Thursday, February 25, 2010

Seventh Chance at Foley

I had intended to take some fairly detailed notes, maybe even live blog during the 2010 Home Opener for Perno's Dawgs. But it's hard to finger type when they're frozen.

However, here's some notes from the frozen tissues of my cerebral cortex.

• good crowd. I'd say about 3/4 capacity. Most were smart enough to leave before they froze their arses off.
• I am not a smart man.
• Dawgs jump quickly on the Presby pitcher, then couldn't get a break.
Coach Perno went through pitchers like roasted peanuts. Swegman started and just about everyone but Cris Carpenter came out of the bullpen.
Christian Glisson had a good night at the plate, but an even better one behind it. The kid stopped some "lively" pitches. Not to mention handled 6 different pitchers before getting pulled for a pinch runner.
• In short, Glisson should fill out Massanari's pads quite nicely.
• like many I came into this season worried about offense. Replacing the likes of Poythress, and Massanari won't be easy. And for a few innings we kinda plodded along waiting for a big hit that came close, but never quite came through.
• then in the 7th Perno decided to generate some runs with some very nice bunts and a timely hit and run. Of course, a few doubles helped.
• if we can continue to force the issue like last night's 7th...this team can do some damage.
• and our offense will be called upon early and often with the many lively yet erratic arms we saw against PC.
• to end on a positive though, those same arms worked out of some serious jams. PC stranded at least 8 runners.

I'll add some links later. Lastly, here's a (very) amateur video of the final out, including Chance Veazey participating in the post game fist bumps.


Diamond Dawgs are at home this weekend against Stetson. If you make it out to the ballpark, bring some extra cash and pick up a Chance Veazey cap. That last link will show you a picture of it. For a minimum $20 donation it can be yours.

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namaman said...

Oh my... As the official BDB video producer, I am going to have to give you some editing tips before you post much more video. Goodness. I especially love the pan shots to the scoreboard though. Now you just need a zoom so we can see it!! :-)