Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Pro Dawg Day - the Results

Long Jump
Rod Battle
 8' 9.5"
Rennie Curran
 9' 4.5"
Darius Dewberry
 9' 7"
Bryan Evans
 10' 1.5"
Reshad Jones
Prince Miller
 9' 8"
Mike Moore
 10' 2"
Jeff Owens
 9' 2"
Vince Vance
 9' 1"
Kade Weston
 8' 1"

* all results courtesy of Hale's blog

Handful of Thoughts:
  • Jeff Owens wasn't going to best his combine mark in bench and would've had to break the 36.5 mark in the vertical to crack the top ten for d-linemen. So Jeff just did enough to help his stock. Initially Owens doesn't project to be an every down lineman, so it's going to take something else to push him into the first round. He gave scouts something to think about in Indy and in Athens. (To put his 44 bench reps into perspective, the nearest d-lineman to that mark had 39 - Joseph Linval of East Carolina. Impressive.)
  • Here's a link to #95s combine video. Watch and tell me that Dawg ain't GATA.
  • Not a surprise at all to see Bryan Evans log the fastest 40. He and Prince Miller should at least get some attention for their times. Unfortunately, their regression/lack of improvement (however you wanna look at it) under Martinez could prove insurmountable.
  • Reshad Jones on the other hand showed he's hearing numbers that are making him comfortable where he is. And he likely wasn't gonna improve on the numbers he put up in Indy (24 - bench, 39.5 - vertical). So he didn't do anything to harm himself. That or Parcells bought him too big of a steak Monday night. Either play.
  • I desperately want to see Mike Moore picked up. While Owens and Curran get a lot of positive publicity regarding their leadership and intangibles, Moore is equally deserving. He really helped himself yesterday with a strong performance.
  • Darius Dewberry did real well...and impressed some scouts according to Hale's twitter feed.
  • Lastly, many comparisons have been (and will be made) between this year and last year (with Stafford holding court). But I find this year much more intriguing. And it's been especially beneficial following guys like Owens and Moore on Twitter as they've trained. You can sense the excitement they feel preparing for this step, the anticipation for the moment they've played and trained for their whole lives.
I'm very proud they're Dawgs. And eager to see what develops.

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Ollllddude said...

Totally agree about Mike Moore. He has shown me a lot in the way of consistency and I think he will end up somewhat like Hines Ward - not so much in style of play, they are different types of players - but in workmanlike, year-in-and-year-out success.