Thursday, January 14, 2010

Coaching Rumor Update, episode XI

As we wait, here are some links to coaching searches from around the world of tackle college football.

  • Signs are clearly pointing towards Grantham being Coach Richt's next target and Tim Tucker explores that and the continued obstacles that CMR faces on this search. 
  • I've been luke warm on Grantham, but am warming up. I don't have the sense of urgency that many fans do. I want a coach as soon as possible, but getting the right guy is most crucial.
  • From what I gather, Grantham is an enthusiastic coach who was in a bad situation while the DC in Cleveland. It's important to note that after Grantham was dismissed, the GM wasn't far behind.
  • And from Coach Richt's perspective he's looking for a guy who brings something different to the table, otherwise he wouldn't have fired his good friend 42 days ago. And from what I've read, Grantham would be a relatively dramatic departure from what we've seen in Sanford recently. His philosophy is to pressure the signal caller rather than to read and react to what's in front of you.
  • So if Coach Richt is sold that this guy's professional personality would translate on the college level...I'm in line. We should know by Sunday if it is Todd Grantham.
  • Al Groh interviews with the Miami Dolphins. Not surprising since he and Dolphins' GM Bill Parcells have known each other since before Woodstock. I think they performed right after Joe Cocker.
  • The HillBillys are still scrambling their eggs. Keep your eye on Troy Calhoun out of Air Force. It's believed he was within a breath of landing on Rocky Top a year ago. And I'm guessing if the Vols do go with Calhoun he'd be able to keep DeRuyter from possibly being lured to Texas A&M.
  • DeRuyter would still be my first choice. The guy's a winner with a stable resume. The AJCs Schultz believes those on North Avenue should take a look at the Air Force DC...or Manny Diaz. (I could've sworn I read somewhere that Missy State had named Diaz their DC, but can't find it now and assume I dreamt it.)
To close, I'm convinced Coach Richt will get the best guy out there. It'd be a bonus if Tennessee and Georgia Tech would reach too far down the branch.

More tomorrow.

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Ollllddude said...

I don't know enough about Grantham to like him or dislike him, but I do believe CMR knows what he wants, and in general I am very willing to support his decision. I am a little worried about the choice of Grantham but not because I don't trust CMR. If the Cowboys keep winning are we willing to wait until after the Super bowl to name a coach? It could lead to that. Like you, I have been more than willing to not panic and let things develop, but I do wonder if Grantham would be worht waiting that long.