Monday, March 29, 2010

Monday's Meatloaf - Method to the Madness

In about a week, I'll take a little vacation. And then I'll return to work and regular life refreshed, know, I'll act like I've been there before.
Corch Slurban Meyers on the other hand is like a fish outta water coming back from his vacay. And while some argue that he needs more time with his feet propped up, I would contend that this is just his normal method of operating. It's not easy running college football's largest organized crime ring, pretending to be a family man, controlling his own hypertension and maintaining the world's worst crew cut.

It takes a jackhole to call some timeouts.
It might even be fair to say that within 15 seconds of his (internal) alarm clock going off, he's already flipped a quarter to see if he's a real prick for the day or just a plain asshole. One day he's retired. The next, just taking a brief sabbatical. One day he's ripping a journalist for doing his job, the next he's apologizing for being the biggest d-bag on video since a man turned forty. One day he's proclaiming Timmy Tebow to be the best pair of hands in the Phillipines, the next he's dodging phone calls from his former QB.

He's the head corch of the F U gators ladies and gents. Whaddya expect?

Today's Ingredients

Yup...Jack's no longer back. So we'll have to find someone else to cover ours.

I'll admit I was a little late jumping onboard the 24 action drama. Once I did I found the best way to watch it was using the DVD box sets. I didn't have to wait a week for my pulse to come down to a normal rate of speed before feeding the frenzy all over again.

But something's been wrong the last couple seasons. I even stopped watching the current season altogether; a hotshot blawgger has to make concessions you know. That new chick agent just rubbed me the wrong way. Too much melodrama for a show that used to tie annoying people to chairs and stuff a grenade in their mouth. Or simply just blow crap up.

Surely all 24 viewers can agree that Jack just needs a vacation too. Let's just hope he doesn't lip the same coin that Slurban's been using. For you Reader, enjoy this plateful. 

One forkful at a time please.


** Update - I forgot an ingredient....Remember, Thursday is a very special day in low journalistic standards. Come back and we'll celebrate together. **

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Cojones said...

I'm still paranoid that this whole thing was cooked up between the writer, Crier(The Poser) and the AD to take the focus off Crier's not preparing Timmy for an after-FU life and change his image to the I-love-my-players-like-a-son for recruiting purposes.

Speaking of recruiting, today MSN has a nice article by Bowers about 8 quintessential college towns/environments. Athens heads the list. Now if our recruitables just read widely....
No other SEC schools are mentioned.