Monday, January 11, 2010

Kirby Hung Up...

...and Mama's pissed.

Me...well, I am disappointed. I'll differentiate the two for you later. Maybe by tomorrow if I can get rid of this headache.

For now, I'm just reminded of a old song by a group called the Tempos, a remake...I think. If someone as old as Rex or my dad reads this, maybe they can tell us for sure.

For now just sing along, substituting the word December everytime you hear September. (More on this prognostication later too)


Mike said...

Why is this such a big deal?

I'm sure Smart's a sharp guy, but do you really think there aren't several other candidates still out there that would do a great job for us as well?

I'm actually kind of happy Smart turned us down because it means we can still get Tim DeRuyter. DeRuyter would be far better than the 34-year-old, first-time true DC, Smart.

Anonymous said...

Don't ask me why, but I just have a feeling that we will come through and hire a defensive coordinator who will be hard nosed and get the boys fired up to play.

Rodney Holloway

Bernie said...

You're both right, imo.

In fact, I was just emailing back and forth with a friend and he mentioned DeRuyter. So I pointed him to your comment on my post last week Texas.

Yeh, in the end...I think we're better off.

MikeInValdosta said...

Be our rock, Bernie. For me it is no longer about who is the best. I am now onto the "why doesn't anybody love me phase."

I am trying to be all Bo Schembecler and want a Georgia man coaching Georgia, but this hurts.

Anonymous said...

Manny Diaz for DC

Unknown said...

The tempos apparently were the original group to record this song Bernie. I lived through listening to the Letterman sing it in the mid sixties and always thought it was their tune. I got curious and googled and found out this song has a sordid past and has been recorded by various different groups. I stand by the Letterman's version of course.

Bernie said...

Mike Hang in there. I'm convinced this was what was best for Georgia.

Anon That would surprise me. But we'll see what develops.

Google...that's on the internet right? :) Thx gene