Friday, April 23, 2010

Depth Bernie

In case you settled in for a long afternoon nap yesterday afternoon, the post-spring depth chart was released. It's official watch the finger smudges.

My initial thought there a formation we can run that features four or more fullbacks? In all seriousness, the Anonymous commenter on Hale's Depth Chart Quotes may have the best point about the depth chart...can't Charles White move back to OLB?

Here's some others:
  • Murray's Leadership - this becomes the hot topic of the summer. I truly thought we'd see the co-#1 with Murray and Gray. Glad Richt and Bobo felt comfortable enough with the younger guy's progress that they could put the team on his shoulders. We've expected this time to come. Now Murray has a few months to test drive this role and further convince his coaches and teammates he's ready for it.
  • "When we were recruiting (Murray), there was a certain night of the week where all the guys would get together and watch film on their own. He’s been through that before, and I think if our team will respond to him regardless of his age, I think it will go very well because he knows what it looks like, he knows what it feels like, and he’s very eager to do that..."Coach Richt
  • Damn. Just...damn. Two (T - W - O...) QBs on our depth chart. I'm not against an ankle bracelet on Aaron. If he ventures too close to the Arches...ZAP!!
  • The last thing I want is for Hutson Mason to do anything to jeopardize his high school graduation. But I wouldn't hate it if he exempted a couple final exams to gain some ground on Bobo's playbook.
  • Once some names move from the IR to the actual depth chart, the offensive line will be pretty stout. Hope it stays that way.
  • On the defensive side of the ball, Vance Cuff has evidently done more than shake Coach Lakatos' hand. “I thought Vance might have been the most improved guy on the football team this spring. He just seemed like every day he was making plays and gaining confidence, and he just did a really nice job.” - Coach Richt
  • All that worrying about the nose and it's arguably (with the addition of Bean) our deepest position among the front seven. 
  • I was a little surprised by Gamble on the second team, but in the end that may be more encouraging than anything. In fact, the OLB positions look almost as stocked as the safety positions. What coulda been had Montez stayed outta trouble...
Lastly, the post-spring depth chart is just that...a spring depth chart. Subject Sure to change. And with a new regime blowing the whistles at practice and some definite depth issues at certain positions, this August more than ever may see some greenhorns helping the coaches do some reshuffling.

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