Saturday, January 9, 2010

Saturday Headers

In between bullets on your honeyDOit list, here's some bullets for your casual perusal:
  • From the Keeping up with the Joneses file, Coach PaJammies fired his DC.
  • And...their overrated WR wants to get paid!!
  • Pete trades in the surf board for stock in Starbucks...??? (I smell sanctions...just sayin')
  • Looks like the Smart to Interview with Texas Tech rumor was just a musty burger. Big surprise. (link fixed)
  • But it does look like Kirby Smart will take over in Southern California...(j/k). Gotta make sure you're awake!
  • Seriously though, would you rather win the press conference in January or the games in the fall? 
  • On the surface something smells about Leavitt's dismissal down in Tampa. But given the recent headlines involving players' civil liberties...maybe USF had no choice.
  • An absolute must read by Andy Staples (h/t PWD).
  • Fabris is in Louisville. Martinez may be heading to Gayturdsville. Now, Jancek is Butch Jones' co-defensive coordinator.
  • Bruce Pearl may now be shooting blanks.
  • Coach Fox's Dawgs head into Lexington today. Tune in. This team is already special.
Thoughts are really with Rennie Curran today. Last official report I read had him and all of his family meeting with Coach Richt today before he made a final decision. With news of a DC hire pending, I wonder if he might stall a little longer...

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Anonymous said...

I read Andy Staples' column. Very touching. Thanks for the link.