Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Slurban Clipped St. Timmy's Wings

Tim Tebow will always be the Gainesville Angel. He was heralded before he descended into gayturdsville....and all he did there was win a Heisman and two MNCs. In between, he snipped some boys and did his best to keep Slurban's hoodlums away from floriDuh's gutters.

So now what does he have to show for it? Some awesome memories.

Those, and the prospect of cramming just before the NFLs final exam. For every 17 year old kid with a rocket arm and 4-5 stars next to his name on the SAT that Coach Richt and Co. visit from here on out, this comparison should be first outta their mouths: would you rather be Matt Stafford getting wined and dined by GMs with the top 10 picks...or Tim Tebow, changing his mechanics and hoping for an early second day phone call?

Cuz even if Zeke Bratkowski and Sam Wyche end up being right, no kid (or his dad) wants to envision a QB makeover just before the NFL combines. Of course, all this assumes Corch actually makes it back from his departure from reality.

Sidenote: since this post references articles that embrace the expertise of a Georgia's a YouTube clip of Zeke with another former Green Bay QB, David Whitehurst.


Cojones said...

How about a story on the "NFL upgrading" of Timmy as promised before this last season. I thought QB Coach Loeffler was in charge of that. Why didn't it happen? Were they overconfident as to how great Timmy is and ignored the pundit's words yearlong? Did their egos make them think that it was all madeup (about the NFL) and they were a better judge than the people who were to employ him? Personally, I think that Crier's inflated ego was writing checks on Timmy's career with every win. Timmy's misplaced loyalty to Crier has and will cost him for the future. I'm proud of Richt for his sincere interest in his players and the team. Now if the recruits were just able to see the hypocrisy at FU...NOT!

UGA69Dawg said...

How about the fact that when the time came for Timmy to learn how to be an NFL QB he had to hire a UGA QB to teach him. That's a pretty telling story.

Bernie said...

@Cojones First and foremost, I can't stand Corch Meyer. Big surprise I know. That being said, he was just doing what he was paid to do - win ball games in gayturdsville. My guess would be that they realized the project was only surmountable if they sacrificed the season. In hindsight, that realization may have come pretty late seeing as how that offense didn't really start clicking until...well...nevermind. I'm not gonna go there.

@UGA69Dawg I heard Stafford was too busy with Axe commercials and Fran told him to eff off. ;)