Friday, December 18, 2009

Coaching Rumor Update, episode V

You know, Bristol has trained Schad as well as any of their other jackholes.

It seems as if Vic Koenning will stand in front of a podium and be announced as the next defensive coordinator for Illinois today. I say seems because last night Joe Schat my Pants Schad logged into his twitter account. I think Hale put it best when he typed that's the world we live in now.

It appears as if Koenning was told to move forward with his process at some point last week when Coach Richt was not ready to make an offer. Koenning did just that earlier this week, but with some reservations.

From what I've read, Koenning's family did not follow him to Kansas State once he left Clemson. They do plan to follow him to Champaign. But...they also have a home in Florida. So Athens has been his first choice (and not just because of the beach front property).

And it also appears as if Richt came back to the table last night. The Illinois deal is thought to be for 2 years at $345,000 per. It is also thought that Koenning will stick to his word he gave to Coach Zook. But this is one where it may not be decided for sure until Koenning is spotted beside Zook's podium.

Or maybe even after that. Anyone remember Glen Mason?? (heh heh...) I've read some stuff from out west early this morning and they sound as nervous about the 2pm (1pm central) Illini presser as can be. And when your barometer is a twitter account with a Connecticut IP just never know. (FWIW...I stopped following Schad on twitter right after he reached puberty.)

Some last thoughts:
  • I think this makes it official that Smart is off of CMRs radar.
  • I would surmise that the Koenning offer from UGA would be in the same ballpark as the Illinois offer. Otherwise it would be easier for Coach Koenning to go back on his word.
  • But these things usually go pretty quietly until both parties agree to agree.
  • As I pointed out earlier, I'm not sold on Koenning. He did some good things at Clemson. However, PWD builds a compelling case for the guy
  • The numbers don't lie. Koenning has gotten it done in the places he's been. But from what I've seen he's similar to Coach Willie with better results. 
  • A point can be made that with better tackling, coverage...overall enthusiasm...Martinez's scheme could work consistently. It did during the Van Gorder years.
  • All that being said, what worries me most is that the Dawg Nation is pissing their pants something fierce. They're so distraught embarrassed distracted by the fact that Van Gorder, Muschamp and Smart aren't coming that whoever is hired will be debunked before the Butts-Mehre mic is turned on.
  • So if Koenning pulls a Mason on the Zooker today...count me as one of the ones very proud of Coach Richt.
As for who to believe. Right now, I look to those I trust. PWD always has great analysis and good info. Scout's Dean Legge updates his Coaching Report whenever it's relevant. And as always, I appreciate Hale's truthfulness when it comes to things like this.

We'll call it reliability over premature twitterings...and that's who I'll be checking along and along as I head north...I'll update when I'm available. Speaking of UPDATES: check out Exhile's stuff. Afterall, he's in the middle of Illini country. Literally.

Yes Virginia...there is a Bernie

Linus has loaded the Tahoe with gifts of great tidings and much joy. For the next 10 hours, I-85 is my arch nemesis once again! DAMN U p o t h o l e s...

(Update: Yes, I've heard of the twitterings...I'll have a I have a Coaching Update as well) I counted myself among those disappointed that the new DC was not announced this week. Tuesday was the first possible day and I'd held out hope that the Evil Richt had planned a big time [quote] FU Chumps...I genetically rebuilt Erk Damn Russell [unquote] presser. The timing of Kyle's announcement only fueled my frenzy.

And yet, we wait. Which is likely good news. For one, a genetically re-engineered Erk Damn Russell would not have bled from his forehead; instead his skull would have ripped through his defensive charges' helmets like a hot knife through Country Crock, ultimately leaving our defensive depth chart depleted. And second, as I mentioned yesterday (as well as actual BDB Readers and bloggers on the internets)...Coach Richt has a better than passing score in hiring assistants.

Promoting! But hiring, yessir!

the Friday Feedbag
  • To lead off, a PSA: Blogger has a new editor I've recently switched to which has some features I like. has a bad habit of F*$%!! screwing things up once I click PUBLISH. Yesterday, things came to a head when the post was riddled with gaps and spaces that were not present in editing. If you experienced technical difficulties, I apologize. I shall persevere!
  • Congrats to all UGA graduates. It's your day, you've earned it and no one can take it away from you.
  • Can't really call it a read, but this is an interesting glance from Low on the SEC bowl records.
  • On Wednesday I gave a balanced preview of Texas A&M. But really, the posts that are preparing us best for all things Aggie have come from Quinton at Georgia Sports Blog. Here's the one on the cheerleaders and here's the one on the band.
  • While you're there, check out PWDs DC Search Update
  • Leather Helmet has some pics of floriDuh recruits having fun with fingers. Luckily, it appears no hostesses were harmed. Go gatuh!
  • Yesterday we noted that DawgsOnline had the skinny on what officials would be Christmasing in Shreveport. Now he asked a very interesting question about replays. He even drops some legalese knowledge on ya.
  • Chilling yet inspiring article on Bacarri Rambo. Looking back, I'm guessing Rambo sees it as a helluva way to garner extra Facebook Friend Requests.
  • Rex has some Post Season's Greetings. Suck it St. Simons!!
  • I really enjoy bowl season. Whether you do or not, surely you agree that a bowl pick 'em helps make the games interesting. Last year I actually learned what a MagicJack was. So if you're still in the market for a challenge...remember Bubba N Earl's. If you beat Streit...he'll even put your name in lights.
Trivial Update
Q -  As the Dawgs prepare for the Agreeculturals, they undoubtedly want to stop the guy with the girl's name. Who is the 2009 Big XII Offensive Freshman of the Year?
A - Christine Michael

After a week playing second fiddle to @Stuff_of_Legend, @allyugadawg turned the tables back around and got her tweet in just ahead of Scott and @MikeInValdosta. For first place Ally will get her own personal 12th yell, start a bonfire or just take Lassie Reveille for a walk. Meanwhile Scott and Mike must share eight maids a milking.

Hey! it's the season to be merry. Take your fabulous prize and move happy.

Need to give a shout-out to Exhile and Mike for their help in deciphering the phrase Courier and Ives yesterday. I plan to check your answers against what the wife says as we take a sleigh ride up to the northland. And speaking of my friend up in Big Ten/Golden Homer country, I guess this is another opportunity to experience life as a Dawg in exhile. But I'll draw the line at the official exhile hairdo.

Meanwhile, hope you're able to steer clear of malls, rooftops and Wal-Marts this weekend Reader. I'm trying to give the BDB staff some time off as well. So if I'm not back in time to mold the meatloaf Monday, let's try and get together for some eggnog next week.


Thursday, December 17, 2009

(A)Musings of Randomness - Rocking Around the Christmas Tree

No matter how much paint we have and how many brushes the media is armed with, Coach Richt just isn't gonna step into that corner. So we are forced to settle into a Holiday Season full of rumor mongering and airport hangar gossip. Should be delightful. And now that I've typed that, the new DC will be named just as I'm leaving to go out of town tomorrow. 

Joy to the World!

And although there are a number of intriguing scenarios as to why the timing points to Kirby Smart...the logic still isn't there. I hope I'm wrong about that, cuz like many Dawg fans I'd like it to play out that way.

However, I'd be just as excited about whomever CMR eventually names. I think it's extremely important to remember that he has done a pretty bang up job when hiring folks. Unfortunately, there are many fans out there who will let the taste of this hire sour in their mouths before they even swallow.

Found this video last night while surfing. Surely, you've seen similar ones from this scene in the movie Hitler: The Rise of Evil. Well, this one spoofs the Aggies, the Taco Cabana of football teams.


Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Texas A&M, epitomizing balance

I try to keep my finger on the pulse of the Dawg Nation, and what I'm feeling is that most are not real worried about the Aggies. Maybe it's their 6-6 record, maybe it's their porous defense...maybe it's Shreveport apathy. I dunno. But I wanted to take a look at what our guys are preparing for. And what I found is an opponent that is as balanced as any I've seen.

They have a Yin squad and a Yang squad. Yet there's plenty of tilt in their totter...

In fact, they can best be summed up in one simple statement: When they have the ball they're good, but when they don't...they're bad.

  • The Aggies average 33.9 points a game, yet they give up 32.7.
  • The offense moves the ball effectively on the ground and through the air, averaging 190 yards rushing./game and 274 passing.
  • In terms of passing vs rushing attempts, they maintain that balanced attack with 37 passes and 42 rushes per game.
  • The defense allows 168 yards rushing/game and 262 passing. So while the offense moves fluidly down the field, the defense acts as a sieve.
  • In the Redzone the offense is not quite as potent, scoring 46 times in 60 trips or at a 76% clip. Defensively, they've allowed 41 scores in the redzone in 52 trips, for 78%.
  • The defense has caused 24 fumbles (collecting 10) while the offense has put the ball on the turf 24 times as well (losing 15).
  • They average 5.8 yards a play, yet give up 6.
So the Texas A&M Aggie record is not 6 wins and 6 losses for nothing. Coach Sherman's crew redefine the term balance as do your damndest to outscore the opponent and hope to possess the ball last.

The gameplan from Coach Richt will be clear: chew up yards/time with the offense then contain Jerrod Johnson and the Aggie attack defensively.

Gig 'em..?? Nah...just GATA!

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Coaching Rumor Update, episode IV

"This Bud's For...Who?"

For all we know, Coach Richt called Coach Foster to ask about the skiing in Wintergreen...but this was our first confirmed contact.

When Coach Donnan broke the news on 680theFan, I contacted some in-laws I have up in Virginia. As expected, most are quite familiar with this routine from Foster this time of year. In fact there were a number of reasons to be skeptical Foster would leave Blacksburg at this point in his career. In the end it looks like it was his relationship with Frank Beamer (not to mention what sounds like a lot of zeros) that took him out of play.

Today is the first possible day that Coach Richt could announce a decision. I'm not crossing my fingers. In fact, it'd be swell with me if there was no presser today...just a lot of questions thrown at CMR at tomorrow's Indy Bowl Media Day. Although I've heard more than a few people say post that at the Gala, CMR was telling people he had his guy. Which is similar to what's being played out on recruiting message threads.

As the wife says...whatevs.

Regardless of what you think of CMR calling Blacksburg, it's encouraging that he would go after someone with a pretty hefty contract. Prior to Foster and VA Tech agreeing on a new contract, he was making over 400K. It at least appears that Evans is putting his money where his mouth is.

Another encouraging sign is that the recruiting class has gone from cautious since the firings to enthusiastic. More on that later.

A last note on a David Pollack rumor. Here's his tweet from yesterday:

Looks like Ga Football program still might have some more changes coming, the strength and Cond staff might be adding a member. (next tweet) I think it 
will be an addition to the staff not a subtraction.

Not sure what to make of that since it's hard to believe we'd add another S&C coach unless he'd also have other responsibilities. On the other hand, it's a position that desperately needs new blood. Later, another tweeter asked Pollack this:

I heard a whisper about you being a position coach? Even it is false, 
would love to have your intensity back on the field. 

To which Pollack responded:
don't listen it's not true.

And that reminded me of a time about a year ago when I emailed the former All-American. Given the promotion of Bryan McClendon, I was curious if he'd ever consider a return to Sanford as a coach. His response:

I would love to coach but it will never happ.  I would not want to go 
recruit and deal with all of the off the field stuff.
It would be great but not going to happ. Thanks for the email

For those of you not familiar, Pollack tweets kind of like he played...with reckless abandon. Although I'll remain as skeptical about another S&C coach as I am of the Kirby's Coming rumors, I will take the time to smile at the thought of #47 bringing discipline and motivation to the workout regimen around Butts-Mehre. Of course, he'd have to relinquish his twitter account....and then Bill King would have less to write about.

Monday, December 14, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Tis the Season

You know that scene in Elf  when Miles Finch is pitching his Children's book ideas just as Buddy bursts in? I just love it when Buddy says "He's an angry elf!"

Makes me think of Nick Saban for some reason.

Starting to get that feeling that we've turned the corner on easing into the Holiday Season and are suddenly in the thick of the Oh Crap! Christmas is almost here!!! frenzy. I've used the Santa's watching threat a few too many times with the kids lately. There's reason to believe they have the hotline number too. I wonder what they're telling the big guy about me.

Whirled peas would be okay and all. But I've been counting on the soft glow of electric sex gleaming from the window. It's a major award!

Today's Ingredients

People all around the world are making their Christmas wishes and laboring through their Holiday plans. Darling Nicky wants a BCS ring, size two. Joe Schad desperately wants a big scoop. Tiger wants his claws back. Coach Johnson wants a defense. Dr. Lou only needs a clue. Tuberville is pandering for a job. Timmy Tebow surely will get that box of tissues while his coach just wants some company. Where's everybody going?

Meanwhile in Athens, Coach Garner is helping his defense make the best of a difficult situation and Coach Richt is filling holes. Sure hope he gets more than a bowling ball this year.

Yes, tis the season. Oh, the silent majesty of a winter's morn. The clean, cool chill of the Holiday air.  An asshole in his bathrobe emptying a chemical toilet into my sewer.

Hey Philmer! Get off my lawn!!

Here's your napkin Reader. You got a little on your chin there...