Saturday, January 2, 2010

A Rocky Flop Slam Dunk

Remember this...

It kinda makes a lot more sense now doesn't it? Co Purl jus tryna relate, keep it real. Don't hate!

Four UT ballaz arrested for drugs and guns. You know, because it's mandatory to exceed the speed limit by at least 20 when you have weed and guns with altered serial numbers in the car.

Coach Fox's boys play the HillBillys on Saturday January 23rd in Stegeman. The way I see it...these four will either be wearing orange on the side of the road that weekend...or...will all be reinstated to play for Co Purl.

Sidenote: And keep a close eye on the car, a Dodge Charger. It was a rental...borrowed from a friend.

Friday, January 1, 2010

Feliz YdosKdiez Muchachos!!

BDB wishes you and yours a very 
Happy New Year!!

Hope you didn't see your life flush before
your eyes this morning...

Enjoy the Bowls!

Thursday, December 31, 2009

Coaching Rumor Update, episode VI - UPDATED

All in all, Coach Richt is still playing this DC search very close to the vest. But recently the rumblings are a little louder. And the media leads lately are not the usual tentative high wire above a three ring circus.

In fact, it's pretty clear that LSU DC John Chavis is in Richt's crosshairs. When the Baton Rouge news station story broke earlier this week, it seemed rather ho-hum. But yesterday, former Vol beat writer and current ESPN blogger Chris Low reported that CMR is stuffing the money sacks, tight. Scout's Legge has been working to verify this latest info ($$) and even helps explain the Koenning story from a couple weeks back.

The news close to the LSU program also seems to corroborate the notion that the UGA DC job is in Chavis' lap. Once the Capital One Bowl is over, we likely won't have to wait long to know whether Chavis will roam Sanford's sidelines or if we're still looking, spurned by another potential suitor.

At Georgia Sports Blog, PWD has some great stats up on Chavis. It's hard to argue with the guy's track record for success in the SEC; he's certainly given Coach Richt his share of problems. And word is that Chavis would love to get back to the SEC East where he'd get a crack at Knutsville each year.

This wouldn't be a homerun for me on the surface. But it could easily work itself into a base clearing triple (to continue the baseball analogy) depending on who Chavis brought onboard. Although Chavis and Garner worked together one year in Knoxville, I'm not sure of how close they are. But if Garner were to stay and Chavis brought some energetic experience to the secondary coaching...well, yessir. I think Chavis would be a great hire.

You know, if it happens...

I guess one thing's for certain however: Joe Kines ain't coming back to Athens....or is he?

UPDATE Uno: It appears Chavis would consider bringing a defensive line coach with him, Brick Haley...possibly at Richt's request. Haley is LSUs current d-line coach and here's a link to his LSU bio. If true, Garner's status/role on the Georgia staff would be cloudier.

UPDATE Dos: As you likely know by now, news broke this morning that Chavis will receive a raise to stay in Baton Rouge. Here's a link to the story. Sounds like the former Vol coach had a late night chat. I don't believe we'll try and get back in his ear with another sack of benjamins. So...back to the drawing board.....

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Question and Answer Session

There were several questions we had leading up to Monday's Independence Bowl. The biggest of which was how well the defense could handle the Big XIIs best offense without three coaches. 

Well, that was a resounding GATA!!

So now we turn to a barrage of post-season questions. If this were Jeopardy, Alec's big board would be lit up like the Christmas tree I'm preparing to take down. I wonder how Coach Richt is sleeping at all, cuz I know the Dawg Nation is as anxious today as it has been since about nine years ago.

Here's ten I came up with -
  1. Who is the next defensive coordinator for the University of Georgia?
  2. How well will he be received by a fanbase that is eager hungry desperate for a big splash?
  3. Will Garner stay in Athens?
  4. What coaches will round out the staff? 4b. Will there be a special teams coach?
  5. Will Reshad Jones and Rennie Curran be sitting in classes on January 7th?
  6. Will there be any surprise draft departures?
  7. Will the '10 class stay in shape?
  8. Can our experienced O-line put together a healthy, dominant season?
  9. How many touchbacks will Blair Walsh have in '10?
  10. Who will be Uga VIII?

So...what did I miss? And more importantly, do you have any answers?

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Sunday (Special) Thoughts...on a Tuesday

The Aggies folded like a cheap suit, much like the the Nerds' O-line back at the end of November. The only thing sharper than the TAMU special teams was Ron Franklins' spotter.
  • 0-0 with about 5 minutes left in the half...just what we expected right?
  • How big was that Brandon Boykin KO return after the first TAMU TD? It looked like a poorly executed pooch. And I'll take it.
  • And which frickin unit was playing without their coaches?
  • Call me an idiot...but, if Coach Richt named Garner, Hartley or Doolittle the DC tomorrow, I'd stand in line to shake his hand.
  • Otto finished his career 3-1 back in '86. Russ finished 2-0.
  • There's a lot of chatter about making Russ Uga VIII....I say no.
  • As nice as a win over a mediocre nerd team and a lower tier Big XII team was...don't eff with tradition.
  • Back to Shreveport, who would've thought that our defense would be the unit carrying us late into the 3rd quarter?
  • Yet it was the special teams that tilted the game into our favor.
  • A blocked FG attempt, a KO return for a TD, a blocked punt that set up a 1 yd TD...another bad punt wonder Coach Lilly got the Powerade Shower.
  • And major kudos to Bobo at the end there, for giving the FBs some love.
  • As @DawgterFeelgood tweeted, I think Chapas just finished this game with more rushing yards than Dwyer did against us.
  • I've already got relatives asking for tickets to next season's games. Hellz yeh!
  • Lastly, God bless Mike Weaver.
Enjoy the buzz while it lasts Reader. Tomorrow Today the rumor mill cranks back up for who the next DC is.  I just hope Coach Richt gets a deep breath or two in first.

Monday, December 28, 2009

Monday's Meatloaf - Resigning Myself to Independence


(tap, tap, tap...) Is this thing on? Is Joe Schad here yet? Darren, please hold all my calls...

After consulting with an empty bottle of bourbon and some fruitcake crumbs...I have decided to resign from blawgging.  When I broke the news to my wife her reply was simple. What? have a blog?

Yeh, heartwarming. Pour me another glass of empathy on ice.

I'm looking forward to giving the laptop some time off and hope to be able to spend more time with my mirror. I love this blog and feel like I'm leaving it in better shape than when I got here. When my glass is once again half-full, I hope to return to the staff in some administrative capacity. Whatever I can do to help...and fetch doughnuts.

When I speak with Kirk Herbstreit later, I'll probably laugh at him for having more hair highlights than collegiate ones. But I'll also divulge some more details about how painful this is for me. Please tune in, with Kleenex. 

I love this blog, but there are things that are more important than tags, links and bloggeristic integrity. The stressors and the tiepos have just worn me down. This entire season I have blogged with a sprained pinkie.  In my stead, I leave a very healthy Darren the intern with the keys to the private BDB least on an interim basis. But right now I'm just focused on today's game against the Aggies and going out on a win.

Is my tie straight? Has Lou Holtz saturated his clip on mic yet? Is Rece replacing that sharp grin with a look of befuddlement? Ok, well it's time to heat up the oven...

Today's Ingredients

  • Corch is leaving the sideline...Corch is coming back to the sideline...Corch is a clever recruiter....Corch is a sonuvabitch.
  • As it turns out, Slurban is just addicted to the stressors that have caused this hooplah. I'll eat a pair of jorts if he's not on the sideline for the season opener against Charleston International School for the Blind
  • As a result of the prime time FlipFlop, some of today's ingredients may be a little stale. I have tried to keep them as current as possible. But the reality is that by the time I click Publish, Corch Slurban may have decided to start himself at quarterback for the Sugar Bowl.
  • I think Kyle put into words best what my feelings were Saturday night on the subject of Meyer stepping down. He came back Sunday to take some more words outta my mouth. 
  • Rex looked deep into the heart of the man and found that he is is full of it.
  • Back in Shreveport, the Dawgs have put some extra GAs in GATA
  • Here's the latest from Hale's Practice Notes.
  • The Senator provides some great analysis as usual in his Indy Bowl Thoughts.
  • After falling to Clempson in last night's NashVegas Bowl, Big Blue's Brooks is 80 percent sure he's done. We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see if he's taking a page from the Meyer Spread.
  • Another visit to Roughing the Kicker shows us that even before this afternoon's game in Shreveport, Coach Richt is in elite company.
  • I don't think we'll have the offensive fireworks many are expecting. The Ealey/King Connector runs the clock as effortlessly as they run the ball and the Dawgs bring home a 30-20 win.
  • Call that a late stocking stuffer or a gift from a wise man. can bank on it.
  • Yes, how sweet it would be to beat Coach Kines this evening. The King of Bend Don't Break gets broke....And speaking of Joe Kines, remember this YouTuber. We just gotta keep playing!!!

I hear Kines has invested in some listening aides since his last trip to Shreveport. Back at the podium, there's been a change in the script.
(TAPTAPTAP!!) this thing on? Have I garnered as large of an audience as possible? Can someone please refill my bloody mary?

Thank you all for tuning in. After a spirited breakfast, I have decided to continue with this blawgging gig. I now realize that there are more important things than taking deep breaths and being a family dude. This internet thing Al Gore invented for us is a pretty good thing. I'd hate for my absence to cause it to shrivel up like the skin of a molting reptile.

I'll still take a leave of absence, but in my gut there is much churning. And I truly feel that I'll be back tomorrow to stare at the soft glow of my laptop's screen. I hope that I didn't lose any recruits readers during what has been a very private, soul-searching time for me. It was never my goal to steal any of the spotlight from this weekend's other tackle football games.

My critics will point out that this certainly could've waited and that my knee has jerked...twice. But I know in my heart that I'm doing what's right for me, myself and I. As a bonus, it also feels right for America!

So here's your napkin Reader. We have our Independence. We have our bowl. And most importantly we have our unsolicited opinions that so easily publish on the internets


Sunday, December 27, 2009

the Bergwood Interview

Things have gotten pretty busy, so posting's been light. I'll serve up some GameDay Meatloaf tomorrow where I'll have some HUGE breaking news from Gainseville. The meatloaf's low on tryptophan and high on Agreecultural byproducts. The perfect complement to your gameday routine.

In the mean time, feel free to enjoy my interview with AllState's TailGater Extraordianaire...Bergwood. Back during the SEC Championship weekend he was nice enough to phone into BDB Headquarters. If you can make it through my lack of interviewing skills, maybe the State U Streaker will give you a laugh.

Many thanks to Nama for actually making this audible. I could never make it as a real journalist. It's one thing to be able to record audio on your's quite another to make it sound like the interviewer isn't yelling at the interviewee.

Not to mention the umms and yehs...ugh.

And also some mad props to BDB Reader Pete Stuart for helping to set this up. Bergwood's a lot of fun to watch during those commercial breaks...but he's even more fun to talk to.