Friday, March 19, 2010

Tailgate'N for a New Breed of Dawg

If you missed the big announcement yesterday, PWD can catch you up and The Senator mixes in some reason to come up with a perfect storm of sorts. I'll only add the super secret 5 year plan that I conveniently hold in my hands. Please understand, I offer this as a top secret post despite the fact that it could incriminate me. If caught, please remember...Bernie was no where near Prez Adams' office last night. He was at home, smoking chickens and using Heftys by the dozen for his empty PBRs.

With that covered, I present to you... 

Five Year UGA Tailgating 
Experience Reduction

2010 - no more fun on North Campus for idiots who can't wipe their own ass and new parking restrictions for alumni who enjoy smoked meats

2011 - no more cornhole or beverages brewed with yeast

2012 - no more sunglasses or music classified as Southern Rock

2013 - no more mingling in groups or beverages that require an ID to purchase

2014 - valet parking for 92,000; gates open 15 minutes before kickoff. Enjoy the game!

1 comment:

namaman said...

I am still interested to see how the ban on pull-behind trailers and cookers in parking areas will be enforced. Does that just mean you cannot put it in a parking place? Like where Tanner puts his is not an official "parking area."

It will be quite interesting for sure...