from the Oval Office the Prez was overheard muttering under his breath:

Consider yourself lucky Meyer...I had to turn 
Pelosi loose on Tomlin.

Monday, May 18, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - No Chin Charlie is Over-Stimulated

Slurban says I'm full of it. Well, more specifically he calls the Visor out. 

Turns out he's happy in the swampland and my theory about his exit was completely idiotic, slanderous and full of crap. Probably why I wrote it.
The fact is that this rumor is gonna be out there until Weis is fired, replaced by another coach and the Meyers still reside in gatorsville. I admit it's illogical. He's already turned them down. floriDuh is a better program. And with the success he's had, those jorters will feed his monstrous ego until he's done with coaching or his vanity mirror surrenders, whichever comes first.
And now that I think about it, Touchdown Jesus might frown on the overly liberal use of timeouts that Meyer likes to employ.
Stay classy Urban Crier. Divided or not, the gator nation needs your leadership. Not to mention your ties to the local law and order.

Today's Ingredients:
  • GeorgiaDogs has the 2009 outlook posted for the red and black gridiron gang.
  • Papa Bowden is gettin' awfully ornery about his program's hand slap in the wake of FSUs academic scandal. I can relate to being competitive with JoePa about the most wins thing, but obsessing about it to the point that you suggest it's all a result of the Seminole-NCAA PC thing is absurd. (h/t Senator)
  • Amidst all the Donnan debate last week there was a lot of disagreement, but always one thing most agreed on: Donnan's signature win was the overtime thriller on the Plains. Unequaled UGA historian Magill agrees. He also goes on to argue that were it not for two bad (I mean really bad) calls against tech, Donnan could still be a Dawg.
  • Weiszer has a piece on how the Dawgs' deep LB core will be used more this fall. And given Washington's performance at end during G-Day, not a big surprise.
  • Want more LB? Hale has one up that gets down to the heart of the matter.
  • Diamond Dawgs were swept by a buncha chickens. Ugh! The fact that my weekend appointment calendar kept me from witnessing the misery now seems like a blessing. Next up: Ole Miss in Hoover.
  • The mens tennis team made it to the NCAA Elite Eight out in College Station before losing to Texas while the softball team played themselves into a Super Regional up in Chapel Hill.
  • Mama Langley provides this link to a nice story on former Dawg John Kasay. I took Greek Lit with Kasay during the spring of our senior year. He took a few days away from Homer to work out for NFL teams before the draft. Turned out to be a good decision. And I think he still got an A. Guess I shoulda sat next to him.
  • Lastly, Battle Hymn Notes takes a look at the new South and discovers that a power shift may be afoot.

Back in the shadow of Touchdown Jesus, Obama actually had the stones to address issues like abortion during his commencement address over the weekend. Catholic crowd, largely pro-life...seems to add up to good timing.

On the plus side though, word from South Bend is the rock star Prez then actually laid hands on Coach Weis and implored him to set aside his own stimulus package - a wagon load of twinkies and Mountain Dew.

For real. Ease off the fried chicken and bon-bons big guy. Now that Corch Meyer is fully committed to his Go Gator! (wink wink...), the Golden-domers need you now more than ever.

And you need a fork so you can stick it. Enjoy your Monday.