Monday, January 4, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - And on Sunday, Hate Thy Neighbor

We've turned the calendar to a new day, month and year. And it's starting to get that feeling that we need to turn the page on the season. And while we can't really knowledgeably discuss who the defensive coordinator will be, we can look at position changes that may alter the depth chart.

It sounds like Gray is still contemplating a move from QB. If he decided to move, the positions mentioned most are WR and Safety. Gray as a receiver seems more likely to me as I've never seen the kid hit or close on the ball...well, except to wave his hand in the air.

Samuel to LB seemed like a terrific idea that is now may be in the rear view mirror. Although I realize that the move was never a done deal, I thought it made a lot of sense for a kid with his speed and approves of contact so much. Now Samuel seems content with fighting for carries rather than proving himself worthy of snaps at LB.

Personally, I'm comfortable with whatever decision Gray makes. I'd be surprised if he starts at QB in September either way, but I can understand him wanting to stay wherever he's comfortable. Samuel I feel differently on. Sure he should play where he feels comfortable. But he's had more of an opportunity to prove himself at RB than Gray at QB.

So I hope a coach can get in #22's earhole a little.

Today's Ingredients
  • Lady Dawgs...14 games, 14 wins. Perfect start.
  • Coach Pearl apologized for signing thugs the arrests that have tarnished the squeaky clean soiled and bedraggled image of HillBilly athletics.
  • Before we leave the hardwood, remember that the nerds come to town tomorrow night. Stegeman, 7pm.
  • It would appear that the previously reported 80% chance that Coach Brooks would be hanging up the sideline scowl is being re-calculated. UPDATE - he's gone.
  • Slurban's decision to resign and then take a leave of absence may not be hurting the reptilian recruiting class much, but assistant coaches are reading the writing on the wall. Days after Strong named FU Gaytuh defensive backs coach Vance Bedford his DC, it is rumored that RB coach Kenny Carter may also head north
  • And if that happens, the recruitment for Lithonia GA RB Mack Brown would get interesting. Not to mention Corch Meyer would be left with a very lily white staff.
  • I'm still digesting all of Chad Simmons' info from this weekend's Under Armour game in Tampa where the nation's most talented teenagers took the gridiron. But I liked the news that Christian Green had narrowed his collegiate choices to two ($$).
  • If you take a bite on just one ingredient today, make it this one. Hamp provides the hardest hitting analysis of Lubbock's Leachgate and uses a few good men to discover just who ordered the code red raider.
  • EC Dawg evaluates where the DC search stands.
  • AwwBarn took a laptop thief as their new QB.
  • Hale caught up with Sean Jones...although I hear he used a scooter.
  • Jimmy cracked corn...then Exile decided to give the guy a real job.
  • Lastly, Streit's kicking my ass in his bowl pool, so it's nice of him to give me something to look forward to in 2010 for Georgia football. But I think he wrote them for all to enjoy. So feel free to click over as well.

Maybe you're like me and occasionally burn a pile of leaves, limbs and brush. I've been engaged in this practice at my current residence for over ten years.

During that time, builders, realtors and neighbors have come and gone. I've replaced countless Georgia house flags. I've mowed the lawn more than anyone on my street except for Allen, but I suspect he uses methamphetamines so there's no keeping up with him. Our HOA survived it's first socialist regime and as a result we kicked out 98.2% of the renters. We may still have to dodge kids driving motorized golf carts who are about 2.3 years away from being able to see over the steering wheel, but it's a little community Mrs. Bernie and I have made home.

So in those ten plus years I've raked a number of leaves, pruned a lot of trees. The collection of such I've always burned off, once...maybe twice a year. I get my grubby clothes on, recite the prayer...Gunter glieben glauchen globen...baptize the collection pile with fuel and strike the match! Ten minutes later the leaves are gone and only a tickle of smoke lingers. No complaints, no worries, and no tree limbs.

Then...she moved in next door. Back in June I wasn't completely sure it was her who called me out, but I just took my warning and circled September 1st on the calendar. You know, to do it legal style. Then it decided to rain about 300 inches since the end of summer and things got busy.

But yesterday was a great day for a bonfire and there was no trouble...until she rolled into her driveway. Five minutes later Joe Fireman was reluctantly talking to me instead of eating his chili and watching the second half of the Falcons game. I thought it was okay after September 1st? I stammered defensively. Yup...but not on Sundays Joe answered.

Damn. So one day this week I'm gonna bundle up again in grubby clothes, recite the prayer...Gunter glieben glauchen globen...baptize the collection pile with fuel and strike the match! FFFFWWWWOOOT!!

Then I'll calmly walk over to her front door and hand her my phone. And smile....big. Until then enjoy the meatloaf Reader. Just don't share any with my neighbor.



MikeInValdosta said...

"What do you want? What do you want?" What a great album.

Kinda the 80's version of "Burn Baby Burn"

namaman said...

She apparently has "hots" for you... ;-)

Maybe you just need to wait until Saturday and have a party! I could bring the good 'ol chumba wumba and you could make a nice bonfire!!

namaman said...

And I too think "it's better to burn out...than fade away!!"

Pumpdawg said...

I want rock'n'roll.You betcha.
I was in my twenties when that came out.So that makes me ...kinda old.I need a beer.

Bubba 'N Earl said...

It's okay Bernie. My wife is currently first place in the Bowl Pool. How bad do I feel? - Streit