Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Reshad Gets Both Feet Out The Door

Not real big unexpected news, but Reshad Jones has declared himself eligible for April's NFL Draft. (As a word of caution, this story is brought to you by Joe Schad's Wiretap...)

I feel like I've done everything I can do at Georgia...I'm physically and mentally ready. I bring passion to the game and also versatility, because I can play both free and strong safety.

The story goes on to speculate that Rennie Curran will turn pro as well at a dual press conference today. However, other reports out of Athens suggested that Curran was still mulling the decision and that he planned to meet with Coach Richt in the coming days.

Underclassmen have until January 15th to declare themselves eligible for April's NFL Draft. Those that declare then have until January 18th to withdraw their paperwork. Classes begin in Athens on Thursday.

Last year it was Jones that got one step out the door before being talked back into Butts-Mehre. Mel Kiper projects Jones as the 5th best junior at safety and Curran as the third best OLB.

Jones leaves Athens as a solid player that fans always expected more from. He was part of a much celebrated 2006 class that also gave Dawg fans Matthew Stafford and Knowshon Moreno. Jones was lambasted profusely after a missed tackle in the 2008 loss to Tech. That one play will likely be what he is first remembered for, but his play in 2009 was solid. Not supreme, but solid.

Despite his improved play this season over last, it will be his size and speed that will make him especially draftable, likely late first day. NFL scouts will see a phenomenal athlete that has yet to reach his potential.

As for Curran, well...he ain't gonna get any taller. If he does decide to go, it will be the best decision for him and his family.

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Anonymous said...

Reshad dropped more INT's than he made. He also missed as many tackles as he made while at UGA and some were crucial. He has the physical stature to make a NFL team but he has yet to prove he is a playmaker. Unless he improves his game, he will struggle in the NFL. UGA will be better off without him by game 3.