Tuesday, January 12, 2010

A New Chapter

It turns out the Smart saga was a chapter, not an ending. I'm not mad, just disappointed. There's a measure of hurt to having an alum and former player turn you down. Many are blowing Smart apart for this and I'd give them the space to do so. But about five minutes after the announcement I was ready to move forward. No grief, no real hard feelings. Just don't come back wanting the head position Kirb...

So beyond the disappointment...whatevs. The reality (whether some fans would admit it or not) is that for every percentage chance that Smart would've turned into the best DC on the south sideline since Erk....there's an equal percentage chance that he would have been closer to Ramsey.

As I said Saturday, Smart would have made Coach Richt a hero and the press conference would have generated double digit ratings. But the truth is he's not the right coach for Georgia. As Streit so eloquently pointed out, the right coach wants to be in Athens. Smart was not that man.

For Coach Richt, the page turned on him again yesterday. And while the huddled masses groan about the embarrassment and duration of this search, I'm sure CMRs focus is the same today as it was the day he told three coaches to hand over their whistles.

Let's be clear....there's no sense of entitlement here Reader. No one said this would be easy. And as difficult as the process has been on the interwebs and the social networks, the load is multiplied for the head guy. Last I checked neither Mark Bradley nor Colin Cowherd were Hartman donors. So if you're ashamed when you read newspapers, fold them up. When a DotCom says we're floundering around...just click away. If a talk radio dude laughs at your beloved program, turn the damn dial. Talk is even cheaper than print.

Coach Richt is doing work. He'll finish this drill. And we'll all be better for it.


MikeInValdosta said...


Unknown said...

Good post. Agree with you 100%. CMR will get his man, and his man will want to be a GA BULLDOG. Until then I trust him to make this choice.

Ally said...

"Just don't come back wanting the head position Kirb..."

I know you to be a man of reason & fair judgment, so i don't for a second believe you're bitter & butt hurt enough to really mean that Chris.

Yeah, it sux. But i cannot begrudge a man for making the best possible decision for his future & his family, regardless of whether he's a Dawg or not.

When we as alum & fans shout this phrase to our players "Once a Dawg, Always A Dawg..." we mean it. And i know you mean it. It's one of the many things that sets us apart from lesser fanbases frankly.

We are not at the level of excellence that Bama, Texas or Flariduh are unfortunately. And many of our fans need to grasp the fact that we also aren't the UGA program of Richt's 1st 4 years either. If they had, they wouldn't have expected Kirby to come. It sux, but it's the truth.

If Kirby becomes a great Coach and we are one day in the services for a new one, i certainly hope we're not stupid & immature enough to let our hurt feelings get in the way of a smart business decision and go after him again. However, if as fans we continue to act like little girls (like many NOT including yourself have behaved the last 24 hrs) then i'd expect him to laugh in our face and heed Ray Goff's advice to stay away!

Lastly, this is the best thing i've read all day: "Last I checked neither Mark Bradley nor Colin Cowherd were Hartman donors."

Amen! And great post Bernie, Go Dawgs!

Bernie said...

You make a good point Ally. I likely threw that in there for added emphasis. Even though I agree he likely made the best decision for Kirby and even though we're now 24 hours removed, the saga itself smells. If I were to rewrite, I'd probably reword.

And a man of reason and fair judgment...?? Careful, you're stepping on my rep as a blogger. I stand by every half-truth and falsehood printed here. ;)

Anonymous said...

Football is about passion and emotion. The whole KS fiasco leaves us looking like fools--a perception I don't enjoy.

I am a UGA graduate and season ticket holder. I will admit that I have not been angrier about something beyond my control in many years than yesterday when I learned that KS had joined the list of people who have used us and turned us down.

I am still angry, with no rational place to direct the anger.

Anonymous said...

I never thought KS would come back to UGA (at this point in his career) but when CMR made the offer I thought he had a gentlemans agreement. Why else would CMR put himself out there otherwise. So I have a HUGE problem with KS turning us down in this fasion. But we must look down the road and get the best candidate that wants to be in Athens