Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dawg News: Bean, Polee and a Daddy's Girl

Lots of news to get to. Let’s recap:

“Justin is injured right now for the spring so we won’t see what he can do out at practice but he can start learning the terminology,” said Richt. “If we lose some tackles, he’ll be back, but right now we’re going to put him on defense. We think he can do well there because he’s quick and strong, he’s an explosive athlete.”

Mettenberger likely to miss a single game unless more info comes outta Remerton.

Fletcher Page spent some time listening in on Coach Belin during yesterday's practice and got some great quotes. Here's a taste:
"Where did you guys learn to tackle the last five years?"

Weiszer tells us that Coach Richt and his Strength/Conditioning staff spent last Thursday and Friday in Blacksburg taking notes of VA Tech's S&C program.

Coach (…and I use the term loosely…) Paul Hewitt met with St. Johns officials last night. He’s the front runner.

Hours after Georgia Tech granted permission for coach Paul Hewitt to speak with St. John's, the Yellow Jackets coach did so Tuesday night in Atlanta, multiple sources told's Andy Katz. Hewitt has emerged as the front runner, and if Hewitt feels comfortable with the situation he would be likely to accept the job.
It’s pretty clear that most techhies would love for this North Avenue Hardwood Bailout to happen. At least most that I’ve heard from. PWD outlines what this means for red and black hoop fans. I simply plead for more.

Staying on the hardwood, Page also gave out some free recruiting nuggets as Coach Fox tries to close in on a player of national well as others.

With both of these kids being from overseas, the prestige of other programs isn’t as glaring as it could be, keeping Georgia in this race. Remember, O.J. Mayo, Patrick Patterson and Bill Walker all went to Huntington, so the program knows how to produce.

And lastly...a special shout-out to my favorite little Dawg fan on her 6th birthday. Here's last year's post if you wanna catch up on why she's my favorite little Dawg.

They grow up so fast.....I'm sure by next Wednesday she'll already be 6 and a HALF!!!

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