Friday, January 15, 2010

Plenty of Stoopid Will Go Unfixed

Leaving town with a full blown riot in your rear view mirror will do more than burn some mattresses bridges. KiffyBaby seems as drawn to negative publicity as strongly as I am an ice chest full of cold beer.

Although I'm not surprised by the backlash given the swarthiness with which the Kiffin Kamp operates, the truth is there's plenty of stoopid to spread around. Chief among them, Athletic Director Mike Hamilton. After all, it was his multi-colored lollipop and endless Wal-Mart mini merry go round rides that lured the young Kiffin.

I don't usually buy into the violin strumming when a coach leaves and his players are left behind with empty a free education. I mean, a show of hands for those of us with student loans...

But while we chuckle at those HillBilly fans who have pissed on their own dreams (h/t Pump)'s easier to feel sympathy for those Tennessee student-athletes that just arrived on campus. What a hot mess they just got themselves into. If the admins in Knutsville had any measure of class, they would cut these kids loose to make up their own mind.

But University of Tennessee and class are difficult to fit into the same sentence. I had to use a hammer myself just then. But a bucket full of hammers won't fix the stupid up on Rocky Flop. Let them rant and rave about their coach leaving in the dark of night, trading the Rocky Mountain Oysters for the warm sea breezes. Let them stamp their feet and test the integrity of their suspenders.

A truckload of hammers ain't gonna fix that much stupid.

the Friday Feedbag
  • Just think...last week this time Carroll still wore a trojan, Kiffin still gave Slive a headache and Conan wasn't facing unemployment.
  • Asked to describe KiffyBaby's career in Knutsville in one word, AD Hamilton said, "brief." I didn't know Hamilton's vocabulary was so extensive.
  • As news broke in Tennessee Tuesday night, I found the Fulmer rumors preposterous (laughable...uh, I got a chuckle for any HillBillys visiting today). However, it becomes clearer that Philmer may be positioning himself well for the ADship once the row boat Hamilton's using finally sinks.
  • Out in SoCal, Kiffin has already ruffled some feathers (all together...Duh!!). As he took the podium for his presser, USC was in desperate negotiations for Norm Chow to head the Trojan offense. Yet the Kifster balked when asked, indicating that he would run the offense as he always has. (editor's note: Chow and Kiffin do not exchange Christmas cards)
  • Yet in the transcript of the press conference, that particular question and answer mysteriously disappeared.
  • Back on East coast time, South Florida skipped to Holtz.
  • Kyle King wonders why Jeff Schultz is giving Gary Stokan such a pass.
  • Chad Simmons' lays out just why ($$) this weekend is so big for the short-handed Georgia staff.
  • The Senator finds Sen. Hatch's letter to Prez Obama a little ironic.
  • PWD sees progress on the hardwood.
  • Meanwhile, the Lady Dawgs saw their streak end in Nashville.
  • Daugman stayed up to watch Yata's late night heroics. And if you missed the video of his call up from D-league, you should watch it.
  • It's always great to see a Dawg have his day! And for Sundiata Gaines, there should be plenty more ahead.

Trivial Update

Q - After starting his collegiate playing career at Garden City Community College, Coach Mark Fox lettered two years at what institution?
A - East New Mexico University

To help celebrate Coach Fox's birthday, ThursdaysRTrivial made a fastbreak for the head guy's bio. Ally didn't need a steal this week, but threw it down Leslie Style to claim the retro replica wig of Albert Jackson's former dreads. Alan then broke the game wide open with an easy lay up; he claims a pair of Carlos Strong size 16s (go Jags!). Last but not least, Melissa heaved a desperation three at the buzzer that couldn't find the bucket. For her efforts though she gets a very festive Happy Birthday kazoo and matching hat. That is...if Coach Fox is done with them.

If you're in the Mall of Georgia Sunday afternoon and hear the screams of 8 year old girls, don't panic. Steer clear of the daughter's birthday party and everything will be fine. If you hear me scream...well, keep running. Save yourself.

Besides, we don't have enough cake for you too Reader. But have a good weekend anyway.



Pumpdawg said...

I feel like I've finally made it by being mentioned in your post.But at the same time I feel stoopid for not being smart enough to know what h/t means.

Bernie said...

Recently, I too was behind the learning curve (MUCH different than stoopid) in today's lingo that the youthfuls use.

h/t = hat tip, giving credit where it's due

Now go update that resume. LOL (see...I feel younger just typing it)

Pumpdawg said...

Thanks.I'm from the 70's-80's.I thought it might mean high times or head trip.Not that I would know anything about those things.