Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday’s Meatloaf – Turning Tricks for Clicks

brittney spears trampLet’s face it, for years the AJC has been a low rent version of TMZ Hotlanta. And as the years pass, the rent gets lower and the resemblance between the journalistic standards of “entertainment media” and the state’s largest newspaper grows closer.You know it. I know it. They even know it. The rag showed so much promise after ridding its print of Terence Moore (which reminds me, we need to make sure we don’t miss celebrating the first anniversary of  Mike Campo Day). Yet continues to distance itself from journalistic integrity as if it was facing the ass end of a jittery skunk.
brittney spears methheadHere’s a recap of a sports department meeting just last week: After completing the Tech Triumverate, Mark Bradley is this week’s biggest click whore. Enjoy the parking spot Mark. Jeff, give him the key to the executive bathroom.

Ironically it’s the same recap as the week before, just with the names reversed. Last spring I waged an all out assault on their writings regarding the Georgia basketball coaching search. It’s about the time I came up with the tag AllJackCrap. Since then, it’s been a rare occurrence that I actually link to any of their work.

And in one really, really good post….Mike explains exactly why our state’s largest newspaper is no longer a true player in the market of sports news. The AJC rarely even breaks news, so much as it regurgitates it and then twists it into cyber sexy clicks. Take Mike’s advice and find a better source. It’s right under your nose, and smells nothing like a skunk…or a streetwalker in need of a lather-rinse-repeat.

Today’s Ingredients
  • These Winter Olympics are proving to have the stones for big ratings. I’ve spent more time watching curling the past week than I have Wii bowling.
  • A look at the medal count…and WOW!! Did someone tell Canada they could both host and compete?
  • And then we go and beat them at their own religion sport. I guess this would equate to a coupla of canucks beating Nama and I at cornhole.
  • Exile finds a number of ways the departure of Scotty Lagos from Vancouver is redonkulous.
  • Really nice read by Rex who also points you to an inspirational interview.
  • Lots of UGA Athletics action this weekend, good and bad. Diamond Dawgs start the season in Waco 2-2; the softball team won the third annual Red and Black Showcase; and the Lady Dawgs fell to floriDuh on the hardcourt.
  • Of course, Coach Fox had better luck at Stegeman Saturday as his charges outlasted Bama, continuing their home dominance.
  • But the best news from the weekend came from Gabrielsen Natatorium where the Lady Dawgs won the SEC swimming and diving championship.
  • Mackie wished Coach Richt a Happy Birthday. That poor kid seems to think that birthdays get awesomer the older you get. After 40 you're lucky if you get a homemade card to go with your colonoscopy. Woohoo!
  • Hale has some quotes from Coach Belin’s teleconference if you missed it Friday. And he adds some fleeting thoughts from the hardcourt.
  • I took the Senator’s advice and read this piece of awesomeness by Bill Connelly at Football Outsiders. Recruiting scratches winning’s back in a quid pro quo kinda way. And it’s always a LOL moment when you see NotHer Dame listed as an underachiever. Good stuff indeed.
  • Count me among those that has never really understood the fascination with Danica Patrick. But I admit I’m not a racing nut. However, I won’t be surprised one day when it is revealed that Ms. Patrick is in reality a 13 year old boy with an amazingly clear complexion.
  • And lastly, a little something for you dudes that often screw things up with the little lady. It’s always important to know what will set things back to right. Whether it’s a hug, a dinner out without kids, a dinner out without you, or even jewelry. Maybe a pair of earrings. And of course, nothing says I’m sorry like a new vacuum.

Just do what you gotta do to make her smile again. That way you can get back to screwing something else up.

But something tells me the world’s greatest golfer on hiatus has pulled out more than a new Dyson to make amends. To date I’ve steered mostly clear of Tiger-sized saga playing out on the family of networks. The truth is it’s none of our business. To make judgments about Elin as to whether she should continue her quest to tame the beast…well, that’s really up to her and her alone. Don’t get too big for your britches Reader.

Tiger-Woods-RI would however like to clarify a couple of things. For one, there’s no such thing as a sex addiction. Don’t let the media overplay you on this. You notice Tiger mentioned therapy, but not a diagnosis of being addicted to sex. When you’re married and also have as many as 19 mistresses….it’s pretty safe to say you like the bedsheets as much as the Sunday red Nike polo. Doesn’t mean you get your picture in the DSM IV.

For two, I frown upon disparaging remarks about Tiger’s genuineness pertaining to comments about his religion. If he regains focus in his spirituality as a result of getting caught with his pants down, well…that’s between him and Buddha I guess. Even if the Dalai Lama has remained in the dark as to the chronicles of Tiger’s super sexy exploits.

And I gotta tell ya….I’m more than a little jealous of anyone who didn’t know that the Tiger trolls through diners looking for more than gravy for his biscuits. Speaking of gravy, ladle some of this onto your plate. It’ll go well with your lunch. Then go tell the boss you appreciate the opportunity to do good work. Unless of course you work for the paper that covers Dixie like the doo-doo. Then just go back to turning the next trick.



Ollllddude said...

I grew up on the AJC, and even recall when they were separate papers. I was alive and aware of the Pulitzer awards to all but Henry Grady. I was very disappointed when they discontinued the paper in Athens, and wrote a lengthy letter to them explaining that if they wanted to make the paper profitable again, they needed to upgrade the product, and not try to charge for a weak imitation of product that was already available for free. I doubt anyone read the letter. In the end, though, I realize that they did me a huge favor. Like a crack addict, I would have kept buying and hoping for better. Now, I am over it and saving about $300/year.

Bernie said...

Constitution in the am and the Journal in the pm. I remember those days well.

My favorite time of day used to be that half hour right after the paper hit the driveway when it was just me, the dog and the Sports section.

With our savings Ollllddude we should go to Vegas sometime. Let it all ride on 7 red. :)

Anonymous said...

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