Saturday, March 13, 2010

Last time I checked, Coach Leach was paying the (Bleep'N) bills!!!

We all knew Mike Leach was no saint, but if you scour the annals of Texas Tech football history you'll certainly find that he never claimed to be. His firing smells of Ode de Toilet. Sure, he shouldn't have ordered the code red. But that wasn't the reason he was fired, it was just the last proverbial straw in a very political drink.

Fast forward a couple months and tensions are rising. Depositions. Mud-slinging. Records released. Innocent victims. All that and yet Coach Leach is reportedly casually walking through the Texas Tech student lounges signing autographs with one hand while sipping coffee from the other (h/t Senator). No cream. No sugar.

Yes, yesterday the locker room tapings below were released. After watching them my guess would be that they only help get Leach another head gig soon. His preachings may make some mommas bristle, but he was in his own damn locker room by gawd! Some of what he says may make others a little uncomfortable, but again, his team, his players, his program.

Judge for yourself, if you haven't already. And before you press play, these do come from a football locker room and not a frat house on North Avenue. Goshdarnit Pete! You are a a sonofagun. Since it's Saturday and most are not at work, I'll just add...NSFFR...Not Safe for Family Room.

First off, Coach Leach wants his players to channel their Christianity into a better defense.

Coach Leach is was paying the bills. This is a great speech evidently made after TTU barely beat a miserable Baylor team. Apparently Adam James was happy with just a win.

Sounds to me like a damn good football coach that made one mistake in an environment where he wasn't willing to play kissy face. But that's just my humble one. Feel free to add your own.


Anonymous said...

Making fun of the Lord Jesus Christ is no laughing matter as many in the past have found out.
One day every knee shall bow and evry tongue shall confess taht Jesus Christ is Lord...

John Lawrence said...

I agree that making fun of the Lord Jesus Christ is not a laughing matter, however I certainly don't see that in Leach's comments. Jesus doesn't like pansies!
I personally would love to see my son coaches by Mike. He was railroaded and the Texas Tech program will return to mediocraty without him.
I hope he is rewarded with a huge settlement.