Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Humpday Headers

Ground Zero: Knutsville is living up to its name. colorful graffiti, burning mattresses, skipped classes, paper shredders, angst to the nth degree. In the blink of an eye, orange flavored hopes and dreams cast aside like the peel of a fruit.
  • First and foremost, go wish Hale a Happy Birthday! If we all pitch in together, maybe we could buy out Andy Reid's contract for him...
  • Clifton Geathers feeling very proofessional.
  • The news from Rocky Flop I think puts to rest all the specualtion as to what exactly Slive does with the folding money made each season from two BCS berths. As we sip our coffee and Monster energy cans this morning...a large wire transfer is making its way to sunny Cali.
  • KiffyBaby will open his presser in SoCal by saying something to the tune of We just wanna do here in LA what we were able to accomplish when we were in the SEC. Bank on it.
  • Back in AthensTown...Low writes that the Georgia DC job will go to Grantham and that he'll join Coach Richt once the Cowboys return to their normal selves and fail epically.
  • I just can't help thinking...with all the turmoil in the SEC East right now (read: Slurban's achy breaky, Nuts in Knustville, new Joker up north, Spurrier not so cocky) nice would it be to have a big positive press conference? You know, one without all the state troopers and pitchforks outside.
  • Take this for what it's worth, but ESPNs Insider says Low has Will Muschamp at the top of the Vol's list. Low used to beat the path in Knustville, but I agree with Mortensen...why wouldn't the Vol's AD Mike Hamilton call Cutcliffe? Ugh...
  • Surely Cutcliffe wouldn't leave Duke for Rocky Flop...surely....right?
  • Last and likely least, Joe Namath's daughter doesn't blather on and on about wanting to kiss Suzy, but she doesn't know how to obey speed limits when transporting enough marijuana to feed a Tennessee basketball squad for a whole season.
And just one final he and Layla rode away, did anyone hear lil' Kifster singing Rocky Top? If not, it woulda been a fitting end.


BulldogBry said...

What Kiffin was able to accomplish in the SEC = 1 game above .500.

Anonymous said...

The folks at the ESPN radio station in LA, which not coincidentally is part of the Trojan radio network, seem to think this is a great hire! They are in such denial! Rarely acknowledge the fact that the NCAA is investigating USC. I think Kiffin is one of the few who would willingly step into the mess that Carroll left. Karma, karma, karma.

Pumpdawg said...

Hey Bernie,head over to Youtube and watch "Lane Kiffin Fired".Hilarious sterotypical UT fan video.

David Hale said...

Thanks for the birthday wishes, sir... now get on the phone with Jeff Lurie and start talking dollars to get rid of Reid!