Friday, April 30, 2010

Casual Friday

A collection of thoughts and random musings as I spent about 7 hours on I-85 yesterday.

- if AJ Green returns punts in September I'll eat my red and black gameday boxer shorts
- technology's greatest gift to dads that drive long hours on family trips: DVD players...with headphone jacks
- the wife and I had quite the duet going to Don't Go Breaking My Heart. But I'm not ashamed to say I took Kiki Dee's part and left her with Elton's
- been making the trek from ATL area to greater Richmond for a decade and a half. Since then the potholes have gradually traveled north on Einsenhower's Interstate System from NC to VA. So by 2032....the South shall rise again!
- Feel Like Making Love is a classic song. But can't help but wonder how many doses of Viagra those BadCo dudes would need to finish it now a days. I mean it goes on...and on...and on.
- if Logan Gray leaves Athens I'll eat my red Georgia cap...and say the F word twice. In other words, I think there's a better chance AJ returns punts.
- wife used my phone along the way to research better foods for us to eat. "We need to eat sardines" she said. Through a mouth full of Twizzlers and pulls from a Mountain Dew I told her to "smpht tuhhfft it".
- somewhere near mile marker 90 or so in NC is a caution sign that says Low Flying Planes. Thanks, but they'd have to be flying really effin' low for me to be able to do anything about it. Just sayin'.
- you might see this as a sign of weakness, but if I make it through a seven hour trip with only hearing two songs by that Beaver kid I label it a success.
- first wedding I went to on my wife's side of the family was during a Georgia game in Chickumbia. This weekend they're having one at post time of the Derby....let that be a lesson to you kids out there. Read the fine print.
- those are my casual thoughts. What are yours?

Favorite horse of all time...Cigar. Tomorrow I like Ice Box. Bet aggressively Reader. Odds are always in your favor.

That's probably it for the weekend. But I am bound and determined to have meatloaf on Monday. Even if I have to set the cruise control to 90 and steer with my knees.

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namaman said...

Wonder what time the betting window opens at the Trammell's? Hmmm... And you bet your sweet you-know-what I will put a bet on every single dang one of them nags!!

Gov Milledge said...

I'm sure you know where the horse betting parlors are in Richmond... I discovered a few off-track ones when I lived there for 2 years.

And if people complain about Atlanta's interstate setup, try navigating the potholes in Richmond while I-95 & I-64 merge going through the city into 3 lanes

Bernie said...

@namaman - didn't you learn anything from last year?

@MT - Truth on the Richmond potholes. Luckily most of our stops up thus way are just south of the city. And I love to hear people bitch about traffic up here. They ain't seen nuttin'.