Sunday, January 24, 2010

A Heap'n Help'n of HillBilly Fail

It started Thursday with Landers' Ladies edging out the mighty Pat Summit in Stegeman. I for one, hope it ends well after the next turn of the century.

The HillBillys are a lot less Beverly and a lot more outhouse these days. Call it the Kiffin Curse or an Uncultured Pearl...whatevs...just let it continue in greater and greater magnitude. It's only fair for an atheltics department that stole one of Georgia's most cherished names in the history of collegiate athletics. Since then the numbers speak for themselves:

Lady Dawgs 53
Lady Vols  50

Swim Dawgs  152
drowning HillBillys  148

Swim Dawgettes  189
drowning HillBillettes  111

Hoop Dawgs  78
Pearl's thugs  63

So from Thursday evening to last night, just a lot of Dawg Dominance. The excellence of a couple Jack Bauerle teams in the natatorium may not be a new story. But any win over the Lady Vols is one to celebrate as long as college basketball's grandmother is trudging the hardwood. And the men....well, Pearl's collection of dimwits and delinquents were ranked 8th in the country. Pearl had never tasted defeat in the Stegosaurus before.

Leslie let his dunks speak for themselves, I'll just use words: how ya like that beeatch?!?

Maybe we shoulda realized something special was in the air Thursday evening. If not, we definitely shoulda clued in when Coach Richt joined in the Gameday Trick Shot affair....and displayed a special guest touch (h/t Conner Nolte's blog).

Seriously, I was excited by the hiring of Fox when it happened last April. Now I'm ecstatic. Think about exciting as last night's win was, it's the fact that Fox's team is within a handful of minutes and a smattering of points from being 4-0 in SEC play. Coach Fox has proven that this is not a rebuilding project, it's a relearning project. And while there is much more material to cover in his course, it's safe to say that his team is going to do a lot more than pass.

No, they're definitely not going to fail. We'll leave that to the HillBillys.

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