Monday, February 8, 2010

Monday’s Meatloaf – A Manning for Regular Seasons

Small portions today Reader. I anticipated you probably over-gorged yourself last night anyway.

PeytonManningUT So another season of gridiron battles came to a close last night. Congrats to the New Orleans Saints on their great achievement. Sure, winning the Super Bowl is awesome. It’s their first ever. So when everyone in the City of Saints finally sobers up, sometime around Cinco de Mayo…well then I guess they will rebuild the city once again.

But, the greatest achievement for the Saints was proving to the rest of the world that one dude named Peyton Manning is actually a human with faults. I mean, my God…he chose Rocky Flop as his institution for higher learning not so long ago. Since leaving Knutsville, the guy’s done nothing but walk on NFL waters. And evidently lost the battle of the hairline.

But I digress. Look, I know Peyton is the nicest guy to ever wear urranjah and you can’t deny that he has a beautiful name. But I’ve grown sick of the greatest eveh and the all he does is win close games talk. The Saints proved he can throw as many TD passes to opponents’ jerseys as his own.

The good news for Peyton is that once he’s old enough, he can always perform at halftime to help make ends meet.


Today’s Ingredients
  • Saints fans in Louisiana are basking in Manning’s late game unheroics as well.Warren Belin VU
  • Wasn’t that a fast game, by Super Bowl standards? And thankfully so, considering how often we were subjected to Jim Nantz uttering the phrase Who Dat? as if he had just finished a triple non-fat latte and the Wall Street Journal. Ugh.
  • Congrats to Jon Stinchcomb and Charles Grant! UPDATE: I'm an idiot for not including Travis Jones in that brief list. (h/t Mike)
  • As far as the commercials, they just stunk. Doritos was good. The Snickers one with Betty White and Abe Vigoda was probably the best. The Tim Tebow spot....WOW! That was incredibly offensive. How dare he tackle his mother and then smile with her as if they have a strong relationship.
  • Vandy’s recruiting coordinator and LBs coach, Warren Belin is hired to fill out Coach Richt’s staff.
  • Weiszer recaps Saturday night’s win over Vandy.
  • There’s a new sheriff in SEC town, and his name is Chahizzy. Whatevs. Call me when he starts winning in living rooms and on football fields.
  • Now that this Da’Rick Rogers kid has gone on record as not knowing who Baccari Rambo is, maybe some Dawg fans can work through this grieving process a little quicker. What a tool!
  • And speaking of tools, this Seantrel Henderson kid must recognize something in USC.
  • Hale is on vacation, but left us with plenty to chew on.
  • The Senator wonders if Corch is readying for the new season with one eye on the safest exit.
  • Lastly, I know it’s cold and the northeast has like 32 feet of snow. And it’s no secret that Mother Nature can be an ill-mannered lady. But weather should never be anything to kill one’s self over.

That’s about all for today folk(s). Now go give Monday a swift kick in the (pants).


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