Sunday, January 10, 2010

Coaching Rumor Update, episode IX

Word of caution, if you're an avid Dawg rumor mongerer like the rest of us you're not likely to learn anything new here. So let's divide this up between what we know, what we can surmise and what we don't know.

What We Know:
  • Kirby Smart has been offered the DC job.
  • It reportedly will roughly double what his salary is in Tuscaloosa. And in even better news, it's a four year deal.
  • If Smart accepted, he would become one of the top assistants in the country in terms of salary.
  • Pollack's tweets are designed to generate maximum interest from followers....
  • As much grief as we give other institutions' fanbases about their frenzied times we're right up there.
  • My gauge of our chances at Smart yesterday was a tad conservative.
What We Can Surmise
  • Smart is more than listening.
  • Damon Evans is serious about supporting this search financially.
  • Is Smart stays, we will move swiftly towards Grantham...or Mystery Defensive Guru, aka Man Behind the Curtain.
What We Don't Know
  • Whether Kirby will come home and when this thing will end.
  • Whether Bama will truly push the chair away from the table.
Afterall, darling Nicky can always just promote hissownself. As for me, I'm going to church to pray that this thing has a happy ending. Or just an ending at all.

Bonus Nugget - Rennie will announce his decision today.

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Anonymous said...

I started wondering about Bobo last night. What type of raise will he get if Smart comes in? Granted he has not earned a salary equal to the one reportedly being offered to Smart, but the discrepancy between $325K and $800K is rather large. Will he get a new multi-year deal? Is that a good thing if he does?