Friday, March 19, 2010

Trivial Update - Diaz Domination

Coach Manny Diaz is in rarefied air now with 500 career wins. He was gracious enough to be the subject of this week's trivia. Here's the recap.

ThursdaysRTrivial ep. 37 coming up after this PSA: @BPMackie is a dingleberry. That is all.

#ThursdaysRTrivial ep 37 "Coach Diaz's 500 Club" It's time for the Twitter Twivia Show that's mad twelve months out of the year. REPLY back your answer for a chance at a fabulous prize. Finish the following quote from Coach Magill: His (Diaz) main weakness as a freshman was ____________. He tried too hard and was so uptight that he had frequent ___________, and we always had to have a roll of toilet paper courtside.

After clicking Post I put on some rubber HazMat gloves in preparation for the mess. Trust me, I was glad I did. Mike replied first with mental and diarrhea. Ugh. Really? Pass the ammonia.

Next was TrT champ Ally who evidently either has Coach Magill on speed dial or his book Match Pointers on her bedside table. She came in with nervousness and nosebleeds just ahead of Tracey. For their participation, Mike takes home a can and a half of Lysol air freshener, Tracey gets a coupon to squeeze the Charmin and Ally a blood stained Penn 3...add that to the ThursdaysRTrivial trophy case.

By the way, picture in today's update is courtesy of John Isner's website. The former Georgia star is pictured with Coach Diaz and Assoc. Head Coach Will Glenn. Isner happens to be my favorite ambassador for UGA Athletics. You should check out his website often. And while you're at it check out Coach Diaz's twitter. Doesn't quite have the dry wit that Coach Fox applies to the twitterverse, but at least he doesn't have an aide update it twice a year...ahem!...Coach Richt....

So that wraps up another episode Reader. Until next week, what is Coach Diaz a fan of every time he makes it to NYC?


Anonymous said...

I am with you Bernie--Isner is a favorite. He represents UGA (his family and himself) extremely well.

I had the pleasure of reading Mike's tweet live. Interesting how quickly he was able to put those two words together.

The tennis Dawgs are getting ready to take on USC. I cannot tell you how much I want UGA to win. Please, please, tennis gods...

My guess is that Coach Diaz craves a cornedbeef on rye each time he hits the big apple.

Bernie said...

A win this weekend would be HUGE!

Good guess...might be true. But you're down a break. Need to locate your serve a little better. Trust your forehand twitter feed a little more.

Anonymous said...

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