Saturday, January 9, 2010

How to Translate a Presser

While we wait on the big announcement...let's discuss the press conference, which I'm thinking will be Monday sometime. For the sake of this argument, I'll assume that Kirby Smart has about a 15% chance of being the new DC, Todd Grantham about a 40% and a name from outta nowhere (ie. Searels in '07) about a 45% chance.
There seems to be no question that the name the majority of the fanbase yearns for is one Kirby Smart. He is currently getting sized for a Nat'l Championship ring, is a UGA alum and has tutored under darling Nicky. Moreover, he's perceived as a longshot, property of a Crimson Empire that has a very large moat guarded by the tortured souls of Bear Bryant himself. Smart is the kid in high school who's parents had the pool out back, a rockin' stereo system and went out of town twice a month.

He's the cool kid we would love to be friends with. And his press conference would be a glorious moment in Dawg history. Prodigal son (remember he was frequently lambasted as a player, and left early in his coaching career for greener pastures) returns home to bring aggressiveness, discipline back to Sanford's turf.

Pomp. Circumstance. Confetti. Cue the Battle Hymn.

If Grantham takes a seat next to Coach Richt all that fades away. Don't get me wrong, I truly believe the fanbase overall will be pleased. Grantham is a great coach, he clearly knows what he's doing. His experience is inarguably heftier than Smart, yet in many fans' eyes his resume doesn't sparkle.

If Mystery Defensive Guru takes the chair to CMRs right, well I for one may be even more pleasantly surprised. As has been stated here and elsewhere before, Coach Richt has a knack for hiring extremely well from behind the curtain. And this search has definitely (and thankfully) been done from behind the curtain.

But my feeling is so many people have kept their hopes up for Smart, that any other presser would be met with even the smallest measure of skepticism. When in reality, a coach other than Kirby may be a safer and better bet. A Smart presser would make Mark Richt a hero in many fans' eyes. Yet, it's at least possible that another hire could be better long term.

So which do you want? If you had to choose...the spectacular press conference that brings tears to Dawg fans eyes and poetic words to local and national journalists' typewriters...OR the routine Q & A press conference that could mean more wins?

It's just a question bred from a thought. Please don't read too much into it. And it's meant as no disrespect to Smart. He coached a whale of a game the other night. I think he'd be a great hire because he's already a terrific coach. The question just came to mind that we may be more enamored with a certain name as opposed to having faith in the man who's charge it is to make the decision.

Phone lines are open. Reader, what's your bark...?


Stephen said...

I am so 100% with you on this one. While I think Coach Richt knows what he is doing and I put my faith in him to get the RIGHT guy, I believe it is to the point everyone just wants Kirby.

Of course, all this could have been put to rest if Kirby had outright denied his availability. He hasnt, so therefore based on the timing that Coach Richt was giving, I think everyone just EXPECTS Kirby to be the one.

I am for whoever Coach gets and will support them. (but Kirby would be fine with me)

Sports Dawg said...

Great post Bernie. The downside to Kirby might be that since he is such a hot commodity, we might be going though this again alot sooner than we would like if he's the hire. The "unknown" hire doesn't bother me a bit.

Anonymous said...

Smart did say that he is in no hurry to become a head coach, so in my perfect world he is sitting next to Coach Richt. Of course my perfect world has UGA winning it all next year (every year) so there's that.
Also, after reading the transcript of Saban's post championship press conference where he specifically says an assistant coach should not make a lateral move, I really hope Smart comes to UGA just for spite.

Pumpdawg said...

I think CMR lost some of the Dawg Nation's faith when he kept Willie around for obvious personal reasons.The good side is,it looks like he's trying to regain that faith by taking his time to get the right hire.

genxdawg said...

The unknown doesn't scare me one bit. I guess you know that I have complete faith in CMR to get the right man. I am just getting anxious because I'm ready to be excited about our guy.

Anonymous said...

Every coach's goal is to hire the right man. When CWM was promoted it was the "right" hire. It's good to see UGA is putting a lucrative contract out there for Smart to consider. But many times the winner of a bidding process will overpay for the commodity they wish to possess. I agree with Bernie, there are some unknown's associated with Coach Smart that make him less safe than many UGA fans seem to realize.