Monday, April 5, 2010

Calling Montez a Taxi

First of all, we should learn more today about the football team's involvement in the infamous taxi cab ride. My money's on a complete exoneration.

Secondly, not many people get as many cracks at greatness that Montez Robinson got in Athens. But in the end, the University of Georgia was just a stop and not a destination for the sophomore from Avon, Indiana.

Coach Richt was evidently so disgusted he didn't even wait for the kid's bond hearing to happen, he gave the news of Robinson's dismissal from the team while he was still behind bars. Can't say that I blame him. CMR continually is blamed for off-field problems to the point that every motor scooter on campus is under his charge, whether it's emerging from an alley or resting comfortably outside of Woodruff.  

As for Montez, the journey ahead has many twists and turns. And while the road behind him has had even more, a man makes better decisions than the ones he's made in Athens. So while we all applaud CMR for the decision to let Robinson loose, this blawgger hopes to one day be able to applaud again for the player who has yet to embrace manhood.

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