Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Coaching Rumor Update, episode X

Closing the latest chapter...we at least know what kind of money Coach Richt is working with and that a multi-year contract is in his arsenal. Going forward, I think the critical points are these:
  • That we don't overpay for a candidate.
  • And that we open the playbook.

I posted late last week that we would make a play for Smart then grab Grantham. That may still happen. But a deep breath may find more names entering the mix. If there's one positive to come from the time it took the Smart Saga to play out, it's that it gained some attention nationwide. The last thing we want to do is be at the table with one last guy when he knows that he's the winner. It may be hard for some fans to fathom, but maybe a silver britched lining Monday was that a few more resumes were faxed in and Richt and Evans can still play this out from a position of power.

Just three days ago I speculated that the percentage chances were Smart 15%, Grantham 40% and Mystery Defensive Guru 45%. Maybe now it's 60/40 in favor of the man behind the curtain.

And more and more I'm getting sold on a guy I somewhat casually mentioned the other day, Tim DeRuyter. I'd seen Air Force completely dismantle one of the nation's most prolific offensive attacks in Houston. He intrigued me. Then Texas_Dawg left this comment:

We don't need another recruiter. We need a tactician. DeRuyter is that. He has taken two units, in very different settings (Ohio and Air Force), from the bottom of their conference to near the top.
Plus he has an MBA which is pretty cool for a DC.

I'd much rather have him than Smart (who is unproven so long as he is coaching under Saban).

We don't need a recruiter. We need a tactician. Truer words may never have been posted on this blawg. Willie wasn't let go because he couldn't recruit. We can get out a finer toothed comb and argue talents levels between 2001 and today, but the truth is that there is talent on the roster to win more than 4 SEC games.

DeRuyter is kown for taking defenses that are below par and bringing them to the top. (Where did Willie's unit finish last season?) DeRuyter's defenses attack offenses with pressure; they smack you in the mouth and then get ready to line up and do it again. This season the Falcons had 20 interceptions and recovered 14 fumbles while allowing 15 points.

DeRuyter may be the best tactician out there for CMR. The guy has not just survived, he's thrived...against a variety of defenses. He can make the nerds piss in their high waters and he's seen plenty of spread attacks.

The true value in Smart was more than his background and resume. It was even more than his alumni status. His greatest impact would have certainly been in recruiting. The kid is doing just as good a job in Tuscaloosa as Bobo is in Athens. To steal him away from Bama would not have impacted the upcoming class much, but it would have paid dividends down the road. That in my mind is why Damon gave CMR the big boy checkbook.

DeRuyter has proven he can scheme and produce the results we're hoping for. It might surprise me if he came out from behind the curtain, but it'd be a pleasant surprise. After all, the guy wouldn't command the contract we were passing across the table to Smart. But he might produce even better results.


Pumpdawg said...

Everybody's getting all worked up worrying about the next DC.I want to know who's gonna be UGA VIII.

Bernie said...

Damn Pump...you think CMRs list of potential DCs is a well kept secret...the list of potential Uga VIIIs is a better kept secret than the location of Slurban and Timmy's first kiss. 50 yard line, Phillipines, outside the Jorts Store...???

I'm just a blawgger dude. I'm no Chuck Dowdle.

Pumpdawg said...

Sorry, I've come to expect too much from your expertise.