Friday, February 12, 2010

Trivial Update – “Lettering in History”

Here’s a recap of yesterday’s episode:

ThursdaysRTrivial is coming up after this PSA: You can piss away your dreams, but Tweetdeck don't flush.

ThursdaysRTrivial ep 32 "Spring Awakenings" The weather outside is still frightful, but ThursdaysRTrivial is always delightful. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. According to Dawg historian and coaching legend Dan Magill, what sport is the oldest varsity sport on campus?

Winning takes a lot of effort, but giving it 110% doesn’t always Turkey bowlingguarantee W’s. Yesterday @BPMackie gave it his all…or at least loaded up a seven shooter full of bullets and took wild aim. Here’s his laundry list of educated guesses: equestrian, basketball, tennis, wrasslin’, baseball, bobsledding, and turkey bowlin’. And even though Mackie eventually stumbled upon the correct tweet, it was only good enough for a stand up double cuz @allyugadawg fished her phone out of the bowl just in time to provide the correct answer – Baseball!! Go Diamond Dawgs!!!

I trust Ally will enjoy this authentic Claude Derrick Philadelphia Athletics jersey from the 1912 World Series. It’s not a new crackberry, but should look nice from the stands at Foley this spring. Mackie meanwhile gets a stolen copy of E. Merton Coulter’s notes, a treasure for any UGA historian (or just a guy needing some light reading while at the office. But please secure your phone before coppin’ a squat…..).

In case you’d like to get in on the act too Reader….Who were the pitcher/catcher tandem on that first UGA baseball team that were also brothers? Hint…the pitcher introduced the curve ball to the South. Winning comment gets a free shout-out in Monday’s Meatloaf. Or a coupon for a free medium fries at Burger King, expiration date yesterday at noon.

And don’t forget to follow me on Twitter. Maybe you can slow down the Dan Magill wannabe in Ally in episode 33.


Ally said...

I've DOMINATED Thursday's r Trivial since its inception. As a matter of fact i think it only fair the contest be renamed "Thursday's R Ally" since no one seems Dawg enuf to challenge me. BOOM! Nevertheless, i'm here to claim my prize but feel i've earned, nay i deserve, a new crackberry dammit! Keep your stinkin' jersey. Only hairy-backed Marys don those craptacular excuses for fan affection anyway.

Thx for the Dan Magill love. My Dawg knowledge pales in comparison, but he's my UGA hero mentor so that made my day :)

Btw, your blog id dlowing the hell out of my pc lately. What the french? I gotta buy a mac.

Mackie said...

I went for the spray & pray technique and still got beaten by the girl with poo on her phone.

Bernie said...

I've been keeping a running tally that I had planned to share, but now I'm afraid it would scare away even more trivial tweeps.

And no chance at the rename lady. Not even when this thing goes into syndication. But thanks for leaving behind the vintage jersey of UGAs first major leaguer. It's gotta be worth at least a Coke and a smile on eBay. So much more than a phone full of poo.