Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday’s Meatloaf – Giving Credit When Past Due

There are a number of things that a blogger uses to get by. For me, Old Crow bourbon whiskey is not just fuel for the soul but also a common source for inspiration.

carpetbagger But there’s other times when my keyboard and I just need some info, some honest coverage of the school I spent four five years at obtaining a degree in learning to drink. Most of you already know who the best Georgia beat writer is, but if not I can tell you the best, most accurate and complete coverage comes from a person Lewis Grizzard taught me to distrust.

David Hale is a yankee. Although I can count the times I’ve met him on one finger, I’d be willing to bet he has no grits in his pantry, probably eats his biscuits from a can and drinks his tea without sugar.

But….he’s not a damn yankee. He’s a damn good yankee. And while on vacay he got hisself recognized for being damn good at what he does. No word if this award comes with a year’s supply of Visine though. However, ultimately this’ll mean he does get some high fallootin’ job at Fox or even the mutha, but regardless it’s past due.

As I waited on official word that Willie Martinez would not be our defensive coordinator, there’s one guy who’s tweet made it official. And one day as I await official word that Michael Adams has indeed bagged his last carpet in Athens…I hope the news comes from one David Hale.

Congrats man! I hope you take the time to enjoy one of those frozen pre-packaged Philly Cheese steaks from the Golden Pantry. Not exactly PhilDELFya…but a treat nonetheless.

Today’s Ingredients

Then again, what were the odds on our Bulldog Blogger winning the bloodshot eyeball?

And I would be remiss if I did not spend a few lines honoring the men who have given their service to our country through the Oval Office. They haven’t all been perfect, and many have miserably failed. But they all became grayer around the temple and fatter around the waistline as a result of sitting in the big chair.
Grover Cleveland
Last year I honored Teddy Roosevelt, this year I’m gonna work on Grover Cleveland. While it’s true that Cleveland was the only big guy to serve two terms that weren’t consecutive, it’s not true that he once ate his way out of Buffalo NY. The “mugwumps” sent a horse and buggy for him. On the back of it read: Railroads are for sissies…and jort’d men. It’s true. Google it.

In the end, all the buffalo wings in Jersey weren’t enough to get Cleveland invited back to his own party. He died just under four bills; even the Veto President couldn’t say no to chocolate milkshakes and double cheeseburgers.

And if you’ve stuck through all this to the end here Reader, chances are you won’t veto this plate. Better grab an extra napkin. You got a little on your chin there.


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