Sunday, January 17, 2010

Coaching Rumor Update, episode XIII

As the Grantham Era begins, Marc Weiszer confirms for us that indeed Scott Lakatos has interviewed for the DB coaching position on Coach Richt's staff. The rumor mill started Friday night churning language as strong as the UConn coach is the next DB coach at UGA. I figured I'd find something at some point Saturday, but no. This morning Weiszer confirmed it through the Huskies football blog at the Hartford Courant website. Be sure to read the comment.... ; )

Here's the guys' coaching resume':

Secondary Coach
Secondary Coach
Defensive Coordinator & Linebacker Coach
Secondary Coach & Special Teams Coach
Secondary Coach
Defensive Coordinator & Linebacker Coach
New Haven
Assistant Coach
Outside Linebacker Coach
Boston U.
Secondary Coach
Western Connecticut State

And here's a link to his UConn bio. I too was impressed with how well UConn dismantled the Lamechickens in the Pizza Bowl. But in truth no very little about this guy. From the link above, it sounds like Lakatos has ties to Grantham. So it would stand that this guy would get serious consideration. I now wonder who else CMR may have contacted in the six plus weeks since the firings. CMR has replaced one of the positions he opened up on December 2nd. Now we wait to see who is tapped for the others.

Nothing to do but wait...and speculate. The only thing we know for certain is that Grantham will coach the LBs. Garner would fit in on the DL, assuming we can hold onto him. Tennessee fans are clamoring for Garner to get a look on Dooley's staff. Assuming that Grantham handles the entire linebacking corps rather than splitting it into ILBs and OLBs, that would leave a DB coach and....dare I say...

..a special teams coach. Isn't speculating fun? Grantham works with Joe Decamillis in Dallas. to see him back in red and black.

What other coaches do YOU wanna see in Sanford this fall?


a22griff said...

I'd like to see Travis Jones in the mix if Garner leaves. I'd hate to lose Garner for recruiting purposes by I don't know how good of a coach he really is. I really can't see him leaving for Tennessee. The number of folks that turned that job down makes me think that there is something coming down the road from the NCAA for the Vols.

MikeInValdosta said...

ROFLMA That for the tip on the comments section at the UCONN blog.

Everything is a matter of perspective.

Anonymous said...

Rodney Garner is a tremendous position coach. Just ask all the guys he's put in the NFL.

Ally said...

Just for giggles i took a look at 2009 ncaa stats for KO return yardage defense, punt return yardage defense, fumbles recovered, Int's, & Turnovers gained.

Guess which team finished in the top 10 of all 5 categories? Iowa State (Big 12). Immediately i started searching for who the hell their ST Coach is and found they don't have one. I'm assuming a D Coach or 2 run special teams, and have a call in to a friend of mine that might know.

I have a dream.... to one day see my Dawgs cover KOs & Punts better than my ZTA powder puff squad.