Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy Friday, From My Igloo to Yours

Great Jeebers it's been cold! I typically pitch a fit anytime I catch the little lady dialing up the thermostats. Lately I've complained considerably less, although she would never see it that way.

But the real hassle has been the morning commute. I leave for work about a half hour before the rooster starts tuning up, just when the mercury reaches its lowest point. Reluctantly I've worn gloves each day, and you know those yankee inventions don't allow for good use of a car's instrumentation panel. My teeth were chattering even as I reached the halfway point Wednesday morning, so I said a dirty word prayer and then noticed that the whole time the A/C had been on.

Really? Are you kidding me?

And don't get me started on the radio dial. Did you know that before 6am in the Atlanta area you can tune into 530 AM and hear El Toro Rojo Grande play some musica' realmente groovy?

It really warms the toes.

Friday Feedbag
  • So Kirby Smart may be interviewing with Texas Tech today...or not. He still won't return my calls. Looking at the diametrically opposed reports, the one stating he would not interview with TTU comes from the horse's mouth. While the other has no source. FWIW.
  • After last night Smart quite obviously is ready for some interest as a HC prospect. But Texas Tech just doesn't seem like a good fit. I look for Coach Tubs to get the nod.
  • And the Great State of Texas is definitely large enough for those head frisbees....I think.
  • Chad Simmons brings BIG news of a BIG visitor coming to Athens ($$).
  • And speaking of visits, Lattimore has re-routed his trips this month.
  • Landers' Lady Dawgs, now 15-0 after an overtime win over Kentucky in Athens.
  • Great video of Yata Gaines getting his due.
  • Snead has had enough of Coach Giggety.
  • Garnet and Black Attack adds some bloggeristic integrity to the story about Moe Brown's gun charge. I agree...more and more, journalists are trying to sell print at the risk of lowering to TMZ standards.
  • Corch Meyer Coach Adazzio...whoever has their new DC.
  • Hale clears up some misconceptions about the Dawgs' DC search.
  • Oh...almost forgot. Bama won a tackle football game last night.
  • So congrats to @BlackeMcCrary for taking yesterday's ThursdaysRTrivial contest. All three contestants predicted a Bama win, but Blake came the closest with his score. Enjoy the pick stained sideline polo!
  • Meanwhile, @Stuff_of_Legend and @alanashley get to punch MustyBurger in the face. Just because.
  • Lastly, with Keith Jackson in the Pasadena house and Texas playing's a shame we couldn't listen to him instead of Musberger...and that kid who kept shouting at him.
So while winter weather moved through the south, grocery essentials flew off the shelves in central and northern Georgia. But over in Alabama, store owners are frantically trying to restock local staples such as pork rinds, Schaeffer's Beer, shotgun shells...People magazine.

Reports from Tuscaloosa are that even some Bama fans who double as actual alumni are too giddy to fasten both suspenders. I don't have any sources for this information...remember Tusckieloosie still operating with dial-up. So if you'd like to volunteer to help these kind folk, please call 1-888-PINK TIDE.

Operators are standing by. In the mean time Reader, have a great weekend. If you're like me, you're honeyDOit!! list is as long as the Declaration of Independence. Better get busy.

Anyone remember what a Phillips Head is?


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