Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Countdown to Signing Day…1 (UPDATED)

With just hours to go, let's break this down into what we know and what we can speculate.

What We Know
  • Jeff Whitaker is AwwBarn bound. The large, athletic DT became the latest headliner for Chizik’s class.mike thornton
  • Telvin Smith stuck with his commitment to the Noles.
  • Parking is gonna be at a premium tomorrow morning at Butts-Mehre. I may just go over and sleep in my car tonight. It’s not supposed to be cold is it?
  • UPDATE: Kentarious Gates of Greenville SC will not sign with Kentucky tomorrow. Instead he will become a Dawg at 11AM. Gates is a large young man (6'5" 298) that could play either guard or tackle.
What We Can Speculate
  • Robey is as good as gone. Word is Ol’ Man Kiffy has bent that ear pretty good.
  • Kadron Boone is seriously considering the Dawgs ($$). But I think he ends up in Baton Rouge. He’s probably decided by now, but will announce from his school at 4pm tomorrow.
  • Da’Rick Rogers will surprise everyone and stick with Coach Richt tomorrow. If I’m wrong the AJC might just get so giddy they piss themselves.
  • Michael Thornton hasn’t trimmed his list much, but visited Auburn, Georgia, Penn State, USC (the real one) and Kentucky. I think he chooses Athens.
Those are my humble opinions. What are yours?


BulldogBry said...

I'm not accustomed to reading recruiting updates that aren't dripping with meltdown. Are you on meds? Where's the panic, Bernie? WHERE'S THE PANIC????

Bernie said...

I don't sweat this stuff...much. They're kids who are making the most of their situation. If they choose not to be a Dawg, my feeling is we're better off without them.

I was disappointed last night when Telvin stayed with the Noles, but I respect him for that. I know Grantham wanted him so I was really hoping he'd change his mind, but I guess we got in the game too late.

That being said if the Ogletrees suddenly decide to move to Nepal and become sherpas....then I'll pull some hair. :)

Sports Dawg said...

Every year I say I'm not gonna follow recruiting & I end up doing so anyway. This year we threw 19 up on the board and everything seemed to halt until we started losing a couple off the board, & a couple of propects, & a couple more prospects. So I have BulldogBry covered with the panic. Better be some good surprises tomorrow, or we'll really be sweating this date in 2011.