Friday, December 31, 2010

2011 is right around the corner...

Just a quick note to tell you all to be safe and have a festive non-Seacrest New Year's Eve. If you're in Memphis, I especially hope your last day of 2010 is enjoyable.

Doing some family/friend stuff, so I'll be offline for the rest of the weekend. Plus I have about 156 miles to run today if I'm to make that resolution from a year ago stick.

If tomorrow's bowls allow, I may have some Liberty thoughts Sunday. Darren has a Happy New Year post in the can for tomorrow. Let's hope you're not one of the ones pictured.

2010 has been quite a year, I'm thrilled you've chosen to spend part of it here. I had hoped to get to 1000 total posts before the big peach dropped tonight, but that will have to wait until next month I guess.

Hell, even Herschel took a rest every now and then. Again, be safe.

And Go Dawgs!!

Liberty Bowl Preview

This shouldn't be close. In fact, let's just get this out of the way. The offense will score a lot of points. There's no real reason they shouldn't. Couple the fact that we have a good quarterback that makes dependable decisions and an all world receiver likely playing his final game in silver britches...with the fact that the offensive line, running game and offensive coordinator have heard nothing but criticism the last month...and I highly doubt Drew Butler gets too much work except as a holder.
I can has 3rd down stoppage!!

Would I love to see Ealey get about 30+ carries for around 150? Sure. Will he...I doubt it. Cuz that's more potential plays to AJ, Durham, Orson, Tavarres...White. We should just run the ball on 2nd and 4s or the occasional 4th and inches just across midfield.

So I think we put up points a plenty. Whether it becomes a shoot out or a blowout depends on the defense. And they could have just as big of a game. Assuming  Grantham does a better job with a month to prepare than he did with an extra week.

I watched the CUSA Championship game, just as I said I would. But I'll be honest that I didn't do it in one sitting. I took it in bits and pieces as I had time here and there. So my analysis may not be as sharp as it should. But you probably already know that they are a decent running team...but also one who hasn't seen the caliber of athletes that we have. In fact, their strength of schedule doesn't get any stronger than NC State or Kansas State.

I was a little surprised at the UCF stats as a team, since they've really been billed (from that I've read and heard) as a really good rushing team. Maybe they've had some injuries, but no one RB has stepped up for the entire season. Ronnie Weaver (#35) has the most yards on the season, but against SMU it was Latavius Murray who carried the load. And he runs fast downhill. Very fast.

George showed me his resumé. I wasn't impressed.
Maybe I'm crazy, but I'm more concerned with Murray (#28) than I am their dual threat QB, Jeff Godfrey (#13). Godfrey's not going to kill you through the air (assuming they don't run a plethora of wheel routes). We can contain him. I hope we can plug the holes in the line of scrimmage to force Murray and Weaver towards the sidelines.

If that happens consistently early, our offense should build enough of a lead to force the Black Knights to pass frequently. A one dimensional team from central Florida isn't one who is going to win their first bowl game.

Then UCF can go back to being best known for a playmate video shoot...and a coach with a tarnished resumé.

Go Dawgs!

Thursday, December 30, 2010

Locker Notes - Black Knights

It's the last Locker Notes of the 2010 season. Circumstances make it bitterweet. But necessary nonetheless. Let’s get to it.
  • Aaron Murray - What could you possibly have in store during this amazing season? Can't wait to find out.
  • Justin Houston – If that interception against NATS stands to be your final play at Sanford, wonder what your very last play as a Dawg will be?
  • Christian Robinson - Godfrey would look good with some turf hanging from his face mask. Just a suggestion.
  • Chad Gloer - You've proven worthy of the scholarship awarded earlier this year. Have some fun out there.
  • Kris Durham - Can't recall enjoying a player's senior season any more than I have yours. And something tells me they're overlooking your ability. GATA!
  • Coach Grantham - Hope you can put another blemish on O'Leary's resumé.
  • AJ Green – I can’t think of what my favorite highlight of #8 is. But I am sure you will add a couple more tomorrow.
I know it's been awhile. But you know what to do. Here's your sharpie.

      Aaron Murray's tape measure

      From question mark to record breaker, Aaron Murray has transformed before our eyes. In fact, he really didn't waste much time shedding the question mark tag. With two TD passes tomorrow he can surpass Stafford's season mark and with just 1 TD (by land or by air) he can take Shockley's TD mark set back in 2005.

      And he continues to impress in front of the cued mics as eagerly as he does on the field. Case in point:
      “I’ve never been into individual numbers or records,” Murray said. “The thing that will stick with me about this season is that we didn’t win enough games. I came here to win championships. That’s how you’re measured.” 
      You can say what you want about this team and its record in 2010. You can feel good or not about the fact that Coach Richt is the coach. But you gotta love the fact that our QB isn't interested in measuring himself with rulers or yardsticks.

      Nick Williams to transfer

      UGA confirmed late yesterday what had been rumored on message boards, Georgia safety inside LB Nick Williams has been granted permission to transfer to another school. Since he didn't redshirt, he can go to an FBS school with a year of eligibility remaining.

      Williams had grown openly frustrated with repeated position moves this season as well as a hamstring pull. Grantham seemed to favor Ogletree at safety, which prompted the move to inside linebacker. For a player who's seen Kiante Tripp move more than a pack of gypsies, hard to blame Williams for his decision. Even though he eventually came around to the switch to ILB, he evidently doesn't feel like his future is there...or in Athens.

      I had the privilege of meeting several players at Countdown to Kickoff back in August. None impressed me more than Nick Williams. I wish him well...and hope we don't have to face him.

      Wednesday, December 29, 2010

      NCAA types up some comedy

      It's not what we believe folks, it's what they wish we would.
      Several media and others recently concluded that very different situations involving student-athlete eligibility should be considered independent of their unique circumstances or interpreted with a "one size fits all" approach.
      In particular, they are comparing recent decisions involving The Ohio State University and Auburn University (and others). Some have even suggested the NCAA plays favorites in these types of situations based in part or in whole on financial considerations.
      Nothing could be farther from the truth.
      You can click here for the rest of their crap. I'm too pissed that they actually described AJ Green as (and others)


      Keep your hands off my stack

      ...heartfelt Buckeye apologies.. *sniff, sniff*

      Being on vacation this week has allowed me to watch some daytime between naps. Yesterday I caught some press coverage of a couple Buckeyes speaking from their heart. Which I can only presume is located on their biceps with the words Overrated Sweater Vest.

      Don't look at my pointed's
      the other one. You see it?
      The first time I saw this production (which you can subject yourself to by clicking here) I quickly turned the channel, disgusted by the display. The second time though I found myself laughing. Hysterically. I mean, sure these guys are sorry. They're going to have to sit in a corner the entire off season and stew over this mess. 

      And I mean it!

      Then, last night it was Mark May's turn to entertain me. Thoroughly enjoyed watching him implore Tressel to suspend these OSU players for the bowl game in spite of the NCAA. As if this hadn't all already been decided. He was especially concerned that they would navigate their way around any punishment at all by leaving Columbus for a second day selection in April.

      You're cute Mark, the way you beat that desk in Bristol with your fist to make a point. But you're daft man. Your microphone is no match for the money of college football. But perhaps you can't see that due to your partner's spittle dripping from those designer glasses.

      The bottomline is that these kids aren't sorry for what they did. They're sorry they have to pretend to be when all they did is get a fraction of what they feel they are due. And if...IF...there's anyone at the NCAA or Big Ten brass who's embarrassed by how this has played out...that will quickly dissolve when Terrelle Pryor gets introduced down in New Orleans.

      Like Pink Floyd warned us...

      Money, it's a hit 

      Don't give me that 

      Do goody good bull$hit 

      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      BTW...what's more sad...that Mark May is trying so hard to be a voice of reason...or that I actually typed the words thoroughly enjoyed watching Mark May?

      I'll see y'all...

      Trinton Sturdivant spoke to the media yesterday. I'm not really sure what to make of that, given that he's been off limits for so long. After reading his comments and answers to questions (which naturally centered mostly around his knee injuries and draft stock analysis) I'm not sure what to make of his eligibility either.

      –On what he wants to hear from NFL? “I would love to hear first round,” he said laughing. “You just don’t know. You’ve got to play it out and wait to see what happens.”
      –On risk of injury factoring into decision. “At the beginning of the year, it was a very, very important point, but now it’s like I’m just playing football. It ain’t happened to me yet so I don’t anticipate it happening at all.”
      The truth is that Trinton should be as easy to gauge as AJ Green. AJ has nothing more to prove at this level, he's freakishly gifted and ready for the grind of the professional coverages. Trinton is freakishly gifted as well. He's 6'5" and 320 lbs. He can protect his QBs blind side like few other LTs to grace the Sanford sod.

      But successive knee surgeries in the 2008 and 2009 seasons leave a big question mark. If a team is going to trust a guy to protect their million dollar arm, they wanna know he's physically ready. And since Sturdivant hasn't quite returned to his 2007 form, another year would seem to be needed. Gain some trust and confidence.

      However, here's a guy who's missed two seasons after a stellar freshman year that seemed to solidify him as a future NFL Hall of Famer. If the analysis is good, why risk it?

      At the end of the session, Trinton simply said I'll see y'all. Will we be seeing him in his last game as a Dawg Friday afternoon?

      Tuesday, December 28, 2010

      Dawgs versus Buckeyes

       Per Weiszer, we're close to the deal...but the game's a ways off.

      It's assumed that the NCAA will not allow Terrelle Pryor to play in this game. But who knows.

      Diamonds in the Rough

      Recruiting has to be luck at times. But how much?

      David Pollack could've been a bust just as easily as a legend? At least according to his three stars. Right?

      So what does it take to get a couple of diamonds like this guy?

      “Evaluations are when these guys are 16, 17 years old,” Richt said. “And then, all of sudden, at 19, he’s a different man. Most guys, you’ve got a pretty good feel for what you’re getting, as far as a body type and growth. Some of these guys just don’t stop growing or hit another spurt until they’re 19 or 20.”
      Given the number of prospects in the state each year, Richt didn’t recall Miller at first. But No. 49 stood out immediately when he began scouting UCF.
      Bruce Miller grew up a Dawg, but unfortunately...rather inconspicuously.
      “Growing up watching UGA, David Pollack was my favorite player to watch,” Miller said. “I don’t know if I quite compare to him. He was a great football player. But that’s a great compliment to hear from Coach Richt.”
      Sometimes it takes a little luck to get an impact player. Coach Richt could use a little in early February.

      Bobo's Wife goes shotgun on 3rd and 8

      Will black coffee be the answer to Coach Bobo having that killer instinct with the play calls?
      Offensive coordinator Mike Bobo walked onto the field sipping a steaming cup of black coffee.
      “My wife was calling me a wimp, because she drinks black coffee,” Bobo said with a grin. “So I actually weaned myself off it. Now I’m black coffee. It keeps my figure.”
      Or maybe Aaron Murray convinced him to go sans creamer

      Monday, December 27, 2010

      Monday's Meatloaf - some movie fruitcake

      Yesterday the girls braved the icy grip that was NE Georgia to go shopping, so I was left alone. And since the NFL offerings were as thin as the turkey carcass in the trashcan, I decided to watch a movie. I grabbed a hunk of fruitcake, a favorable beverage and Clark Griswold's station wagon was the first thing to jump out of the Netflix queue.

      FrahGeeLay! Must
      be Italian.
      Which got me thinking, what're my favorite Holiday movies? Google provided this list, which I quickly rearranged into this top three: A Christmas Story, Christmas Vacation and A Charlie Brown Christmas. Others receiving votes: The Polar Express and Elf.

      Many will find the absence of classics like Miracle on 34th Street and It's a Wonderful Life appalling. But I'm just drawn to comedy. And for the fruit in my cake you just can't beat Ralphie in a rabbit suit...or the soft glow of electric sex, gleaming in the window.

      And as far as that Frank Wilkins list linked above, I don't mind him intermixing some films that aren't about the Holidays but have them as a backdrop to the plot. But if you're going to include King Kong, how can you not do the same for John McClane's epic struggle against Hans Gruber in Die Hard?

      Perhaps I'm overthinking things. But that's what we get when the wife leaves me Home Alone with Google and Netflix.

      Today's Ingredients
      • Weiszer confirms that Caleb King, along with AJ Harmon and Derek Owens will miss the Liberty Bowl game due to academic reasons.
      • Gentry Estes fourth installment of his 2011 player preview was a bit of a surprise; some high praise for Michael Bennett. In related linkage, Weiszer also runs down the 2010 class' impact.
      • Big Muddy is ready to welcome the Dawgs in Memphis. But also isn't above taking a shot at the engiNerds.
      • T Kyle has a thorough walk through of the Liberty Bowl, and predicts a pretty close game.
      • Speaking of bowls, for those of you participating in the Festivus Bowl Mania...the feats of strength is about to begin. Kruger...pass the flask.
      • Groo constructs his own Dawgs of the Decade, and finds a talent rich pool to choose from.
      • Nice throw yesterday by MoMass in Cleveland's loss to the Ravens.
      • After already losing four players to academics for tonight's bowl game against Air Force, Tech will be without a few more who missed curfew.
      • Could the Dread Pirate Leach end up just dusting his Stillwater? What a let down that would be.
      • Does Muschomp have his new DC in transit? If so, will James Willis bring his 116th ranked swerve with him?
      • A guy named Tab really turned the Buckeyes' Christmas sideways Saturday with this <quote> article <unquote>.
      • Mike Singletary was fired by the 49ers. I guess he really never was wearing the pants
      • And lastly, if you're on the Twitter you can now follow Darren the Intern. And once Willard returns from his annual Tijuana Christmas Vacation...well, we'll see.

      Feliz Navidad. Pase el PBR.

      Maybe you're thinking a movie like A Christmas Story or Christmas Vacation isn't pious enough, or has too much color. I guess you're right in some way. But that doesn't mean they don't have a message fitting for the season. 

      Christmas Wish List: a pool of egg nog
      I mean, who hasn't had a Christmas wrought with work-related tension that is compounded by family dishevelment, eventually ending in an all out rant:
      Hey! If any of you are looking for any last-minute gift ideas for me, I have one. I'd like Frank Shirley, my boss, right here tonight. I want him brought from his happy holiday slumber over there on Melody Lane with all the other rich people and I want him brought right here...with a big ribbon on his head. And I want to look him straight in the eye and I want to tell him what a cheap, lying, no-good, rotten, four-flushing, low-life, snake-licking, dirt-eating, inbred, overstuffed, ignorant, blood- (kicks box) sucking, dog-kissing, brainless, d**kless, hopeless, heartless, fat-ass, bug-eyed, stiff-legged, spotty-lipped, worm-headed sack of monkey s**t he is! 
      Hallelujah! Holy s**t! Where's the Tylenol? 
      In the end, we've all had a Christmas where we shot our eye out. And we all have a little Griswold in us. Here's your fork Reader. And the Tylenol's extra-strength.


      Saturday, December 25, 2010

      Merry Christmas, one and all!

      From your clicks to your bows of horry...

      I truly and sincerely hope you all have a very Merry Christmas, spent with family and loved ones. For me, I'm specifically spending it with nary a thought of Georgia football. It's an effort to put all things 2010 behind me in order to get ready for the bowl game in Memphis. I hope you do the same.

      And I can't think of a better ending to a great Christmas than at Chop Suey's...

      Farararara! Pass the egg nog Reader. Then go check under the tree one more time.

      Merry Christmas!

      Friday, December 24, 2010

      Casual Friday - Things I Don't Understand

      Even more things I don't understand, based on the news yesterday that 5 buckeyes are ineligible for five games, but Tressel can pick and choose when it's best for the team to impose discipline.

      For you parents out there, have you ever even considered waiting until the following Monday to bend your kid over your knee when you caught them in a slap fight with the younger sister? Would you wait until after prom to impose restrictions if you caught your teenager playing tongue hockey with the boyfriend with a six-pack at their feet, five of which were empty?

      Just asking.

      I know I'm old and set in my ways. But some more things just continue to baffle me:
      • South Carolina fans' perpetual self-confidence.
      • Males (especially grown men) who wear their pants' waistlines below their crotch.
      • Why media and coaches continue to rank teams before actual games are played.
      • Women who don't eat cheeseburgers.
      • Dumbarses who desperately try to be First!!!1 to "comment" on an AJC bored.
      • Christmas shopping in December.
      • Tailgating without bourbon.
      • People who still use Internet Explorer.
      • Play action on third and a mile.
      • Why kids insist on getting up early on weekends.
      In related news, Coach Richt has amended his Wish List to include sweater vests and a Slive SECopoly get outta jail free card...otherwise known as a Reverend Newton.

      Thursday, December 23, 2010

      Marshall Morgan, 2012 Kicker/Punter

      Georgia has targeted its replacement for Blair Walsh and Drew Butler, and his name is Marshall Morgan. He's been an all-state punter and place kicker for Archbishop McCarthy in Fort Lauderdale. Here's a couple of videos.

      First, some highlights from his junior season...booming kickoffs, long punts...

      And here's an interview with him if you'd like to get to know him a little more. 

      And we're back!

      Nice to be back on Georgia soil. I'm lucky that I really like my in-laws. They're cool people. The only draw back with them is that they don't live in the nation's greatest state. Their loss. Guess no one can be perfect.

      And that includes Darren the Intern. That meatloaf Monday was pretty slim. I think he spent too much time poring over his Festivus Bowl picks...which haven't turned out so well.

      So here's some other stuff that's going on:
      • Two sources have told WSBs Zach Klein that AJ Green is 100% gone. But the tweet comes straight from the Dawg's mouth.
      • Appears as if we'll just have to see who doesn't show up on Sunday in Memphis before we know who exactly is and isn't academically eligible.
      • McGarity has hired his first head coach of his young tenure.
      • FU OC Steve Addazio has been given a Temple.
      • How much ink is a Terrelle Pryor autograph worth?
      • For Paul Hewitt's next trick, he'll try to get away with playing 6 players at a time.
      Time for some last minute Christmas shopping. 

      Tuesday, December 21, 2010

      Academic Casualties, plus Jarvis Jones impresses

      First the bad...

      It sounds like we are going to have one definite (and maybe a second) academic casualty going into the bowl game. Most rumors point to Caleb King. Nothing definitive as of this moment. Stay tuned.

      Next, rave reviewscontinue to pour in for USC transfer Jarvis Jones. This time it comes from the GAs.
      “The thing that makes Jarvis so good is he’s such a good person,” he said. “He’s such a good kid. He’s unbelievable and he’s great for our team. We’re truly blessed to have him on our team because of what he brings not only on the field because of how talented he is, but what he brings to that locker room is amazing. You see all these rankings and stuff, five star this, four star this and what the rankings don’t measure if how that kid is in the locker room and that kid is a five-star in the locker room and that’s what we need. He’s going to be special for us.”

      - Posted using BlogPress from Bernie's iPhone

      Mike's back

      There are a lot if people I consider important to the words on this blog. One of the big ones is Mike. You may know him best as Mike in Valdosta.

      When I first started this space he was one of my lone frequent commenters. Soon, he created his own Dawg blogging nook. He's a legend on the twitter. And now he's apparently back from a hiatus.

      I know there are many who share my excitement and understand the importance of welcoming him back. This past football season was tough for all. But for others the path was more than arduous.

      Welcome back Mike. Your bark is worth a thousand words.

      - Posted using BlogPress from Bernie's iPhone

      Monday, December 20, 2010

      Monday's Festivus Meatloaf

      Good morning from BDB Headquarters. Darren here, while Bernie's away the intern types away.

      Given my background and own personal tradition, I'd personally like to wish everyone a very Happy Festivus! May your Feats of Strength be as overwhelming as the aroma of bourbon from Bernie's glass.

      Today's Ingredients
      - Danny runs down the Lady Dawgs close win against High Point.
      - Quintin Banks has a new blog devoted to drawing.
      - You can read Aron White's graduation speech by clicking here.
      - Big Muddy welcomes home Marlon Brown by taking #15's recommendation in stride.
      - the Senator is ready for some more Bobo debate.
      - Groo warned us aboutthis last week. If the game's not soon worth the extra money, the cocktails will need an even heavier hand.
      - And ecdawg provides some hope for those of us who love road trips.

      Congrats to the following bowl maniacs for surviving the Airing of Grievances with the weekend bowl games: Jon, Tracey, Bryan, Smitty, Brett and Michael.

      Now we'll see if you can survive Bernie's Feats of Strength in the #Festivus4theDawgNus. As for the rest of you, finish chewing then get to the remainder of your Christmas shopping. The lines ain't gettin' any shorter.

      Happy Festivus!

      Darren the Intern

      Sunday, December 19, 2010

      John Jenkins Update

      Fletcher Page has an update on the Jenkins visit yesterday. It's a premium story, but suffice to say it went about as expected. He has the details on future visits, both in Connecticut and Athens.

      Gotta get this guy.

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      Saturday, December 18, 2010

      GATA Verron Haynes

      I was watching a Munson DVD (as I'm apt to do when college football is in near hibernation) and nearly broke another sofa jumping up and down when P-44 Haynes stepped on their face with a hobnail boot.

      My God Almighty, did you see what he did?

      That's the signature play Haynes is known for of course. It was a welcome sight seeing him cradle that pass in the checkerboard endzone. But later that season he ran over Ole Miss and NATS, gaining 192 against the Rebels and 207 against the engiNerds (a single game record in the Mark Richt era).

      Verron is a Damn Good Dawg. I thoroughly enjoyed watching him play and have enjoyed following him on Twitter as well. This week he even constructed  an All-Dawg defensive team, taking votes on the best players to wear the Georgia G. He may have even done the offensive players yesterday. Between work, travel and family I may have missed it. 

      Haynes truly appreciates his time as a Georgia player and his fans that remember him so fondly. And the feeling will always be mutual because he knew how to GATA.

      Bonus retro link - Jennifer from La Jolla's interview with Verron.

      Friday, December 17, 2010

      Some Friday Headers

      Quick programming note. Heading out of town for a few days, most of which I will be operating sans WiFi'd interwebs. In short, I'll be on the 3G network solamenté. I've got some things in the can for weekend posting. I've asked Darren the Intern to construct a meatloaf for Monday, but I haven't seen him since we put up the Festivus pole last week. So we'll see. Until my return, hopefully my phone can handle any major breaking the AJC Sports staff giving Aron White a standing ovation today (for details, see Karma bullet below).

      Anyway, here's some headlines.
      Well, it all sounds pretty glamourous, but it's
      business as usual at Kramerica.
      • More good news about this off season attitude adjustment. "It's going to weed out people that want to work from the people that are just here for the name." - Christian Robinson on the new S&C program. (h/t PWD)
      • Karma is an awkward dance partner, but right now she's swinging Coach Richt's way. Two gloryglorious headlines for his players that surely made the AJC sports staff weep uncontrollably for hours. Exile updates you on both, Out of Control and then More Out of Control.
      • Yesterday I stressed the obvious importance of signing Jenkins. Well, Kwame's up for the challenge and ready to take on all comers.
      • But it doesn't sound like ($$) Gabe Wright wants to be a part of that competition. In related news he wears flip-flops while eating waffles.
      • Low writes that history may not be on Auburn's side when they go duck hunting.
      • Hamp wants us to remember some special heroes during the holidays.
      • And just one more day to join the Festivus Bowl Pool. Come one, come all...come lose to Bernie. (password = GloryGlory)
      Now back to your regularly scheduled Friday loafing. Don't strain anything.

      You just can't make this (crap) up...

      ...but it's really no surprise when the football program is being run by an anthropology TA...a dean...someone called a chancellor.

      Vandy edges closer and closer to hiring their next intramural tackle football coach. Which was news to me since I thought they already got the guy from Maryland's staff. Obviously I stopped paying attention once Malzahn said...nah, thanks though.

      And last night they announced via Facebook that their announcement would come as...wait for it...wait...a status update. Yup, that's right. Social Networking meets the gridiron.

      To respond to Vanderbilt's friendship request click here. As a bonus you'll also get the latest on Ron Prince's ascension into Nashvegas. Epic!

      Thursday, December 16, 2010

      John Jenkins is ready NOW!

      If Isaiah Crowell is vital to the 2011 Dawg class because of his playbreaking ability and the fact that he is in state, John Jenkins is just as important for the other side of the ball. Grantham's defense had it's issues in its first season...and not all of them were named the wheel route.

      Justin Anderson sat out the season after toe surgery. Deangelo Tyson and Kwame Geathers just never commanded enough attention up front. Tyson's a little undersized for the position and Geathers either had trouble gaining the trust of his coaches or wasn't conditioned well enough for the bulk of the snaps. Maybe both.

      But Jenkins can start against Boise State Saturday September 3rd if he so chooses. He eats space, commands the offensive line's attention and then laughs as they try to block him. He's spent the last two seasons at Mississippi Gulf Coast eating biscuits and getting ready for D-1 football. And ladies and gentlemen, that day is here. 

      Here...check him out.

      Jenkins was a hard Oklahoma State commit, but has recently opened things up a bit. Now coaches are clamoring for a chat on Mama Jenkins' sofa, cuz that is the way Big John wants it. Basically, if you want my LOI, come talk to my family in Connecticut.

      And that's just what Coach Richt and Coach Grantham will be doing this weekend. Garner's already visited a MGC practice, along with a host of other potential suitors. This has to end with Jenkins on campus in Athens. There are other nose guards in high school cafeterias who will be ready one day. But Big John is ready now.

      Chad Gloer, UGA Letterman

      Great piece by Loran Smith yesterday on Chad Gloer.  I like it for several reasons, not the least of which is that it reminds me of why I love college football.
      Chad didn’t enroll in Athens to prepare for a long career in pro football. He came to earn a degree and to enjoy being a member of the Georgia team. He played because he loved the game and, not insignificantly, he loved his school.
      The humility of his attitude makes one appreciate college football – the greatest of games. While I am, as a Georgia graduate, proud of those who bring great honor to the institution with their ability to excel among the NFL’s best, I will always have a warm place in my heart for the Chad Gloers, and those who walk on and play because of their affection for the game and for love of alma mater. He didn’t make All-America, but will be remembered as an all-American boy.
      Thank you Chad. You're a Damn Good Dawg. 

      Wednesday, December 15, 2010

      The MusChomp Mentor

      I only have one thought on the new corch presser/introduction/swampbilly lap dance from last night, and it has to do with ego. This will bring back a painful memory or two for the Dawg nation, but bear with me.
      January 1st Corch...then
      that's it.

      The relationship between Meyer and Muschamp is great right now. There's pats on the back, fist bumps, high's like two lizards just chillin' in the Florida sunshine. But I started thinking more about this relationship (thanks in part to La Jolla)...when's the last time we saw something like this?

      Maybe it's the awkward Georgia-Florida ties in this one to begin with, but the first one that came to mind was when Coach Dooley was pushed aside for Damon Evans. Dooley was the living legend that was suddenly removed from that spacious power office and set up in a glorifed janitor's closet.

      Next thing you know Damon and Muschamp have trimmed the fat off of the current staff and things might not be so nice and rosy muddy when the dust settles. And no, I'm not suggesting that Dooley had anything to do with those Buckhead martinis back in July. But the possibility is there for our former walk-on earned his scholly defensive back to be found tottering along a curb next to officer friendly...who is holding a pair of orange panties by the tip of his ball point pen.

      It's possible...God forbid.

      Are Bradley and Johnson back from their Honeymoon yet?

      Just a random thought, based mostly on my contempt for the AJC and partially on that lustful essay by Bradley for Coach Pajammies after the season finale. I just simply got to wondering, what's the best wedding gift for the two of them once they return from their Vermont civil union?
      • Nerd Snuggies. Yeh, probably too obvious. Besides, they probably already have a set.
      • How about matching His and His joysticks? Simple, useful and practical.
      • Matching Smart cars...?? Really too expensive for a couple douchebags.
      • Maybe a gift isn't the way to go. Perhaps something service related. Like offering to proofread their co-authored worst-seller, How to Lose a Game Without Getting Outcoached!!!!1
      • Or maybe just some tickets to an actual D-1 football game, such as Georgia...or Georgia State.
      • Paulie....Oprah's on..

      Tank Carradine Spurns the Sweater Vests

      Cornelius "Tank" Carradine announces his next stop in his playing career today. He's an Ohio product and is now moving on from Butler Community College as one of the nation's top JUCOs. A couple years ago he seemed to be in Coach Tressel's back pocket and many thought he'd be easy to lure back home after a stellar junior college career. However, it's believed he's an FSU lean, with the Dawgs still in it for this behemoth...and Buckeye fans are none too pleased about this recent turn of events.
      Cornelius "Tank" Carradine will be committing to Florida State on Wednesday, and he will not be missed by the Ohio State staff after the stunt he pulled this weekend.
      Carradine, a Junior College recruit, was scheduled to officially visit Ohio State this weekend but did not make it to Columbus. Carradine took the flight as planned, but instead of traveling to Columbus for his official visit, he used the opportunity to go home to Cincinnati to see his mother. He essentially used Ohio State's interest in him to bum a free plane trip home.
      There's no question this guy will play early wherever he decides to go. Unfortunately, we may have gotten in a little too late on this one. But it does sound like we have made serious strides towards getting another JUCO d-lineman's signature...more on John Jenkins later.

      Tuesday, December 14, 2010

      Boykin and Glenn Jumping Ship?

      If AJ and Houston are near certain locks for an early departure, it would seem that Boykin and Cordy Glenn are on the next tier - about 50/50. Both were in that meeting with Falcons' exec Rich McKay last week. And even though both have had less than stellar 2010 seasons, they may end up opting to leave Athens altogether. Glenn has been projected highly on underclassmen draft boards and is rumored to be considering the option of leaving seriously. Boykin's status sounds like it depends mostly on the feedback he gets from the NFL.

      But all in all, Georgia's electrifying kick returner sounds like he's taking the decision in stride:
      “I think I played pretty well, but I’ve got a lot of things I need to improve on,” Boykin said. “Going back and looking at the film from the last couple of games, there were a lot of plays that I left on the field. But overall, I feel pretty good.”
      I think both realize they can only improve their stock with a solid senior season. We'll just have to see how satisfied they are with where they stand now.

      Things I can't quite understand

      Beer without calories...caring about NBA basketball...the allure of shopping malls...

      Could floriDuh go "all Dawg"?
      Yesterday I added two more things to the list: Gus Malzahn turning down $3 million to win 5-7 games for Vanderbilt each season...and Kirby Smart contemplating a lateral move to floriDuh.

      First, Malzahn. I know, I's Vandy. Five wins in a season is a tremendous success. And unless the Auburn OC went there and made them bowl eligible within the first two seasons he'd be considered a flash in the pan. But three MILLION! A few years ago this guy was helping line a high school field on Thursday nights and trying to get meals comp'd at the local pig shack. He has to be tremendously confident that either a) something better is coming soon or b) Auburn's offense is going to be just as glamorous next season.

      I mean, did I miss something? Is sCam coming back?

      Next...and this one cuts deep...Kirby "twisted dagger" Smart. Nearly a year ago he was choosing not to make a (lucrative) lateral move to come home to Athens. I completely understood when he decided not to. Momma Bama ponied up and Uncle Nicky provides stability beyond measure.

      And yes, Will Muschamp may prove to be a great hire. I'd be surprised if two years from now the college football world isn't looking back at that as a good move by Foley. Of course, to please the vertical clappers (h/t Kit) he'll need to be well north of great after this run they've had recently.

      But back to present day, this is a reach hire. Muschamp's never been a head coach. And now Smart is thinking about taking a step off of the Queen Mary onto a pontoon that may or may not spring a leak...and has scripted GAYTORS lettering...??


      - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - 

      UPDATE: looks like he may stay...maybe...

      Monday, December 13, 2010

      Monday's Meatloaf - Champion Inception

      Okay...bear with me here. Together, let's take a leap of faith. I've found a way to reconnect Georgia football with prosperity once again...


      I just watched it for the second time the other night and it came to me, like a dream. For those who haven't seen this incredible movie, I promise not to spoil it for you. Here's a trailer that can bring you up to speed for the moment. Then go and watch it as soon as possible.

      Before we break for lunch, let's play with a couple quotes, alter them and use that to our advantage:
      • If we're going to perform Inception at the GA Dome in December then we need imagination to beat floriDuh.
      • A single idea from the human mind can build cities championship football programs.
      • You create the world of the dream. You bring the subject into that dream...and they fill it with their secrets championship trophies.

      Today's Ingredients
      • Tons of coaching news over the weekend, the biggest of which may be Piggy Petrino's buyout. Whoa Nellie!!
      • But most of the ink has been spilled on floriDuh's new corch. Like Pl0we, I never thought I'd see the day either. But the older I get, the less there is that surprises me.
      • CFN has five viewpoints on the Muschamp hire. I can't agree with all of Mitchell's points, but it's the speed at which a decision was made that is the most curious. Like he says, it's not like the Texas DC was going anywhere.
      • It's still a little unclear if Malzahn has taken the Vandy job (I think the W-Post just eff'd up the headline), or is still mulling it over. UPDATE: he decides to stay on the plains.
      • But Kevin at College Football Zealots thinks it would be a smart move for the Auburn OC. At least $3 million times over I would say. And regardless of how it plays out, the Senator $ee$ a $eriou$ precedent being $et.
      • The era of the Golden Hurricanes begins in Coral Gables. *yawn*
      • Big Muddy draws on another movie's parallel to come to peace with the Muschomp hire.
      • And Northern Illinois is set to name their new head coach today...*chirp, chirp*...okay then, onto some recruiting news...
      • Justin Scott-Wesley had wavered a bit in his commitment to CMR. But sounds like he was reassured this weekend that the coaching staff he committed to will be Athens a while.
      • Meanwhile over at DawgPostFletcher writes ($$) that Jay Rome may have left Athens even closer to a decision and Simmons says Damian Swann is ever closer to his big announcement ($$).
      • AJ Green is close to a decision on the NFL, but doesn't see the potential lockout as much of a factor.
      • Still some room around the Festivus pole if you want to enter in my bowl pool (password = GloryGlory). Remember, all proceeds go to The Human Fund.
      • And Drew at Saturday Down South contrasts the last two Heisman acceptance speeches. I'll just say that I'm truly sorry the elder Newton couldn't be in NYC for the ceremony. It woulda saved Chizik some postage expense with the next payment.

      So back to the task at hand, the possibilities are endless as long as the top stops spinning. I say we start with these:

      • Coach Richt - Two-a-days are God's way of toughening the football soul...then...Jacksonville is a comfortable place for a fall Saturday.
      • Coach Bobo - Aaron Murray is the key to your future. Muschamp can't stop him. Only you can.
      Then we can move on to some recruits:
      • Isaiah Crowell - You need Athens as much as Athens needs you.
      • Gabe Wright - Orange is a bad color for someone your size.
      • John Jenkins - Stillwater is a cesspool. Silver Britches can make you famous.
      If this goes well I think we should then consider moving on to our true enemies. I just wish I had thought of this in time to plant an idea or two in Jeremy Foley's mind - Chan Gailey is the ol' ball coach of the modern era. Leave some suggestions below if you have any. Otherwise, here's your fork. Go have a Monday!