Monday, March 8, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Hollywood Kicks off March Madness

Uh-oh...someone left this soapbox here unattended.

That sound you heard last night was the annual scripted emotional purge Hollywood has to go through in order to prove they're human. It's kinda like a constipated elephant getting an enema to release months of digested vegetation. Except this collection of massive egos will now go back to feeding on American ideals and half-caf lattes.

There are a number of conflicting variables that have helped dig the divide I have with all things glitz in GlamourTown. First and foremost, I'm married with children. And to be able to afford a night out to visit the local multiplex would require this little blog to actually start paying bills. BWAHAHAHA!

I'm also a pretty conservative American. And Hollywood is about as American as the Euro dollar. And it doesn't help that movie makers these days are more concerned with toying with the emotions of ticket buyers rather than actual entertainment...and facts. 

This year's big winner is the perfect example.The Hurt Locker had the potential to be a good film. Instead the screenwriter and the movie's producer decide to twist the truth for the love of the silver screen. They used our nation's military to gain access to first hand knowledge...only to alter images, personalities and realistic events so that their egos could be fed until over-gorged.

News sources will try and convince you that actual members of some thing called the Academy vote on films to determine winners. The truth is winners are chosen so that the award show and other propaganda can be sustained. The Hurt Locker was chosen. It was chosen despite the fact that it used and disparaged the very men and women trained to defend the soil on which that crapfest aired last night.

On Friday I gave a Redbox a dollar and on Saturday afternoon the wife and I watched this year's best picture. I didn't see many movies this past year, but if that was Hollywood's best...I can honestly say: I ain't missing much.  

Today's Ingredients
  • Looking at the SEC by the numbersMark Inabinett of the Press-Register finds Georgia in a positive light. Our resident homer Loran Smith takes that handoff and runs with it.
  • With everyone wondering who will be taking snaps this fall, Hale finds the backfield in very good shape and with high aspirations. He also adds a nice piece on Kris Durham, a senior leader at a position where his presence is needed.
  • David Paschall sees the offensive line as a definite strength heading into the 2010 campaign. The Senator digests it and adds it to the gloom side of the ledger.
  • Mike wags a finger at Jeff Schultz.
  • As for former o-linemen, Vince Vance is preparing for his Pro Day in Athens. NCAA Fanhouse's Jim Henry tells us Vance is getting help from 7 time Pro Bowler Jackie Slater (h/t Cousin Walter).
  • Unfortunately, another former Dawg was busted for using a performance enhancing substance.
  • Fox's Hounds missed out on their last chance to gain a road win. Exhile and hoopdawg weigh in on the lackluster and lazy performance. I hope the Dawgs find some hunger before heading to NashVegas Thursday. Cuz Saturday they played as if it was Thanksgiving night.
  • Perno's Diamond Dawgs fared even worse as they were swept in Tallahassee. I don't think the Seminoles even needed brooms. Home and home this week against Kennesaw State...hopefully the pitching gets well fast.
  • Meanwhile, pitching was not a problem at all for the fourth ranked softball team as they no-hit Middle Tennessee yesterday heading into Wednesday's double-header against Florida.
  • And the GymDawgs notched their biggest win on the mats this season by edging #3 UCLA Saturday.
  • So all in all, I guess the women were the only ones who were Dawg enough this weekend.
  • Lastly, Kit's Dawg-gone Blog turned five on Friday. Happy Birthday...or Anniversary....whatever. You get my point. Keep up the awesome work! Congrats!
To be quite honest, this jekyll and hyde act the mens' basketball team plays is really frustrating. All in all, this rebuilding season has been a resounding success. Coach Fox has proven that in future seasons Stegeman is not going to be a comfortable venue. But when the team loads their own bus, well...the intensity wanes, to put it lightly.

Luckily, as Daugman points out, help is on the way. The future remains bright. Coach Fox is still our Hardwood Hero

But that doesn't mean we can't hope for

I'm not one to pray for natural disasters. And it's been well-documented that tornados in downtown Atlanta are a rare occurrence. But if you're like me, you've been wondering exactly how prevalent they are in Nashville TN. Could the clouds align twice in as many years?

I truly don't know the answer. Maybe I have a reader who is a forecaster meteorologist weather predictor guesser. But the lamechickens helped us out by playing their way into the Kentucky side of the bracket. Maybe that can be the start of something good. I know my fingers are crossed.

Of course they were also crossed when it was announced that Planes, Trains and Automobiles wasn't even nominated for Best Picture. So take that for what it's worth. And then go have a Monday Reader.

Here's a napkin. You got a little on your chin there...



David Hale said...

Wow, I usually see pretty eye-to-eye with you Bernie, but I really like Hurt Locker. I didn't expect an exact reproduction of actual events -- it is a movie after all. But I thought it did a good job of showing US forces as extremely compassionate -- the lead risking his life rather than allow the body of the boy to be blown up or rather than just shooting the man wearing the bomb -- while illustrating the absurd environment those soldiers are forced to work in. I didn't see any of it as anti-Armed Forces. Just the opposite. I saw it as a glimpse into how difficult it is to balance the stress of that job with the compassion of being human.

Bernie said...

I actually argued with the wife as to whether we should even watch it. She's one who follows Oscar's comings and goings and wants to watch nominated pictures before the show. I just want to see a good movie. And to certain lengths, I agree with you.

I did think the acting was very, very good. However, after watching it I thought the story could've gone places it didn't. Ultimately, my assessment would be that it's a well made film that our own vets frown upon.

I agree that it's a movie, I just hold a high standard for films depicting what our soldiers are doing to protect us. I didn't thoroughly enjoy Inglorious Basterds. But at least that movie didn't lead the viewer into believing what they were seeing was factual. From what I've read Bigelow and Boal have made a point to say that they tried to keep their film as accurate as possible.

Unfortunately they failed.

the wife said...

I don't know many people who agree with Bernie when it comes to Academy Award winning movies. When Weekend at Bernie's wasn't nominated back in the day, he gave up altogether on movies that had the Oscar buzz.
I agree with Hale on The Hurt Locker, but it wasn't a GREAT movie(IMO).
And while Bernie & I hardly ever agree on movies & entertainment, we at least agree on college football and I guess that's all that really matters:)

Bernie said...

So to sum up...movies are surface noise, but Georgia football is where the party's at. Hellz yeh!

(But I stand by my proclamation that Raising Arizona was an epic film that was dreadfully overlooked by Hollywood snobs who didn't understand that sometimes a man needs these Huggies and whatever cash ya got.)