Monday, January 25, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - HillBillys, Divided Houses and Late Night Wars

It's all enough to make a Dawg Bark!

No one relishes watching a HillBilly cry. But after you've kicked their teeth tooth in and given em an atomic elbow off the top turnbuckle...well, what's the harm really? BWAHAHAHA!!

Yesterday we recapped what has been a puzzling few days for the busted suspenders folk. Pat fell off her summit, several nearly drowned in Gabrielsen's Natatorium, and then Pearl's jailbirds lost their jam. And after Saturday's total domination of the 8th ranked team in the nation, I decided to go back and look at just how I had greeted Coach Fox myownself back on April 2nd, 2009. Here's a quick synopsis:

Fox is a quality hire that reflects where this program is on the college basketball 
landscape: eager to dunk (Anderson), settling for a modest layup (Fox) and avoiding 
the turnover (another year of Felton).

About as prophetic as I'll ever get Reader. And as I look back on it, I'm quickly reminded that a dunk and a layup count the same on the scoreboard. Fox has his Dawgs playing hard. There have certainly been moments when they've been a little lost and utterly short-handed. But I haven't seen a time when they quit.

It was just about a year ago when that was the case. The road ahead is still daunting. But it's going to have it's highlights too.

Today's Ingredients

  • Hale has some fleeting thoughts from the Tennessee beatdown Saturday. And he finds several reasons for fans to be patting themselves on the back just as fervently as the team.
  • Unfortunately, the Lady Dawgs lost their senior star, and then lost the lead and the game to Ole Missy.
  • John Isner won his first eight matches of 2010, but the ninth didn't end as nicely. Yet the former Georgia star remains upbeat
  • Slurban plans to be back at the reptile helm by March. Truly, I wasn't aware that he had left. You know, other than that one night in December when he went home, hugged his daughter, collected a sweet sound byte from her and then hit the trail recruiting.
  • Then again, with the Wild Boyz grunting about Corch taking Corso's spot on Gameday...guess he figured what's a little heart disease among friends?
  • Meanwhile, The Bull Gator reports that floriDuh picked another commit this weekend
  • Chad Simmons' says there were many people in Athens ($$) that helped to impress Jeffrey Whitaker during his official this weekend.
  • Cooper Mosely has yet to play an inning at Foley, yet he's already receiving honors. The freshman from Montgomery, AL was awarded the Nat'l Award for Baseball Performance and Sportsmanship.
  • If ThursdaysRTrivial isn't enough excitement for you, check out Smartest Bulldog where you can test your Dawg Trivia knowledge daily. And if you wanna join my team (We Just Crushed Their Face) click here.
  • I understand the concept of the House Divided license plates, even though I hold firm to the belief that cross breeding can only result in disharmony in the home (and low SAT scores). But is it really necessary to have a House Divided UGA/Oklahoma plate? Or a UGA/Michigan tag?
  • We here at BDB headquarters have received so many requests for coverage of this year's MLS Superdraft, we'd be remiss if we didn't give a shout out to Danny Mwanga, the #1 selection out of Oregon State. I hear the Philadelphia Union fans are rough. He'll miss building dams in Corvallis by summer's end.
  • Lastly, Exile puts on a pair of acid washed to pay tribute to an end of another 80s hair band. The night is calling, I have to go...
For the most part, I've stayed out of the recent Late-Night-Debates. It's not that I don't get into multi-millionaires trying to make their viewers feel sorry for them, rather...I'm just ignorant. I don't watch those douchebags dudes. So I couldn't care less about who's been jilted and who's got the next meth addicted Hollywood method actor on as a guest.

But...Catherine Zeta-Jones asked me to tune into Letterman Friday night. So I DVR'd it while the wife and I finished off a Man vs Wild episode. It was the one where Bear Grylls tests the intestinal fortitude of his cameraman with a slurp! of a snail's entrails, followed by a self-inflicted enema. That's just how we roll on a Friday night.

Once the little lady was safely away at the mall the next day, I knew I had enough time to give Catherine without all the questions and nagging. (Guilt keeps me on the cutting edge, but the third degree just ruins a romantic moment.) I avoided using the fast-forward button for fear of accidentally missing the part where she walks out on stage. The by-product was being subjected to an opening monologue and shots of Paul pretending to know what the hell Dave was talking about.

The whole experience got me thinking...why subject people to ugly dudes trying to be funny? I'd be much more interested in a Late-Night-War between Catherine Zeta-Jones, Jennifer Aniston and Maryanne from Gilligan's Island ('s my dream. Get your own).

Now that I'd stay up for. Or at least DVR them. As long as they don't tape over the wife's dancing and singing loser bachelor shows. She hates it when I do that. But you'll love this meatloaf Reader. Take a slice and melt a generous piece of provolone over top, then delicately place between two slices of Wonderbread.

No fork necessary, but the napkin's a must. Happy Monday!


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