Thursday, April 22, 2010

Dawgs Edge Eagles

Mid-week games have been a real damper on a season that's been a real downer for the Diamond Dawgs. But as Clarkson reports, after beating Winthrop last night 4-2, there's a notable sigh of relief from players, coaches and fans alike.

And for a change it was relief pitching that got it done for the Dawgs. Perno and Wiederholz got their exercise in by using eight pitchers to hold off the Eagles. The coaches even used Palazzone and Walters out of the pen, but the strategy worked as the octet gave up just two runs off of six hits.
"We were just trying to win a game and we wanted guys to get work," Perno said. "It was kind of two-fold. We were putting in guys we felt needed to pitch an inning, but we were covering them up, too. If they got into a jam, we were going to have somebody ready. We were trying to pitch a complete game and not pitch two or three innings here and there."
Speaking of pitching, T. Kyle King over at DawgSports has a great perspective on what has been the million dollar question this spring. The pitching has been up, down and all around. To use Kyle's words, We’ll find out down the stretch whether opposing batters have been making Georgia pitchers look bad or whether Georgia pitchers have been making opposing batters look good.

Next up - the Lamecocks come to town Friday.

Go Dawgs!

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